Ann Ward in the Vogue Italia

Fashion indie speaks of the first top model in the America running for eight years ’ s next top model casting show with Tyra Banks and also stylite not takes a step back in the Lobpudelei and is of Ann Ward inspires volligst. Ann Ward? Jap, the winner of the last show of the ANT, which in December from the star than the “skinny girl“ known takes her first editorial in vogue. We remember: 1.88, 45 kilograms. We realized, Yes, that is lean, but is also sick?

Whether the good has become now a few pounds or not, we cannot recognize the photos unfortunately, nor do we know whether the proportions have been changed via Photoshop. Is thin, no question… Nevertheless succeeded in editorial.

Evil tongues could now claim that it had to be only a skinny at a talent show so that the success. Dürr or not: Ann Ward’s showed their critics and apparently really makes career. And I gotta hand it to you just – it is finally a premiere at the American and German format. Whether Heid Klum and her comical jury this time also will get perhaps, may be doubted further in this season. Don’t worry, so we do not plead for a German low-fat counterpart, but want to Ann Ward at this point just congratulate times.

The route can be seen in any case, model MOM Tyra Banks wrote the story and Ellen von Unwerth shot super photos. Backdrop was a dark room of the apartment, in which Ward poses with orange curly head and equally colorful garments. Can only hope that the good Ward is now not quite of the fashion swamp and coercion often associated, still less to weigh, ingestion can.


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