Religion as an Inspiration in The World of Fashion

There are some topics that which are always linked to fashion They seem to bring the controversial word of last name. And religion does not usually fail. On many occasions, when a designer decides to inspire some of their religious symbols or traditional dress collections some religion often appear collective that they protest for the […]


Obsession Morbid Zara by The Fringe

I don’t know that happens this season at Zara, but it seems that has entered all the boho bug and why Add fringe to the majority of items in its collection. Dresses, skirts, t-shirts, bags … nothing escapes this rush by small strips of fabric. Are you going to get?


Do You Dare with Skirt + Long Pants?

We first saw it in the parade of the collection autumn-winter 2010 Rodarte, then in the 2012 Resort of Acne, and Dries Van Noten is encouraged in his collection for spring/summer 2012 with one of the most difficult trends: combining a skirt with long pants and not die trying.


The Soundtrack for The 90 Revival

The 90 are here again. In trends, catwalks, looks … fresh news. Go up the fish. All for the tracksuit, worn jeans, a set with the navel to the air and to the Parrot with a good basis total Makina. To avoid losing the undeniable references and pearls of that decade rescued great hymns of […]