American Apparels Campaign Strategy

Obvious Schambeharrung here, naked breasts there. That the advertising industry a lot of things come up, do to alert us consumers on their products, is nothing new. That according to the principle „ sex sells “ acts, also not. But is that what American Apparel drives straight, really that’s what we want to see? Anti-aesthetics, a set to show and hairy pubic area or bikinis, which didn’t even begin to fulfill their benefits and thereby not even cute look.

American Apparel was always a bit different. Always somehow provokanter and just anti-cute. But we want the fire from California, that paying attention to work sustainably. We loved basics and pieces that you could combine in a download version and who therefore came with a description card. But the new campaigns are the right way to get bailed out of debt out to dig?

Maybe not even so much leaves Chief Dov Charney and therefore drives the provokanteren way: American Apparel have profits in the future certain, so the Lion Capital lender may not jump off. And because you tried everything to stay in the conversation and to lure the customers into the store. Allegedly, American Apparel has a loss of 133 million euro on the unpopular debt account. Trying to get there so quickly back out. According to the company must reach a constant financial growth until the end of September 2013, so it is not the end for American Apparel.

Hope so let’s bring what the campaigns. Even though I think she’s not particularly beautiful, I’m rooting for Dov and his men. Finally I like without great tights, basic and short shirts, as well as on all the other gaudy stuff.

Boring viewing lead not just to high sales. Nippelblitzer and pubic hair maybe already. What do you – good or rather stupid campaign?

Images via AA.


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