10 x Flannel Pants

Today we look at the fall and winter, perhaps the most important trousers. There is probably no garment we associate more with the current season than a few classic flannel trousers. A garment that has the property of both dressed up and down and do extremely well in both light and dark tones.

Flannel Pants is a science, and first, maybe we should clarify the concept of “Flannel”. It’s actually not a material which some believe, but rather a finishing of the fabric that gives the characteristic “fuzzy” surface. Flannel is most common in wool but is, for example, even in cotton vllket provides a similar but slightly harder feel.

What you do is you let eg ullväven pass over tiny barbs or sooner thistles which lifts the wool fibers. The more elegant and formal wool fabrics sounds instead brush fibers which gives a smooth, shiny surface and is often called Worsted wool.

We have selected 10 models of classic flannel pants in different designs and colors.