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Giambattista Valli Paris Fashion Week

At the Paris Fashion week the Italian Giambattista Valli presented his autumn/winter collection 2015-2016. In the final days of the prestigious French fashion week, the famous fashion designer has created a show that has pasted all over the Chair. Cold weather presented a line of retro inspired, just as they have already very designer. Once again, the bond is strong with il mondo deglianni ‘ 60 and ‘ 70 and witness the numerous gowns, suits comprising casacce flared and eccentric fantasies coordinates perfectly with the high waist pants with skinny leg but flared at the bottom. Obviously not lacking that romantic touch, usually played on the world of flowers, which over the years has marked much the style Giambattista Valli.

The retro look have definitely influenced many creative directors so much that now clothes which for a long time were confined to what we recognize as fashion and style years ‘ 70, now, seem more timely than ever. One for all, at least for thefashion designer Giambattista Valli is the tunic, that average length sleeveless top that covers the hips and that opens slightly. Continue reading

Chanel Autumn/Winter at Paris Fashion Week

At the Paris Fashion week great anticipation was given to 2015-2016 Chanel fall-winter collection presented inside the Grand Palais, which was set up as a real restaurant, the brasserie Gabrielle. A tribute to Coco and more traditional French culinary art at Paris, and, of course, to the style of fashionable young parisienne. The Chanel look seen on the catwalk were really many, mainly coordinated in tweed coats and jackets but also from the most diverse, from dry to convex shape, all, of course, always moved under the sign of great elegance of the House led by Karl Lagerfeld.

He managed once again to create something so far from the trends seen in this Paris Fashion Week autumn/winter 2015-2016 on bravo Karl Lagerfeld, who has designed a clothing line staged in a restaurant. The first set of complete presented are, always, the classic style of the House with a double C: slightly flared skirts and tweed jackets, available in many shades, from gray to pink, Orange to red and blue coats with high collars and night, straight, bomber embroidered with contrasting Interior, capes and cloaks the checked oversize. This and more has characterized the vast Chanel collection for next winter. Continue reading

Fashion Trends Spring Summer Paris

The collections that reveal the next fashion trends spring/summer 2016 arrive at Paris, where alternating on the catwalk are some of the most important and acclaimed names in the world of fashion. In the days dedicated to fashion shows there is great anticipation for lines by Valentino, Elie Saab, Chanel, Giambattista Valli, Louis Vuitton and Yves Saint Laurent and not only for them. The Ville Lumiere is in turmoil, the streets saw vip, editor and passionate style, all ready to assist to the presentation of new collections and to see a preview of the upcoming fashion trends of spring/summer 2016. Are you ready to know them too?

At the Paris Fashion week 2015 there are many maison participating and which reveal the trend for future warm weather. In the first few days of fashion week we have witnessed the sensual and ultra feminine creations of Anthony Vaccarello, who presented a very confident, he knows his body and flaunts with absolute sensuality, while Jacquemus, once again, we propose a series of rather unusual look, from shirts without sleeves, to be included as the capes but strategically placed , clothes shaped white balls. Continue reading

Marc Jacobs Miley Cyrus T Shirt

In New York’s Lexington Avenue Armory, there was the parade of the Marc Jacobs collection fall/winter 2013-2014 under a beautiful full moon. The designer has always enchants us with location set in spectacular fashion and once again has managed to impress although some technical problems-natural. In recent days a snowstorm put totally ko the northeastern Usa creating many problems for the designer, who was to present his new collection on February 11 and not the 14 as in fact happened.

Creative Director of one of the most important and fascinating in Europe, Marc Jacobs, the large expected, in every sense, this New York Fashion Week, albeit with a few problems and a slight delay (marched on the last day of the fashion week), has finally presented the creations of autumn/winter 2013-2014.Needless to say, the show was great and that the garments and accessories for the new season are particularly chic and highly sought after, because that’s exactly what you expect from a great talent of fashion. For him a great Hall, a huge catwalk which topped a cartel and bright full moon. Each creation was lit in a sublime way, every look was more intense, more rich, more cool. No doubt about it, Marc Jacobs knows how to surprise her exigent public, including Sofia Coppola, Miley Cyrus and Christina Ricci. Continue reading

Lady Gaga Glasses Designer

Lady Gaga will touch with his very short tour Milan, in early December, and his Italian fans are definitely delirious from hold. And ‘undoubtedly one of the star most popular of the moment, and every step, every word, every outfit becomes cause for gossip, gossip, photos and comments about his extravagant look. No surprise then, that fans aside, the whole star system you quarrel his attention by getting interviews and why not of major gifts. Continue reading

Thun Italian Jewelry

Thun has made ​​this year a fall-winter 2013-2014 collection of accessories, jewelry, handbags and small leather items really special. The brand known for his creations in the field of decorative and gift ideas, has an entire line dedicated to women and fashion accessories, a women’s collection, lively and full of surprises. With the holiday season upon us, Thun also thinks many very good ideas to give and to receive as a gift. Continue reading

Mango Bags and Shoes

E ‘already spring for Mango! Today we present a preview of Mango accessories for spring summer 2012, beautiful bags and shoes and glamorous declined in pastel shades. Mango is a brand low cost of Spanish origin who in recent years has made ​​inroads into our hearts, in addition to clothing and the fabulous accessories, the brand we love it also because it has invested a lot on the Italian territory, the Mango stores are widespread in this beautiful country, and availability, coupled with mini prices, can only be a winning strategy. Continue reading

Arena International Swimwear

When are the Olympics sportsmanship comes over all of us and suddenly we run more, to the sea we feel great swimmers in a final unlikely, we dive from makeshift trampolines, in short, there is a sample in each one of us, more or less hidden under layers of fat or tan. If you want the glamor and coloreds that foster your Olympic spirit, check out the delicious proposals Arena capsule collection of “Flags of Arena” decorated with international flags. Continue reading

Milan Fashion Week Schedule

The Milan Fashion week 2016 gives us many looks street style that perhaps will dictate new trends as well as those seen during the fashion shows of the big fashion houses. Basically, you have to ask: what do you wear to a fashion show, made by one of the biggest names in fashion? A time someone would answer that elegance is everything on these occasions, but if you want to be immortalized by the shots of the photographers just road outfit, then you need to get noticed. The password is: overdoing it.

You have to dive into the closet and wear things at random? No, or at least so it shouldn’t be, because overdoing it, dressing in bulk is anything but. To the uninitiated, however, is just what it sounds like but behind the choice of an outfit, can anyone believe it or not, there is always a selection, a real studio complements. But proceed in order, because usually those who participate in a fashion show tries to pay homepage to la maison that invited him, as in the case ofthe vip look in front row, wearing clothes for the occasion of the latest collections of the same brand. Compared to the stars, fashion fans don’t always have the ability to change outfit quickly and always having a brand’s creations in particular, so the only solution I have is to mix more brands and styles. Continue reading

Memteq DZ09 Smartwatch Review

The difference with the big brands there is and feels, but it’s the cheap watch of Memteq is a good starting point to approach the world of the smartwatch. This model will enable those seeking first smartwatch to buy, discover, learn and engage with these wearable technology. The price certainly is one of the best and writing this review we must admit that we had so much fun testing the features offered by the device. The price is not an issue, for only € 49.99 Euros you can bring home a device that has all the functionality of a smartwatch.

This small smartwatch DZ09 of MEMTEQ is not an Apple Watch but we tinkered with this clock for a couple of weeks to see all its features and capabilities – in the past we had reviewed other technological products of MEMTEQ and very often we appreciated for their great value and this smartwatch is no exception, although it looks like a toy in comparison to its rivals.

Continue reading

What is the Latest Jeans Fashion

Jeans are always in fashion. Originally they were worn only by cowboys and construction workers. Nowadays, however, with jeans dress not only children but also their grandparents.

Jeans combine not only with sneakers, but with elegant shoes and boots. Some designers decorate their creations with crystals Swarovski, and others designed trousers whose fabric razridva after several washes.

Most of us even live in jeans and they are an integral part of our lives. Do not be afraid to experiment by wearing chiffon or silk in combination with jeans. Let jeans become not just a garment, and a base from which to create your unique image and appearance.

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How to Match a Brown Jacket


Clothing is a matter of choice, but it is not simply choose which head wear, but also-and especially-to evaluate the color combinations of all that we’re wearing. A great classic that works almost on every occasion, from the most formal to the most colloquial or domestic, is the brown jacket: a solid that is pleasant, yet not too challenging. Yet it is not always easy to know exactly what match a brown jacket. Let us see some useful idea about the matter.

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Tezuk Women’s Swimwear Thongs

Tezuk is an Italian brand very popular especially for its stylish swimsuits that even in this summer 2012, does not betray the expectations of its customers and enriches the already substantial collection of some new exclusive lines. The brand, founded and directed by Patrizia Bologna and Andrea Zucchini Baking Sheet, decided to update its collection of swimwear for summer 2012 by uniting the traditional lines Plain , Sangallo and Fantasy Fru Fru, the newest models of the new series Micropaillettes, bicolor and bicolor Lurex  of course, as always combined to give you a chance to have fun with the mix & most glamorous match of the summer season. Continue reading

Oysho Underwear Review

Oysho offers us a collection of lingerie for the winter 2014 seductive and feminine, a line dedicated to dynamic and modern women who love to experiment with different styles. The brand specializes in garments of underwear and homewear delights us one season after another with very varied collections, proposals designed to satisfy different tastes, ranging from etiquette articles and news ironic, without giving up the most daring and intriguing touches. Even the new winter collection surprises with leaders not to miss: let’s give it a closer look. Continue reading

Winter Wedding Guest Dresses

You are invited to a winter wedding and do not know what to wear? Pippa Middleton, once again, can be a good idea for a sober clothing and glamorous at the same time. The sister of the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton in fact, was paparazzi recently at the wedding of a couple of friends with a simple look and easy to copy. The big problem of winter weddings is actually to try and avoid the black and enjoy a touch of color, although not as bright as what we might wear to a spring wedding. Continue reading

Guess Handbags Autumn Winter

Today let us see the advertising campaign Guess dedicated to accessories, jewelry, shoes and bags are the stars but we must recognize that the bags are dominating the scene and take over. The Guess bags are beloved by women, are cute, trendy and feminine and the prices are not prohibitive either as Gucci, Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Prada, are not at the levels of Carpisa but with some sacrifice, and especially in times of balances with Guess you can indulge in some whim. Continue reading

Maternity Clothing Style Tips

Becoming a mother is a wonderful adventure that begins with pregnancy. Nine months in which you and your baby are together. And then the nausea, cravings, mood that goes up and down because of hormonal changes, the clothes that you are on. Pregnancy is a psychological moment ‘forte’, where feeling good about themselves and at ease, is important. The maternity clothes are for you to be comfortable and to feel beautiful. Then, spend an afternoon shopping at maternity wear, can be a nice way to ‘enter’ in the role of expectant mother, a little more ‘chubby’ but still rampant, to fashion.

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