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Ermenegildo Zegna Fall 2014

Next up in the autumn fashion surveillance is Italian clothing giant Ermenegildo Zegna. The company is now one of the largest in the industry were collections ranging from Zegna Couture; A cutting-edge line designed by Stefano Pilati with sky-high fashion, Z Zegna is a somewhat more humane priced in line. However, we have chosen to focus on the main line of dressed Ermenegildo Zegna; business fashion by definition. Continue reading

Ralph Lauren Purple Label Fall 2014

Ralph Lauren is almost an institution in menswear. Usually associated the brand with the preppy inspired line POLO but today we have chosen to focus on the best the company has to offer. With production in Italy from the finest materials in hand-sewn designs offer man Purple Label line top clothing of the highest class. The back is well that the price tag often runs off a good distance north of an average monthly salary of an outer coat or suit. Continue reading

10 x Overcoats

Polo or Covert coat, overcoat or Peacoat, single or double breasted? What defines the perfect overcoat is the least personal. In today’s article, we want to list 10 options of overcoats that are ideal for both the Swedish winter and well into spring. Then a coat of reasonable quality rarely is cheap, it is a garment should see as a long term investment. Continue reading

Drake’s London Fall 2014

It’s no secret that we our site has a good eye to British accessory specialist Drake’s London. For every year that passes manages the firm’s co-owner and creative director Michael Hill to develop the company further. Normally, it is about innovative fabrics and materials mixtures or exciting pressure but in recent times he has increasingly been adding new products to Drake range. This includes about knitwear, bags, jackets and shoes. Just shoes are something we in today’s text would highlight along with the company’s autumn collection. Continue reading

Fall 2014 From Belvest

The Venice-based clothing specialist Belvest is a given element here Manolo each season. Although not the campaigns are the most innovative, the company has one of the industry’s best craftsmanship in terms of what you pay. The design is subtler than their southern Italian competitors and this is more about acting without being seen. Regardless delivers Belvest design at the highest level. Continue reading

10 x Double-breasted Jackets

Few have probably missed the last season the perhaps strongest signature garment; The double-breasted jacket. From having been a feature immediately associated with boxy silhouette and the 80-century average, the double-breasted jacket gets big boost. Instead marked shoulders and long coat lengths, most of today’s models of a light, almost okonstruerad feel with neat shoulder and with a slightly shorter jacket length. The result provides an easy to wear product, no matter if you combine it with shirt and tie or jeans and polo shirt. Continue reading

Autumn 2014 Pal Zileri

A player who has grown in our eyes the last few seasons is Italian Pal Zileri. A company that has long been overshadowed by the big players like Caruso, Canali, Corneliani and Zegna in the upper mid-price segment of full canvas costumes. In fact, Pal Zileri very much is to be reckoned with. More unadorned and understated than competitors from Naples but at the same time with a young and stylish cut. Continue reading

Wardrobe Cornerstones – Tweed Jacket

Today we thought to take up series wardrobe cornerstones again. A series focusing on classic garments in the male wardrobe based on the season we are in at the moment. Tweed jacket has in recent years gone from a gubbig stamp to a garment even for the younger carriers. Much depends on the blazer silhouette become more commonplace, with shorter lengths and softer designs. Continue reading

Street Style Pitti Uomo 87 – Part II

We are back in Stockholm after an intense week in Florence with lots of impressions. Today we publish the second and last part of the Street Style Guard of the fair’s exterior. Whether you are inspired or find visitors laughable, it’s hard to ignore that phenomenon actually been with coverage of both the New York Times as little our site. In the coming weeks we will publish photos from some of the fair’s inside and what we can expect in stores next fall.


In the Spring of 2015 From Eidos Napoli

Today it is time for one of our absolute favorites from last summer’s Pitti Uomo trade fair. The Italian-American siblings to Isaia; Eidos Napoli has blossomed as one of the most exciting players. For spring 2015, the Creative Director Antonio Ciongoli glanced toward Ischia and named collection of “Il Cuore di Pescatore” and is inspired by the island’s port and fishermen. Continue reading

10 x Suede Jackets

Suede jacket is according to us the perfect substitute for a jacket for the approaching spring. Slightly more sophisticated than the usual leather and the excellent cashmere sweater, button-down shirt and khakis or jeans. Depending on personal taste and the rest of the wardrobe makes the garment excellent in everything from black to beige suede. Continue reading

10 x Denim Shirts

Today I thought we tell about one of our personal favorites when it comes to spare shirts. Denim shirt has grown enormously in popularity in recent years and today we have chosen to focus on the more dressy and thin versions. A type of shirt that looks perfect for vårkavajen to a pair of sand-colored chinos. Continue reading