2012 Is The Year of The Portadones: Vogue Germany Gets into The Car’s Success

2012 is the year of the covers of fashion. And not be very intelligent or have special powers to see it is needed. And is that the two covers that We have seen are 10. And if you could give a top note it would it be also. If a few hours ago think with the portadon of Elle South Africa for January 2012, now my flipe exceeds expectations with the Vogue Germanyof the same month.

I don’t know that he has given them to all publishers but they are on fire. And last long. This time is Carola Remer which takes centre stage and has been advised by the expert in photography Greg Kadel. Together make a good tandem and the result is the evident proof of this.

The mix color, prints and fabrics make this one of the best covers views lately. ¿Who will be the next in snatch the post to better cover?