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We Compare The Zara of Nuevos Ministerios (The World’s Largest The) Vs The Primark of Gran ViA Are Somewhat More Impressive?

For lovers of shopping, there are new must-see in Madrid to the The world’s largest Zara. The new store, located on the promenade of the 79 Castellana, in the business heart of the capital, falls in love with his minimalist style to a larger firm boutique style. If you want something even bigger but less sophisticated, don’t hesitate to go to the Gran Via, a true addiction Primark. Continue reading

Mango Opens Megastore in Full Milla De Oro, Madrid, Serrano Street Already Has Another Great Low Cost

The arrival of handle to the Serrano Street in Madrid It has been like a birth, slow but with a happy ending. The day has come after more than ten months seeing how the building was transformed radically, from tomorrow, the store will be open for everyone, but we have been able to walk and discover every corner of this incredible megastore. Handle landed as well in one of the most important streets of the city, where Zara, its main competition, is already present for years with its iconic store. Continue reading

How to Wear a High Waist Skirt

Increasingly high waist come stood out in the fashion world and conquering your space among the female audience, since most of the women have already joined the high waist to your style. For some time they were featured, being considered a strong tendency, especially in the summer. The high-waist is a piece that adds value to the forms of the female body and leaves the women’s most charming productions and delicate.

High-waisted skirt can be found in different designs, shapes, colors and lengths, varying according to each season and with the trends of each season.

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The Importance Of Sports Bra

Hello!!! How was your week? Already are Friday… some plan for this weekend ??

Every time people are more aware of the practice of sport either for health or aesthetics, but if we really want to take care of our body at the same time that we work in the gym or doing outdoor sports apart from drinking lots of water for Keep us hydrated, in the case of women is the use of sports bra.

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Female Sports Bras For Running, Prices, Opinions, Tips.

Inside Sports Bras that a woman can use, this enjoys great success due to its performance and comfort a garment of great quality at a very tight price!

One of the best have to select a woman inside the clothes running sports bra is avoid many problems! in a race for example average long-distance marathon or Marathon, this decision takes on a more important role, you can use at the same time Vaseline to avoid friction or irritation of the skin.

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Say It with Flowers? Better Tell Him Everything You Want with These 33 Ideas of San Valentin

Attention! It is made to know that Valentine’s day is (now Yes Yes) just around the corner. So all those left behind who have postponed the purchase of gifts until the last moment, it is better that they give rush. You do not know or what you want to give to that be so special that you want every day? Here are 33 ideas to surprise you on the most romantic day of the year, and are so many and so cool that them want all, for you or for your favorite person. Continue reading

Spring-Summer 2016 Hats, Glamorous Accessories To Put On The Head

Spring-summer 2016 hats light up with vivid colors. The most popular model is the classic wide-brimmed Panama hats and there, among the most glamorous accessories!

The spring-summer 2016 hats are the Accessories that we will absolutely give up for the next few months, if we really want to be glamorous! During the summer, the hats to be put on the head are characterised by very large flaps and grosgrain ribbons color accents. Those who love the look more whimsical, will certainly find the model that suits his fancy multicolored versions but keep an eye on the Basque and the classic CAP which are declined in ultra chic version! Let us see the Panama hats for women spring-summer 2016!

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To London on Sale? These Are The Best Areas to Get a Bargain.

January is synonymous with sales and the great cities of the world shopping are the batteries to offer the best to customers traveling to them. London is one of our favorite, We have it shot of low-cost flight and it can be a good opportunity for us with a last minute bargain. But, where do we have to go? These are the nine main areas of the British capital purchases Continue reading

Bra Story: Bra Centennial

History Of The Bra

It is 100 years of exact copy of patent number 1,115,674, granted to the brassière, or bra, of the American Mary Phelps Jacob,” one of the first entrepreneurs of the twentieth century”, in the words of Francesc Puertas, author of the book ” The Bra, myths and legends. Manual of use “(Arcopress Ediciones, 2012). Although the bra already existed as such, but not patented.  Continue reading