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Allegri Autumn 2010

Recent seasons have been much talked about technical performance fabric in men’s fashion. A brand with a long experience in the field is the Italian outerwear specialist Allegri which since its inception in 1971 worked with over 2000 different kinds of fabrics. The brand’s autumn and winter collection includes everything from sporty jackets in Kevlar to elegant coats of water-repellent cashmere. Continue reading

Ask Manolo – Unfold Trousers with Creases?

Question: Hello, I recently purchased a pair of suede boots for the fall. I almost always pants with creases and I wonder how I’ll wear these with the new shoes, I’ll let his pants fall over the shank of the shoe? It is not always so exciting. Is there a style failed to fold up his pants a couple of laps in the bottom, so that they both look more of the shoe, and also saves on the pants when you are out in the rain and slush in the winter? Continue reading

Keep in Raceway

Traditional sports such as rowing, tennis, cricket, golf, equestrian and cycling is in a peculiar style connection status. Each season, they occur as a style inspiration for a number of designers and wardrobe among many garments are the few that did not originate in any of the above sports. A more underrated source of inspiration for our dress is running. Continue reading

In Search Dandy

Today inaugurated the Nordic Museum exhibition Dandy who tries to find out what characterizes a true dandy. Alongside a retrospective on the dandy-liberalism with items from the Nordic Museet’s own archives, seven style personalities had to make his own interpretation of the dandy – where our site is on a small corner. Continue reading