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Styles of Wedding Dresses

Every bride nowadays likes to be elegant and very beautiful on the day of your wedding, so it is very important to choose the perfect dress.

The perfect dress should go according to body type having the bride and thus can get the most out of your body.

Rather than berries to the store to choose the perfect wedding dress is very important to know which body type you have.

By the dress you choose duty to help the bride that enhances the attractive areas of your body and conceal areas that do not want to display.

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Beautiful Watches And Jewelry

In search of ‘gift idea perfect for Christmas 2011? Liu Jo Luxury has lots to offer and as you can see in the pictures of the photo gallery, are more beautiful than the other! Obviously we talk about watches, jewelry and accessories, whose main feature is the lighting effect of the inserts, a wonderful line that is sweeping all the fashion victim, especially if you love things that sparkle! In this case, Liu Jo Luxury adds to the effect of the jewelry also has the distinction of pending more lively and fun shapes, like small flakes, nuts and lucky inevitable, in short, there are some anklets for all tastes!

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Benetton Coats

Here are the images of the catalog Benetton offers us for the cold season, a collection autumn-winter 2011-2012 which again does not give up those beautiful and vibrant colors that have made the fortune of the brand lines, and proposes, in line with the latest most fashionable trends in the field, a return to a retro style just as much other clothing collections. The line includes a wide range of coats, trench coats, jackets, down jackets, and sparing all designed with bright colors and youth and in many variations to suit all tastes. We look at the new collection.

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Mother’s Day 2011: Colorful Watches Liu Jo Luxury

Tomorrow will be the Mother’s Day and will be lots of our readers who have already thought about what to give to their mother, perhaps following some of our tips. But I’m sure there will be many who still have not decided what to buy to make your mother happy. You still have a little less than twenty-four hours of time, but always poitete do a little thought of Joy, the hyper colorful clock signed by Liu Jo Luxury. If you have a spirited mom and frizzate, then this is the right gift!

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The Chloe Lonsdale Tips to Recognize The Best Jeans

The designer British Chloe Lonsdale, founder of the fashion brand MiH Jeans gives us some tips on the jeans world, a world that enhances the brand especially. The designer would indeed discovered his passion for classic denim finding child models stored in the trunks in the attic of his parents, he would immediately love the genre and would thus chose to reinterpret it in a modern way, with an eye to years models’ 70, so taking the road that would lead her to found MiH and become renowned throughout the world for its models.

We know, the jeans is now a timeless model from which no collection can regardless, I remind you in this regard the Miss Sixty line focused on denim (see here), but also beautiful models proposed by Liu Jo for his spring / summer 2011 collection.

To the question “What makes a jeans a good jeans”, the Lonsdale answers that are too lightweight and too tight models are not a good example, because they will lose their fit and their adherence before the others.

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Hot Sneakers for Fall 2016

If you want to look beautiful, you can use the sneakers and not suffer: that’s what we find for the winter season.

Not just heels, not just shoes to sway, as a song, to be sexy and elegant. We also need to be able to walk comfortable in our movements, in those days where important is moving, but we always want to have a minimum of elegance. So, even by big brands, here are the sneakers, walking shoes of Directoryaah.

We start with one of the leading brands in this market, the Geox.
The mark of Treviso in a few years has created its own marketplace, becoming, thanks to a competitive price and an innovative patent of transpiration of shoe, a model of elegance and practicality in the shoe. Breathable leather shoes, the newest online Snake, into five combinations of autumn colors: black, brown, burgundy and cream mixed together, low outsole with strings.

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Trendy Shoes for Summer 2016

Let’s face it, in front of a nice pair of shoes there is no woman who resist the temptation to make her his. But what are the trends to wear at the foot in the fall/winter season 2016-2017 to feel a real fashion victim? Among the proposals, which aim always to exalt the woman in all her beauty and complexity, there really is something for everyone.

One of the most interesting trends of cold weather affects the cut-out shoes or shoes with special cutouts along the upper or cut profiles in an unusual way: stylish, trendy, by day or by night, the important thing is that they have character and quirky details. Fashion giants have decided to enrich these models with fine materials, very glamorous shapes and colors that do not go unnoticed and that call for a fall/winter especially “Baroque”. Yes then in gold, prints, bold colors such as green, red, fuchsia, blue and yellows.

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Long Skirts Spring Summer 2014

Long skirts Spring Summer 2014: the most chic models. If you browse the catalogs dedicated to the summer collections, you will surely realize that the long skirts this year are one of the most popular trend, both in the proposals signed by high fashion labels in low cost. The Spring 2014 wants in his big protagonists skirts on the knee, below the knee, calf patterns and the inevitable long skirts in gypsy style, often think in very intense colors.

The summer is always a great time to groped something new by combining the most vibrant leaders, they are well aware of the luxury fashion house that year led to the catwalk for their summer colorful clothes collections, including mainly long skirts.

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