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David Koma and Our site: Capsule Collection from February

Our site goes again in the next round of collaboration: David Komakhidze, better known under the name David Koma, favorite designer of many American celebrities, with the British fashion chain together stood. Now he presents his first capsule collection, consisting of five selected pieces. The Georgia-born and now London-based designer is known for his futuristic collections are located in the upper price segment – and are out of reach for most of us.

But this time it will be extremely difficult for us to get hold of the selected pieces at Our site, because the collection was produced in very small quantities and is therefore severely limited – at the same time probably one of the most expensive collections, which so far has been designed for top shop, because the pieces lie between 120 euros for a belt and 400 euros for a sleeveless wool dress. Much of the collection is ’ s, however, not even to say, Our site holds still covered and the number of the published photos of the capsule collection are available not just in a variety. We must be so excited! Continue reading

Ann Ward in the Vogue Italia

Fashion indie speaks of the first top model in the America running for eight years ’ s next top model casting show with Tyra Banks and also stylite not takes a step back in the Lobpudelei and is of Ann Ward inspires volligst. Ann Ward? Jap, the winner of the last show of the ANT, which in December from the star than the “skinny girl“ known takes her first editorial in vogue. We remember: 1.88, 45 kilograms. We realized, Yes, that is lean, but is also sick?

Whether the good has become now a few pounds or not, we cannot recognize the photos unfortunately, nor do we know whether the proportions have been changed via Photoshop. Is thin, no question… Nevertheless succeeded in editorial. Continue reading

Mango Lookbook For Spring: Nude, Sheer Minimalism & Utility Chic

Today tomorrow the Zara TRF Lookbook, then right after the latest Lookbook from Urban Outfitters and at last also mango comes along. Finally, Catalan fashion house would like to somehow also involved. While the Spanish and English counterparts however straight focus on a line in her collection, you wanted to apparently not quite set to mango:

no notable trend theme, no clear theme and also no coherent stringency. Fluent, elegant and slightly stuffy breathed is’s on one side, while the other side of the casual collection is and somehow wanted to cool baseball games and reminds cheerleading. Solely the Lookbook nude can convince me from the front to back and each individual piece could Janet in my wardrobe hiking Continue reading

Win A Complete Outfit & VIP Tickets To The Store Opening By Scotch & Soda!

That the Dutch fire properly probably feels so slow Scotch & soda in Germany, the latest store opening proves on March 5, how can it be otherwise, held in Hamburg, Germany! Casual casual, but above all uncomplicated streetwear fashion „ made in Holland “, can be so closer look under the microscope now. “Maison Scotch” is the label for the ladies – the Lookbook for the coming spring convinced us in addition to basic pieces in moderate tones but mostly by slightly hippiesk-Favorites, that dream summer us immediately of infinite freedom, world conquests and a large portion. The menswear collection is also casual and sporty: loose sweater meets Plaid Shirt. Are us geprintete shirts for men as a regular DAB dear like robust pieces of jeans and every now and then color. Continue reading

Weekday Girls Lookbook SS 2011

Powder tones from head to toe, a complete look in aqua blue, body remote silhouettes, asymmetrical cuts, oversized shirts and pants, Maxi wherever you look and yet flowing fabrics. That what weekday us these days in his latest girls Lookbook presents, is exactly to my taste. Yes, perhaps if one imagines a bit something else under a spring collection. Maybe the one or other huge portions colors or Trendpieces in the 70 s style and takes the Sommerkoolektion plain and erfreifend boring wishes. Maybe. But weekday reluctant and remains true to his Scandinavian style. Outfits in the layered look slightly pale can convince me as well as tone on-tone variations or just this bright blue! Continue reading

The Sister Label Twenty8 Twelve by s.Miller

Rum tearing, anpöpeln, fight, forgive, love and together make mischief. Sister time with the parents was always a great time with me. How often have we us a fight, hit us bad words on the head and us again reconciled and laughed together. It’s probably among siblings. If you eventually get the hang of and shares only good times together, counseled and calls himself with worry, then you probably a piece has grown up. Sister magic arises and which can move mountains.

And this spell is also the label Twenty8Twelve: the fashion line by Sienna Miller and her sister Savannah. Already at an early age, the older of the two, Savannah, designed dresses for her sister. And her label was born from a hobby project. The distribution of tasks at Twenty8Twelve is clear: Sienna is the Muse, uses her popularity and carries the collection in the world, while Savannah designed the pieces according to both preferences and manufactures. And what comes out is just to fall in love and very Sienna-like: Continue reading

Monki March Styles: Exploring Wonderland

Fruhlingshafter couldn’t have not started the March and further leads us to buy pretty clothes that just celebrate this wonderful circumstance. H & M and free people have shown us their manner how it refreshing season usher in that and now we have our look at an another Sweden, is grown on me especially in the heart of course: Monki.

Trendbewusst, but always with a certain twinkle in his eye, convinced the Scandinavian brand with its collections and shows on time every time at the beginning of the month, what we must not miss. This time: Exploring Wonderland. Continue reading

Zara Lookbook for March

Only last Tuesday, before the Fashionation off I went, I remained a short showcase at the Ku but longer ago the Zara’ dam stand and eyeing the new and very simple collection pieces of the Spanish fashion house. Clean, fairly wide cut, asymmetric and super classic. Not to forget: the Palazzo pants that just won’t leave us alone.

Cute, I thought. Unexcitedly, but cute. Although I would have to get a complete outfit me at Zara, because the individual pieces and flowing fabrics combine hard leave with my existing wardrobe, but nevertheless I’d feel comfortable clearly is. Especially the combination of white and cream, asymmetrical tops and wide pants scary tells me to is tres chic and yet not overdressed. Continue reading

Get out the Bathing Suits!

All right, it is perhaps really still a bit cold its next weekend at the Lake to schedule. We can deal but still slow with this, can wear what we are in the summer months for swimming or to the beach. Bikini, Tankini, swim Jack and co. – get ready, we’re coming. My body should for the warm days carry perhaps the one or the other time in the gym or motivate to rummage the running shoes from the depths of the shoe box and then I would be already motivated to throw me in the bath outfit!

This much is clear: for me is’s forever this year a swimsuit or a bikini model with high-cut panties – I liebäugel with the three above pieces. For those of you who wanted to deal still not quite with the topic or could: Here are a few suggestions for wonderful days at sea, the beach, the paddling pool in the garden or the local outdoor pool: Continue reading

Exhibition And Book About The Works Of Alexander Mcqueen

On February 11th marked the first anniversary of the death of the British designer Alexander mcqueen. He even chose suicide a day before his mother’s funeral. Plagued by depression, followed by personal setbacks and bound by work pressure and creative compulsion, he saw no other choice than to take the life under the influence of the drug.

Will open its doors the New York Metropolitan Museum of art from May 4 in memory of the inspiring artists and some of the most impressive creations of acclaimed fashion designer present. „ savage beauty “was realized in collaboration with the closest confidants and staff of mcqueen. Continue reading

Cheap Monday – Customized By Nature, Worn By The Weather

Denim sometimes belong to our dearest companions: uncomplicated, almost everything can be combined, time damn casual times chic. But above all, always comfortable. I personally am an absolute jeans lover and like most far and almost have become misshapen. Jeans is and remains in any case subject and the more interesting I what to come up with the designer to the label cheap Monday could find: customized by nature. Forget stone-washed, the chemically manufactured used look or many years wearing!

The Swede of our jeans trust has his pants since June last year namely subjected to a completely different sample: with rusty wire wrapped, can be placed on roofs, trees slung, buried under snow, the Sun bleach, littered by musty autumn leaves or exposed to the icy wind and, almost rot can be. 30 pants which were presented to the carrier by nature and finally even authentic used look are the result. Continue reading

Uncategorized and ARTE Fashion Week Starting Monday!

The weekend is imminent, Nike and I could keep already no longer silent feet and tadaa, the weather gets worse in time. Don’t worry, it let’s not ruin our good mood, because…

Today evening comes’s first on to Kreuzberg, more specifically in the Hasenheide 11 where there is to look at Boulevard, rissoles and grain the latest collection of pussy Kreuzberg. Are in the Union, namely to strike’s also a due Adtershow party, also dance of victims of called on which hopefully meet you and together you want to bounce around. Continue reading

The 83rd Academy Awards, the Winners and Their Robes

A long night of glamour, movie and show running are over. While we rub tired eyes, is the 83rd Academy Awards ceremony in Hollywood once very successful across the stage gone. To our regret, Banksy has not won the award for the best documentary feature – while we had pleased but already really on a freaky staging on a thrilling „ who will pick the prize?.

I am very happy but that the beautiful Natalie Portman for best actress was named Colin Firth as best actor for his role in „ the King’s speech “ as stotterner King was allowed to take his Oscar home and the cute Hailee Steinfeld went out while empty, but looked for it again quite charming. You can find all of the nominees and the winners here, BTW.

What but most interested us in addition to the winners, are, of course, the dresses of the women. Whether fully in the black, or as is often full in addition, we love the assessments, the „ Whaow “ and the „ Oh my goodness “! Continue reading

Levi ’s ID Curve – Now Available As High-Waisted Model

That was but also really time! Levi’s raises its long waisted awaited high models of the line ID curve on the market. I was in last fall at just very disappointed after our trial & error test so enthusiastically by the cut, the fit, the material and the comfort feeling, by which I can quite deep seated waist of rise modern models, but was now finally breathe and they buy me: Levi’s ID curve classic rise! Cut, it is larger than the previous model, which was my only downside so far really, I had to give in our test. No Sahar out flashing, no Mollis, which pave the way out of his pants to – simply a better fit and my continuing favorite cut.

This means, for all lovers of Highwaist denim including me: we have to finally decide whether she should therefore come in the popular boot cut, skinny, straight. In different washes, there should also be they, wavon could we however still not himself convinced us and must have confidence therefore the love email, which just announced the joyous news to me! Is now the only thing the denim vest that is already so long on the wishlist! Continue reading

Pussy Kreuzberg: Fatwalk 2011 at Kalle and Babsi

“While people buying into the rest of Berlin happy or have children, dealing with mere passing in Kreuzberg. “Therefore, pussy has designed a bag, the really the puke is: poor quality, completely clueless…” Yes, look’ s out. At least according to the fire pussy Kreuzberg.

I come from pussy, you cross mountain “you scared’ m Hermannplatz “ or Kotti D’ Azur “ are decorated with jute bags, shirts and backpacks of the label. Pussy Kreuzberg will be deliberately different, juggle with clichés, and particularly the rocked therefore come. For this they do pretty much everything what we must really every time hearty laugh: consistently suck all snotty and a little disgusting but definitely always sympathetic and authentic.
That’s why we love the store, clothes, and his models. And the latter’s a sly old dog behind the ears: no top models, certainly not people next door and also people like you and me, but deliberately down rocked, with Bierplautze, little hair, even fewer teeth, but with obvious fun – and that’s why we heart it. Continue reading

American Apparels Campaign Strategy

Obvious Schambeharrung here, naked breasts there. That the advertising industry a lot of things come up, do to alert us consumers on their products, is nothing new. That according to the principle „ sex sells “ acts, also not. But is that what American Apparel drives straight, really that’s what we want to see? Anti-aesthetics, a set to show and hairy pubic area or bikinis, which didn’t even begin to fulfill their benefits and thereby not even cute look.

American Apparel was always a bit different. Always somehow provokanter and just anti-cute. But we want the fire from California, that paying attention to work sustainably. We loved basics and pieces that you could combine in a download version and who therefore came with a description card. But the new campaigns are the right way to get bailed out of debt out to dig? Continue reading

A breath of Summer! Modcloth Spring Lookbook 2011

Today is one of those days, where you could also hide under the blanket, the TV beduseln us with his trash-TV, or we should think clearly again about cinema or should pawing all our loved ones around us to not to be swallowed by the PRI bubble again. The weather is gray, it is cold, Nike is not there and I start complaining soon completely.

Actually only two things to the lift help at this point: either you send me as quickly as possible your most beautiful summer pictures via E-mail or the vintage and retro-online store Modcloth brings me a package of his most beautiful pieces from the latest Spring Lookbook in the next hour and thus propelled me into a seemingly carefree past. Continue reading

Lingerie from Made by Noemi

What makes beautiful lingerie is a certainly dependent on gender, because women like it for one certainly more comfortable, maybe a bissche easily and also like to be in the 70 s look at the moment. Men, however, are as often rather classic on the road and have a hard time particularly with the high cut panties. On the other hand, it is an absolute style question, on whether one more on colorful cotton pieces stands, or rather something lovely on the skin.

The Swedish brand’s new collection made by Noemi creates my opinion both: men and women alike are on it and looks comfortable ’ s still off! The designer Noemi Ivanova for her latest collection was inspired „ my darling magpie “ by Hitchcock ’ s movie „ the birds “, what at this point a or others could scare more of you. Must it not, the lingerie is namely anything but unsightly – maybe but a nuance mystical and playful: A little transparency and self-conscious pieces here, floral pattern, and girls magic there. A finishing touch Fuchsia, a hint of purple and inspired by the film, the black and white of the Elster. The Lookbook is of course based on this source of inspiration and shows us the pretty model with springs with quite dark and striking makeup and hair. But see for yourself. Continue reading

Umasan – Not Another Eco – Brand

Two sisters, one mission: infect the world with a virus. A virus to delete apathy from any DNA. A virus to implant consciousness in the shimmering world of high end fashion.

“We are identical twins who are identically fascinated with the world of art, eastern philosophy, traditional yoga, literature, photography and a higher consciousness.” Anja and Sandra Umann, two creative minds, two advocates of the kind of conscious living, public awareness that teamed up to translate into high end fashion. In 2009 they gave birth to UMASAN – a holistic, vegan brand that is calling on people in every walk of life to use the power of innovation to bring about a change. Maybe it’s the twins’ strong relationship that makes them sensitive to the power of nature. Their passion for life’s beauty, that opened up their minds for sustainable clothes. Continue reading

Autumn: MM6 Maison Martin Margiela and Opening Ceremony

During the fashion weeks we deal naturally becoming particularly intense with the designer gowns, the expensive pieces, the inspiration sources par excellence. Although the Maison Martin Margiela at this year’s London fashion week does not represent his collection, titled the House was still useable past and these days: MM6, the younger line of brands, been from autumn for the first time with opening ceremony.

That our Lieblingsretailer of these days with the finest meetings is therefore, we had already already told you, but Maison Martin Margiela could be there again an icing on the cake. The capsule collection is based on the 3 in 1 concept and yesterday also part was published three of the line, which is why we also just wanted to present the total package you. What you can expect? Continue reading

Stockholm Fashion Week: Cheap Monday A/W 2011

Cheap Monday is for straightforward simplicity. Look for a new vintage, for laxness and skinny jeans, which come up to the navel. And it has a good reason. Because what many people don’t know: the Scandinavian brand is a small but nice story:

It was the year 2000 when Orjan Andersson and Adam Friberg is caught up with a few friends, to open a Second-Hand shop in the vicinity of Stockholm. No ordinary but, but one that you could visit only on weekends: the weekend. It wasn’t long until a further store was opened, because the concept not only went up, but was praised in all sky. Quickly had more opening days, the former „ weekend “ was consequently in „ weekday “ renamed. Between all sorts of Second-Hand goods and selected fashion of young designers, made it cozy first self created pants of the four friends are then one day: Cheap Monday is born. 365 days later a standalone label has become from the denim project that results in men’s and women’s collections. Now, it belongs as weekday and Monki to the H & M group. Continue reading