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10 x Double-breasted Jackets

Few have probably missed the last season the perhaps strongest signature garment; The double-breasted jacket. From having been a feature immediately associated with boxy silhouette and the 80-century average, the double-breasted jacket gets big boost. Instead marked shoulders and long coat lengths, most of today’s models of a light, almost okonstruerad feel with neat shoulder and with a slightly shorter jacket length. The result provides an easy to wear product, no matter if you combine it with shirt and tie or jeans and polo shirt.

What are we to think of when it comes to the double-breasted jacket. First and foremost, it is important to be comfortable in the model. Although not double-breasted is a more formal election is for many a difficult garment to get away with. Therefore, little looser interpretations be to recommend eg cotton or linen for summer and Tweed and flannel in winter.

The less structured jacket is in the shoulder and canvas, the more casual it will feel.

We have selected some different Alternative location from the market that we think it feels a little extra interesting.


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