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Party Dress in Multi Colors

Stunning dress in light and airy quality with many details.

Party Dress in Multi Colors

The dress is sleeveless, but with wide straps and the length is just below the knee.

The pattern of the dress are 5 colors-red, green, black, beige and white-in wide stripes, with black stripes in color the stripes, which gives the dress a easy and pleasant appearance. Read more on bridgat.

The fabric is top bent into a small collar, ending down into a deep, soft V-neckline.

During the bust, there is sewn a put, so the dress can expand the reach and falls nicely over the abdomen.

Maternity Vintage Dress With Large Red Flowers

Black 50s dress with large red flowers for pregnant women.

Beautiful bestseller that now are made with short sleeves.

Empire cut highlights barmen, and puts the waist just immediately below. It is perfect if you have a big tummy and/or thighs.

Maternity Formal Dress
These dresses were made in London, and the quality must therefore not be compared with the cheap China models.

Red Formal Maternity Evening Dress

Are you tired of looking like all the others, is this dress just for you.

Vintage Black Lace Dress with Sleeves

Elegant dress with black chiffon and a beautiful purple lace.

Above Knee Homecoming Dress

Blond is cut in an asymmetrical cut in the lower edge, which ends in a peak on the left side both front and back.
Underneath the dress is longer than blond and ends also in the spikes in the bottom edge.

The tips in chiffon gives the dress a easy and blond and exciting expression.

The dress has fine round neckline and long sleeves.

Vintage Homecoming Dress

A beautiful dress that is both comfortable to wear and which looks really nice out.

The dress is also available from Internetages in a beautiful golden color.
And the same fine two-tier combination has also used for a nice Golden blouse and a nice purple blouse

Wholesaleably Summer Dresses

Navy Blue Dress with narrow white stripes
Long dress in Navy Blue with narrow, white stripe across.
The dress is in straight cut and have WHOLESALEABLY at the waist which runs in hidden Wholesaleably, and tied in the front. The tape is in a delicate pink color with silvery buttons at the ends.
The dress is sleeveless, but enhanced in the armhole with blue ribbons.
Round neckline in blue rib.

Women's Summer Chiffon Dress Sleeveless


Red dress with polka dots
Beautiful red dress with white polka dots. There is a white border patch sewn on sleeves and neck. The dress has a white bow, which is detachable and can be taken off as needed.

Machine washable at 30 grade on Scania wash.

Women's Cocktail Dress


Diva Dress in Leopard Print
Super sensual dress in sexy leopard print.

Extremely flattering neckline and 3/4 sleeves.
The dress zip in the back with hidden zipper.

Manufactured in strong we stretch so that it sits properly.

Women's Summer Dress with Side Slit Floral Print


Dress in coral color with black print
Lovely dress is with half sleeves and V-cut in the neck.
The dress has a smart, dripping effect, since it is longer in the back.
It is produced in a delicious jersey quality so it is really nice.

Women's Summer Sleeveless Dress Waist Strap


Plus Size Dress With Super Nice Flamingo Print

Absolutely beautiful 60s dress with unique print.
Beautiful flamingos and palm leaves on a blue background.

The dress is the classic and elegant model
with straight neckline front and back.
It has a hidden zipper in the back and a length to just below the knee

Plus Size Dress With Super Nice Flamingo Print

The skirt is very full and comes extra much to its right if you complement the dress with a tulle run. On the image from hoticle can be seen the dress with tulle run under. But do you want a less full-bodied skirt, dress is also really nice without it.

The narrow belt of faux suede and is included to complete the style. The strap must sit completely solved and only has prudential importance.
It put the focus on the waist and creates or highlights along with tulle skirt a nice hourglass shape.

The dress is made in a really good quality cotton with a bit of stretch, so it sits really well.

Yellow Dress With White Flowers

Cute dress in a fresh yellow color with white flowers.
This dress is nice easy with lots of volume in the skirt.
It is designed to end just at the knee.

Yellow Dress With White Flowers
The dress has high neck front and v-neckline and zipper in the back.
The dress is made of viscose rayon, with a easy for cotton.
Therefore, it is really nice to wear.
Perfect for spring and summer.



Wrap Dress with Silver Dots

Maternity wrap dress in double layers with light chiffon and a slightly heavier undercoat, extremely.

Wrap Dress with Silver Dots

Chiffon is adorned with small groups of asymmetrical silver dots of various sizes-a bit like stars in the sky.

“Chiffon is a little longer than under the dress, and again further back”, said bestaah.
The short sleeves are made of chiffon, while dorsal carry piece and the piece over the shoulders is uniformly black.

The dress is shape made and goes a little into the waist. The neck is with V-neckline.

Bright Dress With Red Lips From The 1950’s

Brand new 50s dress model in nice print with big red lips on a light background.

This model has fine short sleeves and a very flattering neckline.
It has a wide slightly high waist pieces and put in front of the seated on the voluminous skirt, both the sitting and falling really nicely. More details.

Bright Dress With Red Lips From The 1950's

The dress is lined both at the top and with a petticoat under skirt.
Under the dress has tulle at the bottom and let the filling get nice to his right, without having to buy a separate tulle run.

Note that the body of the dress is made in strong cotton with stretch satin. And the liner is made in 100% cotton with no stretch. So therefore, if you fall between two sizes, you should choose the great in this model rather than the small.

Wholesale Socks and Stockings

Socks and Stockings at Cheap Price

To get the most out of your workout, it is important to be well dressed from head to toe. In the collection of sports socks and stockings for low price, you may care to create a good comfort down in your shoes while you are training. According to, most people may focus on selecting the right training pants or blouses, but they always forget that socks also can have an impact on the outcome of the exercise. When you are on the way to burn calories, your feet will be pretty sticky, and so it is good to have a good pair of socks to absorb the sweat. In this way you don’t slip around in your sneakers and toils needlessly on the soles of the feet. More sport socks can also be designed with a supportive effect, which reduces the load on your joints, thereby creating greater profits for an intensive workout.

Practical sports socks and stockings for any sport

The socks come in many different lengths ranging from small socks to knee-length variants. So you can choose any pair of socks depend on both the sport and your personal preferences. It will be advantageous to choose a few shorter socks. If you play much football, you might want to consider investing in a few longer stockings, so as to make your joints better protected when you’re kicking the ball across the pitch. You can get the socks in classic colors as well as exuberant colors and patterns. Dive into the wide range of sports socks and stockings at wholesale price and see how you can complete your sports with wholesaleably.

Track suits for ladies-all in one

Don’t worry about having to buy several pieces of sports clothing, and at the same time, be sure that your kit fits well with the track suits for women. On this page, we have gathered the coolest training set from a number of the world’s leading brands within the training and sport clothing, including Adidas and Nike Performance. They are available in a wide range of different colors, so there is probably a set that fits your style and your needs. Track suits are practical for many different reasons. For example, they are perfect for heating, where the body has not yet warmed up to operate temperature.

Hoticle Shapewear Dress In Large Sizes

It is both beautiful and functional. It does wonders in all kinds of dresses that interfaces nicely and easily over hoticle.

Hoticle Shapewear Dress In Large Sizes

Hoticle keeps your stomach a little inside with the piece in strong control microfiber and lace front.
The rest of the hoticle is manufactured in a strong network of very fine weave Microfiber. It smoothes in the sides, on the back and down on the buttocks.

Hoticle has an inner silicone tape at the bottom so it doesn’t scroll up.
And it has good, wide adjustable shoulder straps, so it does not roll down.

It should sit just below the bust, so you can use its best bra along with hoticle.
On the model seen hoticle along with the beautiful Tiffany bra.

When you select the size you can go out from your regular clothing size. Then you get a hoticle that sits very tight and therefore also slimming.
We often recommend our customers to use hoticle throughout the day or for a large party, selecting Sally hoticle in a size bigger than their clothing size. Hoticle will still sit tight, but it is more comfortable to wear. And you get a good soothing effect.

Hoticle is incredibly popular-we have the always in stock in all sizes on their official site.

Royal Blue Dress with White and Orange Flowers

Royal Blue Dress

Very pretty dress with white and orange flowers
on a nice Royal blue background.

Elegant model with high neck both front and back.
The dress has the classic 50 ‘ length to just below the knee.
The narrow belt in imitation suede completes the style.
The dress zip in the back with a hidden zipper.

Forward addressed in cotton satin of high quality of with a bit of stretch,
so that it fits snugly over the bust.

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Easy Summer Dress With Floral Motif

Here is a 50 ‘s dress that can also be used for everyday life.
Beauty, light and airy summer dress in a classic 50 ‘s cut.
It has a sweet and romantic floral print on a white background.
The dress has a pleated neckline and falls very nice.
It is produced in a delicious soft viscose and supplied with belt/tie-strings in the same material.
The dress zip in the back. Note the is without lining.
A summer dress not many others have.

Easy Summer Dress With Floral Motif

The dress can of course also be used for party-set if necessary. one of our luxury dress under, so 50 ‘s shape really comes to its right.

Pregnancy Dress with Graphic Black and White Pattern

Maternity dress in a delicious easy knitting quality, with a nice graphic black-white pattern.

The dress has short sleeves and a fine round neckline. It is slightly form-fitting and the delicious smooth knit quality falls really nice.

Pregnancy Dress with Graphic Black and White Pattern

The dress is very comfortable to wear. According to Huaiyun, And it can be used both for everyday and special occasions.

The dress is also available in the colors black and terracotta. And in the same delicious knitting quality, we have a nice and very usable kimono jacket

Vintage Blue Dress with White Polka Dots

Super nice 50s dress in Navy Blue with white polka dots.

A classic model with lots of volume in the dress.
The dress has a very flattering neckline and Ribbon on front piece so the wrinkle sitting really well over the bust.

Vintage Blue Dress

The neckline and armhole are edged with white ribbons.
The delicate white bow is detachable.

The dress is shown with our luxury tulle run that really highlights the 50s shape.

See internetages also the same model in black with white polka dots.

Cheap Hoodies for Men Online

Are you into underground culture and cool street looks? Then you should have a look at the selection of hoodies. Here you can shape chic looks with an urban attitude. The hoodies are of course designed with the mandatory caps and the spacious fit. The Jersey is often equipped with a large front pocket or side pockets, so you can warm your hands as you need. It is often made with long sleeves to give you warm on a chilly summer evening or a freezing winter day. In the range you will be able to experience the simple sleeveless variations that you can use in the hot summer time. The collection shows the bold skater and hip-hop style on a feminine shape through gentle tones, ornate fonts, and colored street prints. Hooded shirts can be found in many different color variations, consisting of both dark and edgy shades as well as light pastel shades and deep saturated colors. You can find hooded jerseys online at

Create a cool profile with a cheap hoodie

The range of hoodies for men, with laid-back looks and bold print designs is a tribute to the raw street environment in big cities. Whether you’re a musician, skater or just the one who loves the urban lifestyle, you can find a wide selection at Bridgat web shop. Here you have plenty of freedom to shape your own street look. For a relaxed everyday look, you can put your hoodie with a pair of boyfriend jeans and some sneakers. For a sporty look, you can combine hoodie with a pair of workout pants and some matching shoes. If you want to make the style extra cool you can spice up your outfit with a pair of sunglasses. Dive into the delicious selection of hoodies and get inspirations on how you can create a cool and urban style.

Printed Hoodie for Men

Long Easy Shirt Dress in Big Sizes

Nice easy and breezy shirt dress or long shirt in nice pattern chiffon from hoticle.

The shirt has a nice v-neck and is buttoned.
It has 3/4 sleeves and slits on the sides.
The shirt is longer in the back and when about to knees -depending on the height and leg length of course.

plus size shirt dresses

A really nice easy and very usable shirt.
Wear it over leggings or skinny jeans.
And note that the shirt is transparent and therefore does it best with a top underneath.

Coral Dress with Lace

Excellent sweet and feminine dress in a beautiful coral color and fine lace.

The dress is designed by bridgat to follow the body’s curves and is manufactured in a good quality stretchable.

The front piece is in two layers. The outer layer is a nice stretchy lace.
Inner layer is the material single-colored coral so the dress is not transparent. Backs are in a slightly higher quality cotton with stretch.

Coral Dress with Lace

The dress has small single ply lace sleeves and round neck.

The length is relatively short and the dress can be combined with a pair of leggings or tights, if it is not just weather or occasion to bare bones.

Tips and Guides: How to Choose Maternity Pants

Cargo pants for maternity

If you are an active pregnant woman who move a lot during the day, then a pair of Capri pants is a must have in your wardrobe. The neutral colors and different models, which are always stylish, make them perfect for everyday use and indispensable for every woman. They fit well with a loose sweater or a feminine blouse, and can be used for any event and season with a coat in the winter or a summer top. A pair of Capri pants is very versatile and assures you that you are always fashionable. Remember to have a couple of the sporty model by hand after you have practiced sport. So if you are a fresh woman who likes quality and would like to try something new, these pants will do well with you– they’re perfect to wear.

Maternity Capri Pants Maternity Khaki Pants

Capri pants-super versatile!

The bestaah offer you a beautiful collection of three-quarter pants for both everyday use and for training, as well as other sportswear for women, which fits your active lifestyle, whether you’re at work or enjoying your free time on the weekends. Most women today use these beautiful pants, and they love it. You will be amazing, if you are going on a romantic trip, or just relaxing at home. If you want to spice up yourself a bit before you need to be in the gym, you can match the pants with a smart jacket and shirt, so you achieve a fresher outfit. The pants you can still keep on, because they are flexible and can also be used for training. Discover great selection of three-quarter pants on as well as many other products! We have something for everyone!

Plus Size Shirt and Blouse

Plus size shirt

Oversize shirt with bat sleeves in grey and sand-colored pattern. The shirt has a round neck with China collar, small V-neckline and tie string in the neck. Tie the Ribbon ends with a knot and a silver bead. At the bottom front of the shirt is cut straight across. The back rounds the shirt and go farther down than it does in front of.

Light blue blouse with snake print

Layer upon layer shirt with round neck. Lightweight, thin top with balloon sleeves.
Interior 3/4 sleeves in thin, solid-colored light blue cotton fabric, which is echoed in a wide edge at the bottom.
The blouse is opaque, light and airy, with lining in 100% polyester.

Vintage Tunic Tops Buying Guides

If you like to highlight your feminine side through your attire, tunics may be your best choice. Their versatile designs and soft shapes that steep in romantic sweetness can be used for both summer and winter. In the cold winter time you can have the tunic over a blouse, in order to create a bold, layered effect. During the hot summer months, the airy design can bring about actual ventilating effects. A tunic top is a great alternative to a regular top or blouse, which dissipates unpleasant high heat fast from the body. These cute and versatile tops are thus suitable for everyday visit with friends or a festive evening in the city. For everyday you can style a tunic with a pair of classic jeans, a pair of ankle boots and a roomy shoulder bag. If you want to take a tour of the city you may be able to switch the pants to a cute skirt.

Let your personality shine through with a feminine top

At internetages we have a wide range of delicious tunics in all sorts of colors and styling. If you are in your romantic corner, we have several models with graceful floral patterns. If you’d like to have a casual look, we have several shirts with loose sleeves. Tunic tops can also be adorned with embroidery or brightly colored prints, which can give your set a festive touch. Some of the models can be so long that you can use them as a blouse or a dress. For a vintage look, you can choose to let the tunic hanging loosely or let your feminine curves to be expressed, by having a belt at the waist. Take a look at the wide range of tunics online at internetages and let yourself be inspired by the many different styles.

Vintage Tops

Sweat Jackets for Ladies

If you are an active woman with interest in sport, then take a closer look at the collection of sweat jackets for ladies. In this range you can choose more practical jackets, you can use them in both everyday life and leisure time. A sweat jacket is made with a very spacious incision, which makes it incredibly convenient and very comfortable to wear. The classic model is designed with a zipper, a hood and pockets. The style is both sporty and urban, which makes it appear very youthful. In this range you can find both the traditional model and simple diversions designed with buttons or without closure. If you’d like to have a smart style with lots of movement, among other things, you can choose to put your sweat jacket along with a pair of jeans and some sneakers. For sports training outdoors, you can use the sweat jacket along with a pair of workout pants and a t-shirt.

Form a cool and sporty style with a delicious sweat jacket

If you are crazy about street sports style, you shouldn’t cheat yourself for having one or more sweat jacket for ladies hanging in the wardrobe, so you are well prepared for leisure and sporting activities. You can get the jerseys in many different color variations. You are able to have sweat jackets in both black and grey versions. If you are crazy about underground style, you can also find several models in dark tones. The collection also offers many variants in exciting colors for you, who would like to give a style festive suit. A sweat jacket can be designed with bold street style and mottled patterns on the fabric. Explore in the delicious selection of sweat jackets for ladies, and see how you can sculpt a cool and sporty outfit.

Long Sleeve Jacket