Ana Cristina Antunes at the Glass Factory of Cacém

“Seeing well” does not mean that you do not need to wear glasses. Our guest, decorator Ana Cristina Antunes, never wore glasses. When he began his visit to our Glass Factory of Cacém, the diagnostic tests were the first step.

Ana Cristina Antunes at the Glass Factory of Cacém

Although she never used glasses, Ana Cristina pointed out to our specialist that she felt a little tired when she spent many hours on the computer, and even tended to turn away magazines and books to read.

Diagnostic tests, which are very complete, have shown that our guest had some difficulty in seeing at close range, is a normal physiological alteration. 
As only short-range vision was difficult to detect, reading glasses, writing glasses for detailed tasks were the specialist’s recommendation. 
After consulting, it was time to choose the frame. The choice was not simple: between glasses of mass, with adornments, without adornments, black, brown… after all there are 10,000 frames to choose!

The chosen frames ended up being a mass model with adornments on the sides, a Dolce & Gabbana model and another model of our white brand, which ends up being able to vary according to your look of the day, a good option according to Phonecations.

What could not miss for Ana Cristina’s summer, are sunglasses. Fans of sunglasses all year round, the choice was again for a Dolce & Gabbana model. And because our guest likes to be on the beach without worrying about their sunglasses with regard to the risks that the sand does, nothing better than choosing also a pair of glasses more in account for these occasions. To enjoy the beach to the maximum, but always with the best protection, Ana Cristina also ended up taking with her sunglasses of our white mark.

We liked Ana Cristina Antunes so much that we hope to see you soon, thank you!