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Arbeiten in the Modeindustrie # 1

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening”- Coco Chanel

Fashion editor, designer, blogger, Illustrator or buyer, trend expert, stylist or PR Manager – the list of jobs in the fashion industry to continue cause still quite awhile so. But how it actually lands his dream job in the fashion industry and one can actually compare the everyday with scenes from “The Devil Wears Prada”? In our series on the topic of “How to get into Fashion” we give a little insight into the world of fashion, which courses are best suited, personal experiences, as well as tips and tricks for the search after the first internship or job.

In reality, the fashion industry actually often meets your cliché. Women who are crazy about Designer bags, cat wars and superficial behavior, or snappy comments giving Hollywood ample fabric for amusing films and überspitze scenes. Also, I must confess: A pair of shoes of à la Chloé or the dream of a Chanel bag let me break out not only in enthusiasms, but every now and again aside push also the thoughts of an empty wallet. Ultimately, the whole thing less glamorous than you might imagine it remains (for now) only a dream and the everyday life of a fashion journalist.

From personal experience I can say: who wants to really come on, Emily should be less in the role of Emily Blunt alias staggered, but contacts are trying to socialize, to be kind, and never losing sight of his own goal. Self-confident appearance and a little selfishness are healthy, should not make but the overly motivated Maverick you.

Study fashion

All beginnings are difficult, and so also the big names in the fashion industry have started once small. A study or a classical education is the first step in the right direction and provide the basis for the later professional life a. Following applies: even at the most expensive fashion school you can’t buy talent, creative ideas and ambition. Who is planning his future should consider exactly, whether it is right for one to a private University. Hard but honest: Love beautiful accessories, clothing and shoes is not sufficient at this point unfortunately and will see it sooner or later impact.

Individual support is the big advantage of a private institution to a State. The classes are small and the work so straightforward as with 50 or more students in a course. Nevertheless you must Access this deep in the Pocket. In addition to recording and tuition fees, typically additional costs of materials, books, trips, or computer programs are added. From my own experience, I can say that it is not worth to save at the wrong corners. Finally, you would like to implement his ideas best. Also, study work very well suited for its own portfolio and may be later in the search for an internship or job benefits.

Which fashion schools are there?
Locations: 21 cities and 14 countries around the world. These include for example, Berlin, Paris, Dubai, Tokyo, Moscow or Oslo.
Courses: fashion design (B.A.), sustainability in fashion (M.A.), summer courses
Costs: on request / possible promotion

  1. AMD – Academy of fashion & DESIGN
    Locations: Berlin, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Munich
    Courses: fashion design (B.A.), journalism and media communications (Academy),
    Fashion and design management (B.A.), room concept and design (B.A.),
    Brand and communication design (B.A.)
    Cost: between 22,000 and 27,000 euros depending on the degree programme
    (approx. 695 euro per month plus admission fee) / promotion possible


  1. FASHION DESIGN Institute
    Location: Düsseldorf
    Courses: International fashion designer, international fashion journalist
    Cost: 16,500 euros
    Location: London
    Courses: More here
    Costs: on request
    Location: New York
    Courses: More here
    Cost: About 120,000 euros depending on the course (approximately 20,000 euro per semester)


6 Royal Academy of fine arts
Location: Antwerp
Courses: More here
Costs: On request
The more expensive the better study the training? By due!
At this point it depends always of one itself and the
Passion that finally brings the love of fashion with it.

As a journalism graduate of the AMD – Academy of fashion and design
I benefited the most from the good network. From Düsseldorf
went there for two internships at first to Munich and during the
Final phase for a job in Berlin. Now I live two
Years in the capital and meet again former students
who work in the PR magazines, fashion agencies or online shops.
As they say: the world is small and runs in the fashion industry
It is again on the way. Everyone knows everyone and that is why
is it important all the possibilities to use to talk to many people
and to get an insight into different areas.

I also knew at the beginning of my studies not yet in which direction
I’m going to once. Work experience and internships have me but
a little closer to installed.

More to this topic there is then in the second part of the series.

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