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Vintage Wedding Clothing

Have you thought about how you’re going to wear to the upcoming wedding that is marked on your calendar? A tip is vintage, reusing clothes considered out of fashion today but they can help you put together a look more than special. Online stores are a major source of vintage wedding clothes and may give you ideas.

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Men’s Vintage Clothing

The retro fashion influencing in the present day

The vintage style in clothes always end up occurring one way or another, but many end up not knowing.A lot of fashion goes back and forth, some following the same style of the season, others end up adapting to the current era.Those who know, not all know how to correctly define what is vintage fashion, but along the content we are slowly explaining and how it influences our clothes men.

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Wheel Bag X Backpack: Advantages and Disadvantages

While some people prefer to travel to the beach and others to the countryside, there are those who opt for a wheel’s suitcase and those who love to take their belongings on their backs. Despite involving the personal taste, the choice of baggage is also usually made according to the needs and the type of travel. A month in Europe requires different care than a weekend in the family’s ranch, for example.

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Simple Tips for Washing Bikinis and Swimsuits

In the heat, nothing better than being on vacation, going to the beach or cooling off in a pool.Of course, the use of swimsuits and bikinis in this season ends up being very large.

To keep them clean and not fading, some care should be taken at the time of their washing, such as soap to be used, whether liquid, in a bar or in powder form or the way of washing, by hand or by hand. machine.

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Xperia Z1, Sony, Smartphone Arrives in October

In addition to the most advanced model of the line, Xperia, Xperia M and Z Ultra smart watch with Android also come to Brazil until the end of the year

The smartphone Xperia Z1 , recently announced by Sony during the IFA 2013, will come to Brazil in October. The product will hit stores with Xperia Z Ultra, “phablet” with 6.4-inch screen. The two products have not yet suggested price released by Sony, but must reach the Country with price above R $2000, value of most advanced handset Xperia line currently on sale in Brazil.

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9 Tips for Those Who Wear Glasses on a Daily Basis

When we rely on our pair of prescription glasses to see everything around us, it is important to be comfortable with them and have some care in their use. 
The truth is that wearing glasses all the time can be a real nightmare: we can not have glasses at the same time as the graduates, we always get dirty with them, we do not have peripheral vision and we are constantly losing them-and we have no idea at where!  Continue reading

Sony Will Enter the Smartphone Market with Two Chips

With emphasis on low-cost smartphones segment, Sony wants to broaden participation in the Brazilian market in 2013; First products arrive by June

Although the looks of Sony’s booth visitors at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2013 are facing the world’s thinnest tablet, the Xperia Z, and the corresponding your line of smartphones, the Japanese manufacturer surprised by announcing a new product for the Brazilian market, unlike anything the company has already shown: your first smartphone with dual SIM support.

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The Types of Glasses for Them

In addition to protecting the eyes, sunglasses are accessories that complete and can make all the difference in the look. 
When it comes time to choose sunglasses, the choices are endless among cutouts, colors, and sizes. To facilitate the process of searching for the perfect sunglasses, the first step is to discover the shape of the face and then the proportion of the glasses face your face.  Continue reading

LG Announces Mid-Tier Smartphones at MWC Curved

South Korea also showed your new smart watch, the Watch LG Urbane, a version 4 g

First among the major manufacturers to meet the press and show your news for the Mobile World Congress, MWC 2015, LG announced this Sunday (1) four new smartphones intermediaries, two of them with curved screen. Until then, this was a unique feature of the company’s top-of-the-line smartphone, G Flex 2, announced at CES 2015, and of your predecessor. According to Barbara Toscano, Marketing Manager of LG, the devices begin to arrive in Brazil as early as March with values ranging from R $499 and R $999. In the event, were also presented the two versions of the smart watch LG Watch Urbane, one with 4 g (LTE).

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Essential Skin Vegan for the 2017 Fall Clothing

By Carolina Gonzalez

Admit, the fall season Is My Favorite! This month I want to present an alternative to the skin, which is to use artificial skin or how is better known in the Spanish language “imitation leather.” Lately, the term “Vegan Leather” is using this much in the world of fashion… All about that marketing!

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Do You Know the Dangers of Uncertified Glasses?

Nowadays, with the world of optics keeping up with fashion trends, many clothing chains and many shops offer sunglasses and little graduation.  They are identical to the latest models that have come out of the most reputed brands, and sometimes the only difference in aesthetics is the brand logo.  Continue reading