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Dresses with Asymmetrical Skirt: All Carry Them, All The Want to Te Join This Fashion?

We started with the first Monday of the sales and I say to you: do you know that you are succeeding among the bloggers? Dresses and/or asymmetrical skirts. Yes, a revolution, and if you like and espabilas can find a real bargain. Chiffon, with prints, neutral colors, long version short version … choose yours and hit the streets with a garment that depending on how combines it it you can serve for the period of As the summer winter. You walk into the asymmetric clan? They have already done so. Continue reading

We’Re Going after Noventero with Asos

I never thought that he would fashion “ revival ’ 90’s but I was wrong. He’s back. My great enthusiasm does not make me, though I remember fondly my t-shirts Acid. The afters, Acid House, raves music, the Prince of Bel-Air, troll dolls, fluor colors and style ravero interrupted forcefully trends spring-summer 2012. ASOS is marked a collection with the most pointer of the Acid style. Would you like to dance, or else Butterfly? Continue reading

You Have a Christmas “Blair or Serena”? Dresses for Holidays as Gossip

Or a fan of Blair or are of Serena. There are no half-measures, equipment halfway. And who we are fan also defines our taste, our fashion, our aesthetics. We have the style young girl wants to be a lady stretched that buy in Tiffany and drinking tea in Blair Plaza and the crazy young rich but you hide it, is sexy and dark, Serena. Do by cucal you go? So here is the perfect dresses for a Christmas gossip.

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The Six Styling Tips That Every Fashionista Must Prove This Christmas

Comes Christmas, time of happiness, union and fraternity. And while we run to the snacks that we enjoy, we stress we by clothes which we will bear. And is that in this time of the year when more questions arise we: from si acertaremos with our dress of new year’s Eve (and we will not come with 8 equals) even if on Christmas Eve will arranged but informal or formal and arranged. Here you have the six tips for styling for fashionistas who know what goes and how it must be this holiday season.

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