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Sonniges London

Some people will have wondered about my short break, but I was so exhausted after London that I even needed a day break I spent almost entirely with sleeping. A luxury that remained rather denied me lately.

Well – and as there were no outfit yesterday, as it is usual, there are instead today, fresh out of London. From Notting Hill to be exact, where we made a short trip down there a bit to shoot. Well, what can I say?
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Auf Ewig Schwarz

I will choose only a single color that I would wear it it is only… black.

For some reason, I feel attracted to black scary (haha – pun out!) and return ever again then. Back to my roots. At that time I wore black and at that time were me my #allblack everything looks the loved one. While I’m at times alien with gray or blue, but my heart belongs to black.

Was always black.

Reveled in particular yesterday when I cleaned out my old things and old memories that occurred to me: my dear to black I discovered that early on, could she live off but only really as a teenager – and stayed there. Despite occasional sins style.

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That of it.

I never wasn’t a too big fan of bright colors, even in summer, so the simple outfits are me most of the time your loved ones. Just when had you down screwed the Saturation slider. Especially in the summer, I prefer white, which looks not only summer but feels even better under the Sun. However the question arises with do often to the Accessories: white accessories I think often a bit difficult, often too hard in contrast to black, colorful accessories often… colorful?

So the optimal solution remains: grey. In the meantime my inventory of bags in grey and nude tones is still growing and a highlight from this was this gray piece of jewelry from Givenchy that I saw at Farfetch. It is namely not so easy to find this perfect and at the same time simple pieces that are particularly but just also versatile, that’s why I was equal in love in this bag, which is good. Continue reading

Copenhagen Fashion Week Highlights

New season, new looks.
Compared to the international look at plan – the official “fashion month” begins in September with the fashion week in New York – the Copenhagen kicks fashion week quite early. The Danish capital has become more and more in the past the hot-spot and thrilled always with contemporary style lots of fashionable young talent and a good Gesspür for the trends of tomorrow. Well-known names were this season by Lala Berlin (Leyla Piedayesh gave at the Berlin fashion week in July already a foretaste of SS17) up to by Malene Birger or tree and horse garden. The summary, main news and highlights we have compiled for you here. Continue reading


To remain faithful to yourself.

It sounds now like a spell from the diary, but this is especially difficult during a fashion week and exhausting.

During fashion week, I feel not often completely overwhelmed by all the impressions, all the people and all the events. Beautiful, well dressed people are everywhere and prefer you would not only each party dancing around, but (from) try too many styles, it has copied from others. Wanting to be of course perfectly styled, just wear the latest shit wants, want – to be Queen of Streetstyle make matters worse still, all at the same time, here you go. Continue reading

Like a Rose

I have already indicated it on Instagram, but today I must reveal the secret to the latest PANDORA campaign:
The PANDORA ROSE collection is out!

The principle of PANDORA is Yes, that all jewelry pieces are combined with each other and to its unique and individual favorites can put together to continuously Extensible concept. In the PANDORA universe, there are pieces of jewelry for any occasion not only, but also for every woman of all ages, which is popular on jewelry, whether it be beautiful rings or charms. Continue reading

Gewinnspiel: Avenue 32

Although the days grade rather feel after midsummer it but actually the calm before the storm – literally. Because soon the cooler season dawns (finally!) and I’m sure a fall make-over could use very well not only my wardrobe.

What’s my business, so there’s a few indispensable classics, that make me happy across over several seasons and that always go with me such as oversized cashmere sweaters or the denim shirt, which I then (some call him 70’s trend, but I grew up in the 90’s) combine with “Trend parts” such as slippers and here in the outfit, the fast fucker rock. Particularly many parts in the online shop, which arouse great desire in me and who are quite high on my to-buy list, this fall are actually like. A beautiful, Brown, calf and oversized coat or the next it-bag. Continue reading