Monthly Archives: June 2017

These Rebates for Yellow Accessories

What to do in? time of sale? It is best bet on those parts that they can serve you both now and in the winter and little tendency, i.e. the so-called wardrobe. But sometimes you want to buy something that you can use much throughout the summer. If you are someone that wants to bet these two months of Sun and sand on a garment, go for add-ins in Yellow. Continue reading

Tops Peplum for a Look Very Lady


Sure that in your wardrobe, you have a lot of skirts, trousers, shorts to get and sometimes run out you ideas of how to combine them. An option is the peplum tops What are the summer trend. Pretty well are since they adhere to the body and in the waist have a bit of volume to hide a little tummy. We have them prints, chiffon or embroidered and they are perfect to combine with a pencil skirt or a jeans and give a lady to your look. Continue reading

Dresses with Lace and Embroidery for a Nuclear White Summer

White suite

White lace dresses carry a couple of seasons on the crest of the wave of trends. The little white dress they are a key element for our summer looks. Fashion brand than lace, lace, guipure etc. They are very easy to combine, remain well with any supplement, are very versatile and look perfect for any occasion. Here’s a selection of season white lace dresses. What is your favorite? Continue reading

Shirt and Short, The Winning Combination for This Season

If there is a combination which have to post this summer 2012 It is camisa+short. Yes, those lifelong shirts that are classic and that (personally) the was outdated and only for carcass (rectify is wise, isn’t it?). So that as they pass the days I’m strolling through the bloggesfera and I see as this combination becomes one of the trends I want to put into practice. It has not much special, and it is not risky, with which I will not call attention if I’m wrong. Continue reading

I Lose Myself between My Pants, and You?

Each season a garment there is star in Zara. And this time, according to the international bloggers and fashion of the moment, that is none other than a simple white trousers in XXXL. And is that the so-called ‘ elephant leg ‘ made in polyester will create furor this summer 2012. Even if you visit new pages of fashion always I just finding this garment that sight has nothing, but combined with other parts make it a great outfit. What are you waiting for? Continue reading