6 Glasses That are the Perfect Gift for Any Mother

There’s no better gift to give your mother on this special Mother’s Day than … a pair of sunglasses or graduations(or both!) That are hot this year!

6 Glasses That are the Perfect Gift for Any Mother

At Opticalia we have more discreet models, others for mothers who like to keep abreast of trends, and others that stand out on any face and are the perfect accessory to face this spring / summer season.

Our suggestions go through several of Opticalia’s exclusive brands and in all formats and colors. Get to know them:

A thick frame model in turtle pattern for the most fashionable mothers. This Mangoproposal has rounded lenses and a metal bridge that match all of the season’s looks and promise to be the star of your mother’s face on any occasion.

For mothers who love the darker color accessories, the model also exists in black .

The sunglasses are also an excellent option to offer your mother this approach to summer time. With a shape close to the”cat’s eye”, this model Pepe Jeans joins a translucent and whitish frame with a very dark lenses to protect from the sun.

This more discreet color can give way to a more colorful frame and shades of blue if it suits your mother’s personality better according to THERELIGIONFAQS.

Modern and trendy, these Pepe Jeans are both very discreet and unmistakable on any face. The frame mixes metallic tones and a dark greenish, with a colorful interior in animal pattern.

A model that also finds in black , dark pink , turtle pattern and colorful and warm tones .

For mothers who prefer light, discreet glasses over their faces. These Custo Barcelonabring a touch of modernity, in the thin frame and metallic tones, on retro features like the nose pads and a turtle patterned rod.

The colors are to the mother’s choice: in these purplish tones , in black and blue or in magenta.

There are models that were made to shine on any face, and these sunglasses from the new The Look collection could not match that description better. Rounded in an original shape and with a sturdy frame, they are perfect to deliver on this Mother’s Day.

And there are in all colors: in addition to pink , you can choose sunglasses in white , black , turtle or gray frame .

Color is the watchword in these Davidelfin , with elongated lenses and a marble pattern stuffed with yellows, roses, whites, greens and many other pastel colors. Ideal for mothers who like to highlight their young spirit and a unique personality.

Alternatively, this model exists in black , turtle and black and white marble .

Get to know the entire Opticalia offer and choose the model that best suits your mother. You can even graduate branded sunglasses for only 20 euros in our stores. A Happy Mother’s Day with Opticalia!