80’s Jewelry: Aggressive Sexuality, Romantic Beauty and Business Style

Good morning, dear readers! Did you like my post about jewelry from the 70’s? If so, I’m very happy because today I want to talk about jewelry from the 80’s.

The representatives of that generation preferred flashy models and of very small length with bulky cuts in the clothes. Expressiveness was also manifested in the choice of makeup and accessories. The typical looks of the 80’s had aggressive sexuality, romantic beauty and, of course, the perfect athletic figure. This style is one of the most difficult to recreate, since sexuality and aggressiveness in the ornaments are a real challenge for the fashion world according to BeautyPHoon.om.

Jewelry for business style in the 80’s was mixed. After all, the girls combined their costumes with big earrings, shiny rings and wide bracelets. Nowadays you probably do not see something like this in the business style. But in those days this was a must. Because all trends were mostly worn by women at work, they were even more fashionable than the fashionistas themselves.

The jewelry and fashion of the 80’s had variety of styles and looks. In those years, several trends appeared that are popular at the moment. Margaret Thatcheraffected the development of evening dresses. And the yuppie style  of Princess Diana had created an independent direction in the world of fashion.

Thanks to this, fashion became an example of simplicity and elegance. The woman of the 80’s began to understand that she could see and dress as she wanted.

Palette of colors in the 80’s

It was a period of extremism in everything, where different fashion styles competed with each other. No wonder it was time for big changes. The most vivid colors with unexpected combinations appeared in the fashion of the jewelry of the 80’s; Fuchsia, neon green and turquoise blended together in black. And yes, these colors were also present in the business style. The day job was a real party for fashionistas.

“No other decade has brought so many crazy tendencies. From hair to punk style had bright neon colors everywhere. Neon brought some amazing options in the jewelry of the 80’s “(Love & Pieces)

Top Jewelry Brands

The style of the 80’s was formed under the influence of cultures and subcultures.Fashion in jewelry was characterized by exclusivity and was reinterpreted by designers, trends and subcultures. Exclusive brands were a determining factor in the selection of clothing and jewelry.

Generally, most people wore clothing and jewelry from luxury brands such asVersace , Giorgio Armani , Emporio Armani, Armani Jeans, Moschino , Chanel, Nike, Adidas, Vivienne Westwood, Yves Saint Laurent, Azzedine Alaia, Salvatore Ferragamo, Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahnik, Jean Paul Gaultier, Claude Montana, among others.

Materials in jewelry

The jewelry in the 80’s was mostly made of plastic , as it was cheap, shiny and could be found anywhere. Although jewelry made from plastic began to appear in the 60’s for the first time, it was considered tasteless in the fashion industry. In exchange, fashionistas today believe that these accessories can make us look younger. Some girls also wore jewelry made of sequins everywhere and even today this is still popular. In previous posts I talked about this trend: ” Earrings Delpozo: New Collection Spring – Summer 2017 ”

“While designers have been in love with almost everything related to the 70’s in the last few years, the 80’s have become the center of attention in recent seasons, especially at the autumn catwalks in Saint Laurent , Isabel Marant and Moschino .Marc Jacobs presented his 2017 resort collection in New York and took this kitsch to the extreme “(Fashionista.com)

The brilliant jewelry with diamonds and gold had become popular like never before. Earrings, bracelets and large chains could be made of silver as well. Not everyone liked plastic jewelry or too many colors. And the second problem was the combination, so the fashionistas had to change most of the costumes under the rule of jewelry of that time.

Styles in jewelry

Jewelry in punk style became extremely popular among different segments of society during the 80’s. This style included BDSM fashion, net stockings and bandanas. All this was used by men and women. Many women rebelled by combining delicate or beautiful garments with garments considered masculine. An example of this is the combination of a pink ballet dress with a large string.

The fashionistas of that time invested too much time in their hairstyle (everyone knows) So, hair jewelry also existed. The hairstyles of the 80’s had bows, ribbons and flowers. I think this was the most beautiful side of that era.

Brooches were also part of the popular accessories. Fashionistas generally wore them in unusual clothes. The wide belt also complemented the dresses and business suits.

The 80’s are coming back!

The bold, vulgar, luxurious, colorful look of women in the 80’s became a kind of silent symbol of femininity and charm. But at the same time for others it seems a symbol of bad taste.

Everything is limited to classic and simple protest. Today, this style is coming back, so I suggest you have a good look in this direction.

The sports style of the 80’s also had its own type of fitting accessories, intersecting with extravagant gothic and punk styles. Bands for hairstyles was something as mandatory as sunglasses for fashionistas. Sports bands and hair accessories have appeared in all collections of the fall-winter season 2016-2017. They became another first-class fashion trend. It is also worth paying attention to H&M’smonochrome and colorful bands in combination with Manish Arora’s pajama and gypsy style dresses. You should also take a look at the beautifully decorated accessories of Gucci and the gothic bands of Fenty x Puma.


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