A Style That Does Not Cost a Fortune – Part II – Suits and Jackets

In a few posts now we tipped you about affordable fashion and highlight options that do not need to crack the annual budget. The theme has been that style does not have to do with money and that you can find great products at a relatively low cost. Today’s text will tie it all together and focus on clothing in the form of suits and jackets.

This is something that requires a little more of us as consumers to bargain factor should appear. It is obvious that, for example, an accessory in many cases is easier to manufacture and requires less material and labor than for example a suit does. Because when it comes to good suits and jackets are construction and materials A and O. What we are aiming at in terms of quality is that the jacket should preferably have a sewn canvas construction and so-called floating liner. This is to provide a more comfortable fit that molds to the body over time. Talking about a handpikérad canvas, we can provide regarding this because this is only the bespoke and the most expensive konfektionen. When it comes to materials so we aimed at fine fabrics from more or less well-known manufacturers and anywhere without the interference of artificial materials. Products that meet these criteria are generally of high quality and tend to cost thereafter. However, there is little alternative and as an effort to build a really great wardrobe without spending a fortune.

A good place to start is the Internet-based, the outlet Yoox. This Italian site is the world’s largest outlet and has more products than they bothered to look through. The company is publicly traded and is worth billions every year. They have a huge variety of mainly Italian brands (which is good if you are looking for soft okonstruerade jackets) with a portfolio that is seasonally based and replenished regularly. Normally, you can expect about 50% off the retail price, and now the summer, you can find incredibly beautiful light jackets from brands that Boglioli, Lardini, Caruso, LBM1911 others for over 3500 kr. They have just started their sales gradually increasing and this summer will have up to 85% off the retail prices. For those who want to be sure to catch the goodies for the autumn, they have also started launching autumn news already. A big plus for this site is that of the case of major orders have free shipping and returns. We have personally very good experience of this simple process. They also have lots of suits, coats, jackets, neckties.

Another much smaller outlet is London-based Malford of London. Their selection is not as large but they have some really nice products to browse. They include a good selection of Gieves & Hawkes, Ede & Ravenscroft, Paul Smith and Ralph Lauren. Here you can find a quality suit in full or half canvas construction manufactured in Europe by fine wool qualities for over 6000 SEK. Signed, for example, bought a tuxedo midnight from Gieves & Hawkes made in Italy with a normal of about 12 000 SEK for 4500 kr affordable. Although Malford have ongoing discounts and spontaneous sales so be sure to keep an eye out or connect you to their mailings.

Costumes from the British Gieves & Hawkes via Malford of London for about 8 000.

A company that really chosen to invest in affordable costumes are Dutch Suitsupply. With a really impressive aesthetics and cost-effective production in China has been able to offer costumes from 2700 SEK with fabric from some of the most renowned weavers in Italy. Much of this has been made possible thanks to the great economies of scale with huge purchases of fabric and large orders to the factory in China.

The company is characterized by affordable products straight through and not least a very good välstylad and webshop that in addition to the nearly 60 own shops sell all the company’s offerings. Their premium lines La Spalla and Jort offers not only very exclusive fabrics but also a lot canvas construction for about 7 000.

Gabucci may not be the first store many think of when talking about budget fashion, perhaps contrary. This amazing store with one of the absolute best selection when it comes to the well-dressed men’s fashion is a high but justified pricing. However, we want to highlight the company’s own line of clothing with the same name. They offer in our opinion just as good suit as it is possible to produce for 6500 kr. Made in Italy with a stitched half canvas construction, soft fine shoulders and a pair of hand-stitched details in fine Italian fabrics. A big advantage is that for many models also offer so-called mix-and-match service so that we have different size of jacket and trousers can still find a good fit. Some may have objections to that we say that a suit that costs 6500 mentioned in the context of the budget fashion. We think, however, that it is justified when you get a lot of product for the money.

Another solution that actually are not so stupid to look for quality supply second hand. In Stockholm there are stores that Herr Judit and A.Marchesan that have a hand-picked selection of high quality which made it easier for those who do not have the energy rummage at garage sales, markets, ants or the City Mission. The price level is clearly higher than for other second-hand but the quality and selection are generally excellent. In some cases the garments in nearly new condition or even completely unused. Herr Judit sell much on commission and receive good garments from the public. So it is a good way to sell the garments to yourself tired and an approach to consumption that we encourage.

When it comes to second hand so is Ebay a real gold mine. On this the world’s largest marketplace from individual garments placed by private individuals to the surplus from the physical stores or thrift-professional actors. In the case of eBay, we could write a whole series of articles in itself, because there is so much to say and many tips to give. One thing we want to send to when you begin to look finds here is to remember that eBay actually has local marketplaces. Many just go in on Ebay.com which is the main US side, and where the majority of sales are from the US. If you want to buy American brands such as Ralph Lauren and Brooks Brothers, this is of course very good as both supply and prices are outstanding. However, as the dollar is quite expensive today, and you must pay customs and VAT on purchases in Sweden that prices can be higher than expected. Instead we want to strike a blow for British Ebay.co.uk, Italian or German Ebay.it Ebay.de. Each of these has a good selection, especially the British, and you do not like buyers to pay customs duty when it concerns trade within Europe. Think a little like the case of the United States here, act locally. British shoes, ties, shirts and suits are plentiful on Ebay.co.uk and merchant communication simple. Bargain factor for an Italian suit jacket on Ebay.it is great and one can easily find really nice suits and jackets for a small sum. A major drawback of eBay and other marketplaces is that the images are often quite bad. The clothes do not just when they are poorly hung and often photographed in a dark environment with mobile camera. It is therefore important to look carefully, look at the measurements that are often printed and e-mail for more photos and measurements. On the other hand, this means that some do not dare to buy and the price will be lower.

Finally, we would like to mention another important thing. An incorrect size or fit can ruin the best of clothing, and it does not matter if you buy a suit for 10 000 SEK if not seated correctly.

Wager then instead of allocating a portion of the budget to a good tailor change so that the end result will be perfect. For changes between 500-1000 SEK of a good tailor will change his jacket tailored for you and we can almost promise that the results will look really good. Then you have actually taken advantage of the benefits of smart consumption in a good way.

For once again, style is not about money. A stylish person is a person in a personal way refines and defines itself and as much dress nicely for their own sake as for his surroundings.