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Organize Your Underwear Drawer

When I feel discouraged of the life, there is nothing can make me happier than seeing an organized project. It is so bad you find nothing when you are looking for something anxiously. People need to learn to organize things right?

I chose the part of my room that needs care most: the panties and bras. In the past times, they never had a chance to be tidied up, especially for many bras. Intervention was needed.

My mother made a purchase that came in a cardboard box, and never waste a good cardboard. Finally, she found their destiny and they became great drawer dividers.

It is not complicated. First I measured the drawer and planned how to organize it. I set two rows to save my panties tucked into an envelope and leave the rest of the space for Bras because they also need a space of their own. I cut everything with stylus and stick with a wallpaper. For my mother, it was the greatest relief to get rid of it. For me, it was the largest economy of contact paper.

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Get Inspired Looks Maternity Dress of Princess Victoria of Sweden

Princess Victoria of Sweden is pregnant with her second child. Some of the looks we can serve as inspiration. Their outfits, mostly, are “party” or more dressy; and now that the holidays are approaching, is not bad note to “copy” some of their outfits.

Victoria with straight dress

Victoria bet on a straight dress with short sleeves in dark gray knit round neck with details of bright beads. He finishes off the look with thick black stockings and high heels tone. A perfect look for any holiday meal

With Asos Maternity Dress

Princess Victoria also committed to low cost clothing. A few days ago we saw a chiffon dress in navy blue, empire cut and Maternity glosses. You can buy it on the website of Asos for less than 100 euros.

Of Red passion

Bright colors are always very flattering. Victoria opted for a straight red dress with sleeve over his shoulder and empire waist. He combined it with a white coat and red bag.

With print dress

The flowers are also for fall. Victoria, usually bet on the same cutting style dress, but with minor variations. For example: a dress with elegant floral print.

Print Star

One of the prints fashion season is the star print. The heiress wears a loose and light fabric dress, long sleeve embossed, lace detail in the body and star print in various shades.

Jacket fringed tweed

A black maternity dress and a short tweed jacket with fringes are a perfect choice to go to the office. Record the look of Victoria and you will succeed.

Retro look

To get a retro look to Jackie Kennedy On assis, Princess opts for a midi dress with empire cut purple headdresses, hat and gloves. An ideal place to go to a wedding tomorrow styling.

Wrap jacquard

Often do not know what to take shelter in a party look, wraps three quarters in rich fabrics like jacquard are a good choice. Choose a model the same color as the dress, like Victoria of Sweden.

Plus Size Maternity Dresses

The maternity dresses are one of the essential garment in your closet pregnant, they are comfortable and very flattering. To go well warm, you can combine the dresses with thick tights or leotards.

Trend are knitted dresses cotton in bright colors, dresses with romantic airs and glitter or bright prints. In addition, many of the models are now on sale they’ll also take in the spring.

Red dress passion

Beautiful passion red dress with a V-neck and twisted knot detail with wide skirt Asos Maternity, for 24.29 euros.

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Fashion Party for Pregnant Women

Is there something more distinctive than the brightness New Year ‘s Eve? For the last night of the year takes the opportunity and saw a look with bright touches of glitter, brilli-brilli and beads. Dresses, jackets, pants, tops and accessories that help you highlight your pregnancy and those who go too comfortable.

The glosses are not because garments appear only on holidays, but also are found in more casual clothes. In babies and we give ideas to shine like a star in the Christmas holidays.

Jersey topos

White dot jersey with dots in silver with loop of, for 29,99 euros.

Dress with studs

Sexy strapless dress in black with gold colored tacks on Kiabi for 19.99 euros.

T with glitter heart

White cotton shirt with message and sequined heart of C & A, for 19.90 euros.

Jersey with beads

Maternity Jersey in gray wool with bright beads embroidered Topshop Maternity, for 64 euros.

Dress with sequins body

Straight style dress with sequins in black body color and draping neckline Mamalicious, for 39.95 euros.

Dress colored orchid

Empire cut dress with embroidered orchid colored sequined bodice Asos Maternity, for85.72 euros.

Victorian Dress

Pastel pink dress with glittering ornaments in black Asos Maternity, for 107.15 euros.

Blue Dress Navy

Fitting dress in navy blue with details in bright collar New Look, for 17,99 euros.

Top with hearts

Top nude color with hearts with golden sequined Asos Maternity, for 30 euros.

Jersey gold

Jersey fine knit sequined gold lurex the same shade of Alía, by 29,99 euros.

Garnet Dress

Chiffon dress garnet cross detail neck with beads glitter of Little Mistress Maternity, for 88.57 euros.

Top with gold neck

Top in black with detail on the collar of gold beads Alía, for 29,99 euros.

Dress metallic lace

Straight dress in black with lace body black and gold of Paper Dolls Maternity, for 28.57 euros.

Top sequined navy

Top in navy blue sequined trimmed the same shade of Isabella Oliver, for 72 euros.

Plumed gold

Golden color padded and hooded feathery hair Noppies, for 119.99 euros.




Kim Kardashian and Dresses during Pregnancy

Total black look

Kim Kardashian opted for a black look. Wear clothes in black helps to hide the curves, but is not the case with Kim, as we see a very tight dress. Coat shoulders we can bring a touch of elegance.

Garments adjusted

Kim sin of wearing clothes too tight, yes she loves. Gathered dresses often help “pick up” a little belly and hide it, but Kim Kardashian can not. The short dress does not help.

Look smooth

You could say that the look is one of the most successful of Kim. Opting for a smooth, monochromatic look can favor. The long and light coats give movement to look.

Midi length

One of the basic garments in the closet of Kim Kardashian Maternity dresses are cotton tip, tight and long midi. This will not favor long, above or below the knee will estilizaría more.

Mark too

This look of Kim Kardashian no where to get it.Neckline too steep, knit pants will mark you do not have him mark and eighties style coat adds an unnecessary bulk.

Low – cut

It is a fact, Kim Kardashian lingers too long on the necklines. Keep a little cleavage has nothing bad, but depending on low-cut may turn out to be too vulgar.


Transparencies strategically placed can be very sophisticated, but abuse them is to fall into the tacky. No doubt Kim does not apply the less it is more. >>


One thing is to enhance our curves nice way and another is adding too much bulk. A skirt with a steering wheel in the belly area all it does is create an unflattering optical effect.

Miniskirt and high heels

If you use a miniskirt during pregnancy opt for one that is not an uncomfortable or you compress tissue. Kardashian does not succeed with this mini leather. On the other hand you almost never see Kim with a flat shoe, high heels are the essential complement (and abusing them is not good).

The Best Maternity Dresses To Buy In The Sales

In sales season, it is the perfect time to buy fresh and comfortable maternity clothes. With the high temperatures we are having this summer is essential to use clothing that does not cause us more heat and allow us to move without limitations. So you must choose clothing natural fabrics such as cotton or linen. Loose and sundresses will be your second skin and also at discounted prices.

Maxi fuchsia dress

Maternity Maxi fuchsia dress with ruffle at the neckline and ruching made in viscose Mamalicious. The bright colors are perfect for your summer looks.

White Chiffon

Short maternity dress white chiffon Deep V – neck low cross – cutting effect and empire Esprit. The white dresses are super fresh for the summer and very combinable.

Dress with ethnic print

Maternity short dress with a V-neck and back with cross-strips multicolor ethnic print Kiabi.

Print dress ship

Maternity dress patterned boat in navy blue with white background broken detail gather in front of Alía. Betting combine it with flat sandals in navy blue or brown.

Dress Gathered

Maternity short dress with short sleeves, cut below the chest and broad style with floral print in blue and green Dorothy Perkins Maternity.

Tunic dress

Dress-tunic in lemon yellow with thin straps and embroidered details of Vertbaudet. A robe that you can take to go to the beach or leggings underneath.

Long Dress

Long dress in red with a closed neck and shoulder ruched lace enriched with bright strands of La Redoute.

Skater Dress

Skateboarder maternity dress in blue klein style neoprene fabric stamping body in white halter neckline and Asos Maternity. An ideal place for a summer party dress.



How to Wash Your Lingerie

Today’s lingerie designs fascinate us so that we can get to spend small fortunes. We all know that quality parts are the best for us and we also know the value of each item, so when more logical would be treated with extreme care. Are you trying to to your lingerie in the way in which you deserve to be treated? Are you dedicating the time required? If you’re not sure, we invite you to read the following tips for washing, drying and save the most fragile of your wardrobe clothes.

Wash them carefully

Exact. With care. Very carefully. The materials used for the manufacture of underwear garments are extremely sensitive: silk, satin, fine cotton, lace, etc. And nor that to speak of the details such as small stones, ribbons and elegant shine that give it a touch and value extra to the garment. It is only logical to dedicate some time to the careful washing of these items if you want to remain as the first day.

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Post Surgical Bras

After surgery, the breast tissue is extremely sensitive and can be extremely annoying. Definitely you can not use your everyday bras.

If you have spent or plan to spend for an increase or decrease of breasts or a mastectomy operation, it is very important to have in mind the purchase of a post-operative brra (also known as bras of recovery according to to help you heal quickly with the least amount of inconvenience possible.

Characteristics of the Bras of recovery


Perhaps the best way to describe a bra of recovery or post-surgery is compared to a sports bra, since they have basically the same design. Broadband and elastic, strong straps and complete coverage of the breasts. Without wires.


Unlike the Sports Bras, the post-operative bra has brooch. Unlike ordinary fasteners, snap is located on the front.

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Sweet Babydoll

Unlike pieces of lingerie like corset, the babydoll has a much shorter history. He was born very recently and said that his predecessor was the coat or bolero evening, garment that between the decades of 30 and 40 women used to cover their nighties to bed.

Apparently, the new look of the babydoll arose from a movie starring Carroll Baker. In 1956 debuted Baby Doll, a film that is highly controversial because of the subject since it’s marriage of convenience between a 19-year-old girl and a man much bigger who promised sexual intercourse just after his 20th birthday. Nightgowns worn by the protagonist inspired the name for this piece of lingerie and have been a success since that time.

Although they had a brief stint in street fashion, the babydoll quickly returned to its origin, intimacy, and the use of the scissors to trim their long and show more and more, them was becoming a bulwark of the sexy lingerie.

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Long Evening Dress for Wedding

Generally a long evening dress is perfect to go to a party or to dance at weddings. The sumptuous dresses mobilize the imagination of little girls.

Every woman has to buy a long evening dress at least once in her life. Birthdays, weddings, and ABI balls, such occasions make you feel like a princess in a fairy tale. Even small girls find long evening dress very adventurous. You invent stories of evil witches who make the little princess trapped in her tower. The prince sees the princess and instantly falls in love with her. A long evening dress can rob even the mind of many princes. The girls are so excited at your imagination, they do not stop even when it regards to other women’s clothing. Everything is tried on, high heel shoes, hats, and if you are unlucky, also a gown in your closet could cover the imagination about the victims. It is a pity that girls only know the royal cloak and do not know a evening dress of this brand. If the girls had seen the movie “Gone with the Wind”, then they would want to have the same clothes. The evening dress of the brand which focuses on evening dress would have brought at that time an Oscar just for the clothing with security. These dresses are  processed so palatially. However, their elegance and a portion of sex – appeal lost.

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