80% of Women Commit These 5 Mistakes When Using Intimate Clothing

According to the famous lingerie brand Florange, about 80% of women do not easily find their true underwear size and make mistakes when choosing.

80% of Women Commit These 5 Mistakes When Using Intimate Clothing

Listed below are five common mistakes in buying lingerie:

2-No Bra at Home:  Although it is understandable the women’s willingness to get home soon and take off their bra, recent research indicates that this may be a bad idea. According to the researchers, the breasts undergo major changes of tension, and may change slightly in size. The best choice, still according to studies, would be to wear pregnant bras at home, which are quite comfortable.

3-Frequent Dental Hygiene:  Despite the predilection of many women for these daring pieces of clothing, the material they are made of generally hinders perspiration, creating an environment conducive to proliferation of microorganisms. It is best to keep this type of panties for special occasions.

4-Missing in the Sizes of the Bras:  In addition to observing the size of the cups of the piece, it is important to pay attention to the tie rods. Otherwise, you run the risk of buying a bra whose straps tighten too much or become too loose according to THERIGHTBRAS.

5-Using the Wrong Type of Bra When You Have the Back Discovered:  Certain types of tops, in addition to bikinis and swimsuits, require specific bras. Using these parts that leave the back uncovered with ordinary bras spoils the effect. The handles, even those that are transparent silicone, are not to be displayed.