All Dressed Up and Want to Markus (Lupfer)

When a brand distinct and original you will reach the hands of a blogger, the name of the firm runs like wildfire and a few months after it becomes object of desire among many girls. It is what has happened with Markus Lupfer: a firm of t-shirts and sweatshirts with fun designs a few months ago not to succeed among the fashion victims.

Funny drawings as engagement rings, mouths or words taken from a comic are some of the must. And of course, your customer will find to Leandra Medine The man Repeller and Chiara Ferragni (of course). Some time that I’ve been seeing different models but when I discovered a huge OMG price! was born out of my mouth.

Another firm that put on my wishlist when I touch the EuroMillions & #8230;

The most economical version

And is that of course, spend the more than 300 euros that costs each model is not tasteful dish and not everyone can afford it. And although possibly it it could afford it, Andy shows a much cheaper version of the hand of Monki. What do you think?

And if what’s going this season are the printed comic (as the 3.1 Phillip Lim), can access this another version of the famous OMG! (Oh my god) the hand of Primark.

Do you think about their proposals?

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