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Raffle: A Little Fairy Tale Magic With Blood Siblings

If the cold could be hardly bitter, if the day is gray hour to hour draws and every step at the door feels like hundred times covered, then we need something that us reminiscent of the beautiful things and hours of sunshine and us the summer at least in our hearts will bring back. At this point, there is a label, that when you try our hearts to warm, could help us: blood siblings.

From Stuttgart in the world to all young light playful ladies who almost already magical and romantic would deny the day. The young designer duo, consisting of two male created also for the coming season once again fashion to the fall in love. With much love and heart, they conjure us real girl clothes on the body. What emerges from a small idea in 2001, can see themselves today really. The label celebrates 10th birthday this year and we’re celebrating with! Continue reading

The Chanel Haute Couture Collection for Spring 2011 Enchanted …

Soft pastel tones, a touch of pink and ease swinging with surrounds us, if we look at the new Haute Couture collection of Chanel. Theoretically can go on the night at this point, we take our dreams again and push away standing up and the reality of us. Because of course it is outside the here and now, the realizable, not the beautiful and lovely yet – so the most wonderful form arises: the reverie. So we indulge us, great dresses in chiffon and silk, which are so delicate due to the bodies of the models, look at eye-the elaborate embroidery, the pretty sequined or wonderful snow-ball-like PA, which resonate softly and with each course. What is Karl Lagerfeld for his spring collection has a drop is really once again and was yesterday, unveiled at the shows in Paris, in the Pavillon Cambon-Capucines a selected circle. Continue reading

Video: The New Levi’s Waterless Collection

We all know stone-washed jeans, faded models or other used-look versions our favorite companions. Depending on the mode, the jeans has not only other cuts, but also other ablutions. But hardly anyone is actually wondering, these processes are as harmful to the environment and how much water in such a production are wasted. Levi’s has adopted now once more this topic and the result is a line called waterless collection, which we do not want to deprive you.

The average one is consumed for the finish jeans 42 litres of water, only way to get things done, as we just prefer them to be. The new line of Levi’s saves while now according to own some piece of 28 percent and in others up to 96 per cent water. For this that has just modified its production process fire and innovative redesigned by washing machine course optimizes and reduces the water supply. It continues to use the same materials, less treated just with water. Actually sounds like a fine idea. Why you come here not just sooner? Continue reading

BFW: Morbid Mood at Patrick Mohr Autumn Winter 2010/2011

The meltdown had been expected. We had expected that Patrick Mohr uncompromisingly divide the teams of the fashion world. On the one hand of the fans, on the other hand, you shocked Weichbeseiteten. You would age closed bets. Yesterday everything was different – but only at first glance.

A booming bass sets, mystical sounds. My head vibrates, the neck is always weaker and I am willing to put my hands over the ears. Models entered the runway, barefoot. They look pale, morbid, like freshly deceased. Bright powder covered every centimeter skin, which would infuse them even just a hint of life. The bass has fought above up in my stomach area, buzzing deep and muffled and deafening. Continue reading

BFW: Perret Schaad Autumn/Winter 2011/2012

Gentle electronic sounds. Want to beat the feet, but the head slows them down, is concentrated. No detail you want to see, Miss no outfit, if you’re in the show of the two young designers. The hungry fashion crowd expected much from them and was fed at the end of a collection between harmony and conflict.

Johanna Perret and Tutia Schaad studied together at the Kunsthochschule Weissensee, before they founded their own label a year ago. We have to do it with two influences and two different perceptions of aesthetics so here with two young ladies. Looking for chaos and friction in their designs but in vain. Calms the shallow game of flowing fabrics on us, it all makes a unit. Fashion, music, models – Perret Schaads show is for us the embodiment of harmony. „ simple “ would an or others call the creations of young designers, perhaps „ unspectacular “ – it is just these pleasant calmness, the absolutely of straight line constructed cuts, allowing the creations to enter into a symbiosis between sculptural elegance, between harmony and conflict. Continue reading

MBFWB: Dawid Tomaszewski and the Enchanted Forest

We heard rain Pattering and strain are. Thunder sounds follow. Everything is dark on the glowing letters of the next Designer: Dawid Tomaszewski. Under Vivienne Westwood lead at the UDK Berlin and at the London College of fashion, took his practical experience of the wonderful Tomaszewski and sucked up wonderful influences. So he presented us with a fabulous-looking presentation, not only by the atmosphere and the music here but above all by its fee-same collection for autumn/winter 2011

Colour Tomaszewski adapts to all the natural fact end of autumn: Brown and rust tones dominate the collection as well as soft nude and grey tones – and by the most red-haired models the clothes seem unbelievably dreamy. A propos hair: long mane of the ladies was accurately bound together the jibe and partly with creations from the local forest as accentuated to such large springs. Continue reading

MBFWB: Unrath & Strano Celebrate Their Comeback For Autumn/Winter 2011

It was so eagerly awaited: the comeback of the insanely friendly designer duo Klaus Unrath and Strano Ivan. And tonight at 6: 00 at the Bebelplatz the return should be celebrated big. And you listened to properly, the public seems to have risen and hope newly sprouted on the plan that the invited guests were fully delighted. During the show, odds I still with me, whether I could agree with the other, I found quite boring the collection but at first glance monotonous and almost a bit to normal. When taking a closer look at the pictures, but like a little, I change my mind. Continue reading

MBFWB: Magenta Kilian Kerner and Leather Leather Leather at Blacky Dress

If you thought that leather is a trend of the current season, you should even look at the collection of Blacky dress you and determine: next season will be please once again wrapped in leather. Soft, black, camel or dark brown – leather dresses or flared pants in leather – Blacky dress can convince me completely by the portable designs. Not only my highlight of the show: the high cut, loose leather sweater combines to the transparent, floor-length chiffon skirt in the Leo pattern. The glittering dresses and the turtlenecks of coarse wool knits, delicately decorated with a small bow at the collar formed the contrast. Continue reading

One Patient Welt

When I on the New York fashion week who have jumped with not only once again the many skinny models in the eye, but also the trend to plus size.
Nowhere else I saw so much advertising with plus size models like in America and even in times square ran a huge video with 5 trendy plus size models in underwear.
By now should be clear all:
Plus size is not only sexy, but also damn said.

In itself it think it’s good that there is an alternative to the skinny models on the catwalks.
I think it’s super that finally a kurvigerer woman’s body is being promoted.
I think it’s super that fashion for girls beyond the 42 is made.
Nevertheless, I wonder what is behind this trend – and also how dangerous he is. Continue reading

Ich Bin Oversized

In wenigen Wochen beginnt der Fashion Week January not passe nicht und ich mal in meine Overknees.
Seriously: After some pulling, squeezing and two broken nails (no kidding!), I I believe in my low point reached. I give up and dedicate myself to the question instead, as I can this half dressed, God damn shoe off my foot.
I’m depressed, even before the fashion week has started.

There are things, which are quite obviously not in fashion: calves, for example.
Because while my girlfriends complain that the trousers are too short to them (“sorry total, you’re simply too long legs!”), I didn’t even come up to this point, because for me it fails already just above the ankle. Continue reading