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ASU Cast One Smartwatch

A Chinese company called ASU has created the first smartwatch in the world with integrated laser projector

Smart watches are becoming popular and many companies are trying to carry out their own version of these gadgets. A new Chinese startup called ASU, has come to market with a unique view at this time, a smart watch that integrates a laser projector. The other day we saw as Samsung patenting a similar technology, which also made use of a laser projector to extend the interface clock.

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Japanese LED Watch

Here is a new LED model watch shows or Japanese. A still original way to display the time.

Press the button at the top right of the dial and watch the screen lights up. In time mode, the columns represented the hours in binary code while rows of minutes. In date mode, the columns represent the month while the rows represent days. You decide if you want the LED watch displays the time at random intervals (approximately every 10 minutes) or shows the time when you tap the button.

You’ll find yourself writing strange equations on the blackboard .. . Yes, this shows increases IQ!)

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Webshop Tip – No Man Walks Alone

We get on our site naturally often asked what we like when it comes to fashion, and if we have any personal favorite brands, shops, tailors, etc. The advantage of our sites that we are not controlled in the editorial and therefore can write about things that actually is in our interest. Of course we also have to go the whole hog slightly sometimes an increased width but generally what you read about the things that actually reflects our taste and style. Today’s text is no exception, quite the opposite. Today I want to tell about my absolute favorite when it comes to web shops, namely No Man Walks Alone. Continue reading

Stylish Autumn Coats

So whimsically as the weather in the autumn, the matching wardrobe should not turn out in the best case.The last warm rays mix with wind and rain, and the first signs of the upcoming cold season. It asks for here of outerwear so a lot. An indispensable part of the wardrobe, both for ladies and gentlemen, in my opinion, therefore, is a high quality autumn coat. Who invested in quality and exquisite design that wins a stylish companion for the season. Especially women can choose in autumn 2014 a wide variety of styles and designs.Especially women can in autumn 2014  from a wide variety of styles and designs to choose.

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How to Measure Your Bras

How to measure your chest? What are the things to check before buying a new bra? You will find advice and answers to all your questions.

It seems that many women do not know their bra size. Why?

In fact, one study showed that 8 out of 10 women do not wear the right size bra. This is a disaster, both in the aesthetic plan that comfort! Sometimes we find clients who wear the same size bra for over 30 years! Now the chest changes with the years, pregnancy … Even if it is difficult for a woman to understand that size is not necessarily the same as it was a few years, she finally realize it is more rewarding for it to change size. I explain this phenomenon by the fact that women are not sufficiently measured in lingerie stores. Ideally, it should remeasure its chest size every year.

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Plus Size Dresses for a Night Out

It is not always easy to dress out when is round. One can possibly find a classic black dress in large collections, but other than that, it was just always feel that whatever we do, our thin girlfriend will always be hotter and at the forefront of fashion that we . It is ugly, anyway, or stubby (thank you tight dresses not at all adapted to our morpho). Still, there are a bunch of chic outfits, trends, glamorous, that are made for us! We put together a little look book of our choice of outfits heart for this summer , and there is something for everyone!

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What Should I Wear a Corset

The corset is underwear with a charm. This is below that refines the silhouette shapes the bust and conceals small curves. The brace is worn day and night. Can in chic clothing and clothing accessories, based rocks that they are converted accompany. How to create a casual look corset? Be as chic with a corset? Here are some tips for you to wear the corset again this summer.

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Coats of Crombie – a Timeless Classic

Just in time for the temperature after a mild autumn has now crept down to zero, so the need for good outerwear increased. A trend in recent years has been to produce elegant functional clothing in order to be able to combine style and function. Today’s text will be about something else entirely, quite the opposite actually. We want today to highlight the classic and urbrittiska outerwear company Crombie. This company has manufactured primarily outerwear for about 200 years and has even been a model named after him in the form of Crombie-coaten which is a kind of classic overcoat. Continue reading

Thom Sweeney Opens New Store in London

We previously on a couple of occasions written about London tailoring thom Sweeney here at our site. One of the reasons is that it is a young and exciting tailor who along with Kilgour and Norton & Sons have taken the venerable British tailoring a step further and adapted to today’s demands and conditions. The sense of fashion, urban and rock’n’roll rather than smoky old men’s club is palpable and without for that matter sacrificing craftsmanship, tradition and manufacturing makes them a tailor for the younger ones. Continue reading

Different Types of Leather for Jackets

The leather jacket is a timeless piece, the ideal jacket for half a season. But you’ve probably experienced it: it’s really not easy to make the right choice! There are 10 days I had offered to help me prepare a special report on the subject by indicating in the comment jacket you wear. Here now a practical guide that I hope will help you in your future choice! To begin with, some “technical”…

  • Quality leather
  • leather Origin
  • Leather work
  • blouson style
  • color
  • Where to Buy?

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