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10 x Denim Shirts

Today I thought we tell about one of our personal favorites when it comes to spare shirts. Denim shirt has grown enormously in popularity in recent years and today we have chosen to focus on the more dressy and thin versions. A type of shirt that looks perfect for vårkavajen to a pair of sand-colored chinos.

First and foremost, we should be clear that the versions we have chosen to highlight in today’s post is not necessarily “real” jean shirts without a cotton washed the same effect but with a thinner and smoother feel. More traditional versions are fantastic they, but then some contrast with a blazer or suit to be too great. These models should not be associated with Chambray shirt which has a similar structure but with slightly more structure.

What we really like about these denim shirts are feeling how the washed giving it a deep shade and with a classic cutaway- or button down collar, it can easily be worn with both crochet tie, blazer cotton or linen suit in the summer. Either one invests in a light-washed feeling that gives a nice contrast against a dark blue blazer or even a dark indigo shade for a monotonous styling of the garments where different structure going forward.

We have selected 10 favorites from the spring collections.

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