10 x White Shirts

If one is to do something so stupid as to define the most important individual garment in the male wardrobe so would be our choice to be fairly easy. The white shirt is the garment that follows you as a carrier through life, whether it is on a tuxedo party or casually unbuttoned to the beach. Obviously, there are as many options as there are times of use and here we have chosen to develop ten favorites for different situations.

When the white shirts do not differ in color may instead opt for structure and materials. A basic philosophy is that the smoother the character of the shirt’s formal sense gives you. Thus, a super-fine poplin fabric a much better choice to the dark suit, while the coarser Oxford weave is excellent as casual shirt over shorts or chinos.

The next crucial element is the choice of collar. The most traditional choice is cutaway collar that works well to tie and bow tie, but also with two buttons undone. Button Down Collar is another popular collar that gets its name from the two buttons that make it possible to attach (or not attached) kragsnibbarna against the shirt.

This kragtypen considered perfectly acceptable even to suit eg the US, but is seen in Europe as a casual option that is usually combined with a casual fabric.

Last but not least is the shirt cuff a crucial part of the application and formality. The classic dubbla- or French cuff is among the most elegant to wear a dark suit but requires a cufflink and almost always a jacket over the shirt.

The simple cuff is by far the most useful and worn well with both the suit over a sweater. The advantage is that with this type of cuff can be easily rolled up the sleeve of the shirt during the summer.