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Computer Security Software

  1. 1st Security Software Center - Offer tools for controlling the times that users are permitted to use computer and for customizing various aspects of Windows security. [Windows]


  2. BootLocker Security Software - BootLocker secures your computer by asking for a password on startup. Features include multiple user support, screensaver activation, system tray support, and logging.


  3. InnovaTools - Specialized in software for different versions of Windows that helps to improve the computer usage and protect the information kept on the computer. Security applications and space managers.


  4. April System Design - Gobal Software - Product development and computer consultancy. Products in C++ and Java, for networking and security. Read about our LAN, WAN, Internet and security products such as AniTa, Fusion95, and DynaPass.


  5. Knoll Enterprises, Inc. - Offer computer networking, support, information security and bespoke software development services to small and midsize businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area.


  6. Enigma Software Group, Inc. - Developer privacy protection, and computer security software suites for internet users. Featured products; SpyHunter, Anonymizer, and KeyLogPro. Products overview, screenshots, support forums, company profile, and downloads.


  7. Song, Dawn Xiaodong - Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Computer and networking security, operating systems security, software security, cryptography, database security, networking, algorithms.


  8. Stottler Henke Associates, Inc. - SHAI is an artificial intelligence (AI) research and development company that provides consulting and custom software development services: Adaptive training, scheduling systems, knowledge access tools, collaboration tools, design and manufacturing support, data maining, computer security, autonomous agents, intelligent decision support.


  9. Itac (UK) Ltd - Computer software distribution, featuring operating systems, backup, security, ecommerce and anti-virus software.


  10. 7B Software, Inc. - Software development and consulting for Unix/Linux, computer security, and Tcl/Tk GUI programming


  11. TekWarrior - The most recent technology news, reviews of the latest computer products, downloads of freeware and shareware, and latest software bugs, security leaks, and patches.


  12. SecureLab - Computer and network security software, information, and news.


  13. Itzalist - Computer resources offering antivirus software, current virus news, antivirus patches, online protection, security software and other information about computer security.


  14. Firewall Software - A blog dedicated to computer and firewall security. Contains definitions and explainations.


  15. Woodhall Spa Computer Guru - Hardware upgrades, software troubleshooting, anti-virus software installation. Computer security evaluations. Home pick-ups/computer tuition.


  16. Online Security Guide - Find tools, software and articles to increase your online computer security.


  17. Intrinsic Security FireBreak - Anti-worm software by Intrinsic Security that uses a unique system to detect and impede the progress of worms on a computer network.


  18. Expersol Limited - Computer software, websites, advanced security solutions and consultancy.


  19. Reliable Software Laboratory of UCSB - The Reliable Software Group (RSG) works on languages and tools for designing, building, and validating software systems. Specific areas that the group has targeted include concurrent and real-time systems. We are also investigating techniques for increasing the security of computer systems, with particular emphasis on analyzing encryption protocols using machine aided formal verification techniques, modeling and analyzing covert channels, modeling and detecting computer intrusions, analyzing mobile code and Web browsers for security violations, and approaches to secure Internet computing with unsecure applications.


  20. Iridian Technologies - Offers security authentication software and hardware for physical facilities, commerce, and computer networks.


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