The Ideal Pair

Learn to choose the part that is indispensable for your look but also crucial to protect yourself from UV rays(photos) Buying sunglasses is not an easy task, but it is an inescapable step to face the sunny days(and even the cloudy ones!) With style and above all without endangering the health of your eyes. It is […]

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Fast Fashion: Handbags, Shoes, and Green

You already know that Lu is crazy about shoes, right? My passion is nowhere near hers, but genetics don’t fault and I’m quite happy trying some new pairs. In C & I saw three beautiful models: a low pipe boot all worked in animal print(and also had her with hairs all black) and two beautiful and stylish […]


Launches Glasses Collection

Former singer of The Black Eyed Peas creates a line inspired by the hip hop movement of the 1980s. Urban and irreverent models are now available in Portugal Alongside the song, has a passion for fashion and for glasses, which has just materialized on the line ill.i by Made up of sunglasses and frames […]


Trends in Jewelry Biogenesis, the Origin of Life

By Pineda Damian In these times of increasing dematerialisation, the search for a better way of living leads us to reconnect with nature and the origins of life. Green is the quintessence of the nature; It is an ideology, a way of life. Environmental consciousness is, love of nature and, at the same time, rejection […]