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Break Ranks! It’s Time to Wear a Military Jacket, or in Any Case, a Vest. Do You Already Have Yours?

Three years ago I started to look at the military jackets, but it was not until a couple of seasons ago I decided to buy one for my day to day. At first she was reluctant and didn’t know how to combine it, but shortly after that was putting it to me was taking more and more party to the garment. Today not I go home with her and it is giving you a chic touch to my day and night outfits brings a touch different from the set. And doing a review for the blogs of the moment, I see that everywhere they continue to be used. Do you already have yours? Continue reading

Fashion 100% British to Celebrate The Jubilee of The Queen and The Olympic Games

With the Jubilee of Queen Isabel II and the next London Olympics many British brands have taken advantage to take a capsule collection 100% British. Both the British and the Americans are much to exalt its flag in clothes and accessories and have managed to turn them into a logo. In Spain is not that case, but these safe days we see many people with the t-shirt of the Red due to the euro, although it is not the same. It might seem that clothing made for the Jubilee and the Olympic Games is an operation of merchandising more or tourist souvenirs, but not so, have known to mix fashion and patriotism in a very successful way. Continue reading

I See The Union Jack Everywhere… Ah Yes! The Olympic Games in London Are Held

Yesterday I went for a walk with my mother (mainly just a ‘ look at ‘ stores) and as we were entering stores I realized one thing: the flag of the United Kingdom, the Union Jack, was everywhere. At first I thought was strange, but after a few minutes I realised: in a very few weeks there will be the 2012 Summer Olympics in the city of London. And this is the way that have the signatures of honor such an event. So if you love of itself the design of it (I’m not very carry flags but this is which I like most) now you’re lucky. ¿What version are you going to stay? Continue reading

The Power of The Logo of Chanel in Cotton T-Shirts

It seems that we we have a new epidemic carrying a couple of years in the making is: the invasion of cotton t-shirts with the logo (fake) of Chanel. Yes, and the bloggers of the world teach us their proud versions each one of them. Some, that want to make it unique, is they are encouraged with the DIY. Sincerely? I like wink they do, because they are not exact logos, always us shown in the form of bone, or bad fact or as paint stripping. And you, what think? Continue reading

Tail Hem: Comes a New Skirt Length

The tail hem, or what is the same, the short in front and longer rear skirt It has become pint is the new long dresses and skirts for this spring-summer 2012. The celebrities bet on them to walk down the red carpet, more informal events or even for a quiet day of shopping. But they are not the only ones, blogeras and low-cost stores have also signed up to this trend. Continue reading

The Dictates of Fashion: Britney Spears ‘ 90s What Already Said…

Let’s start the weekend with a little of! good humor! The other day, I started to dig in my drawer of memories and thousands of things, among them left me the first cd of Britney Spears. So with computer in hand I started to dig your video clips (I remember that was a absolute fan). And what was my surprise? That her outfits could well be adapted to the trends of today… Continue reading

Is Festival Time in Our Site

Starts the season of music festivals. During the weekend held the Coachella Festival in the United States. In Spain, we will soon have the SOS in Murcia and the Primavera Sound in Barcelona. You have to start thinking the looks to enjoy good music and friends. In Topshop give us ideas about how to get a good look festivalero. Continue reading

Living Life Vogue: Home, Bello Home (Because a Fashionista Not Only Lives of Clothes)

When one loves fashion the echoes of your tastes and preferences resonate beyond the Cabinet, they invade your musical tastes, your favorite restaurants and decorate your home.
Today is the return to the tell me how it is your House and we will tell you the style of fashionista that you are and we offer thanks to my favorite blog of decor, Vintage and Chic, ideas for decorate your home according to your style and your fashion. Continue reading

Religion as an Inspiration in The World of Fashion

There are some topics that which are always linked to fashion They seem to bring the controversial word of last name. And religion does not usually fail. On many occasions, when a designer decides to inspire some of their religious symbols or traditional dress collections some religion often appear collective that they protest for the offense involved for their faith that collection. Continue reading

Vie En Rose… Who Said That Was Corny This Color?

I curse the day that someone decided that the Pink was corny and for girls. Because I grew up my whole life hating him and that hatred is now (by magic) in a devoted and lasting love. And it seems that I am not ashamed of it, because it is a so the upward trend that scares me. We already know that the pastel colours are a great bet for this Spring/summer 2012, But if you’re that believes that a thrust lack them, Fuchsia will soothe all your desires. Continue reading

Ten Phrases Made Fashion That Will Want to Forget This Season’s Trends

With each new season comes the chaos, the end of the world, the erasure of the past, the every man for himself that morning because there is nothing. Each season brings new trends coming to be the same as other many times but with another since bow at the end. During the next months we won’t stop listening to these ten phrases made fashion that we will hate. And if you don’t believe it, you talk about it in September. I do not pay the psychologist. Continue reading

The Soundtrack for The 90 Revival

The 90 are here again. In trends, catwalks, looks … fresh news. Go up the fish. All for the tracksuit, worn jeans, a set with the navel to the air and to the Parrot with a good basis total Makina. To avoid losing the undeniable references and pearls of that decade rescued great hymns of yesterday and today dedicated to the world of fashion that gives us so much joy. Continue reading

Your Doll Will Be The Protagonists, Charge Them and to Wear Arm!

After a Christmas saturated nougat, polvorones, Marzipan, can say that this January the excesses are. But at the wrists, where if not? High-jewelry combined with jewelry, braids XXL, strass, punk models … mix all styles to create a new one. You’ll see how it works. And is that we were already seeing it in the fashion of last week: it was summer and good temperature that the arms will be exposed. You do the same when it appears again the weather? Inspired by voguettes and others for the next spring/summer 2012. Continue reading