Ardentia: Visit Handmade Jewelry Workshop

Last week I had the pleasure to attend as a blogger invited to a breakfast organised by the Galician Ardentia XoiaJewelJoya handmade jewelry firm in his workshop in Bergondo (A Coruña).

I don’t know you, but I had never visited a jewellery shop and all surprised me very much. I thought the truth, that many things were more automated, and others that would be “by hand” but more “in line” and the truth is that what I saw in in the workshop of Ardentia jewelry is pure craftsmanship.

Ardentia Visit Handmade Jewelry Workshop

Handmade Silver Jewellery

I’m more silver to gold, in the case of choosing gold I usually opt for the white… So you can already by as soon imagine they had me a little won before. But it is that I also captivated from the most original designs to classic with Jet. In the latter, they have reinterpreted the Galician classic jewelry in silver and Jet, and he has been given a very cool twist and, at least for me, is very successful.

Breakfast At Ardentia By Oscar Toro

Us soprendieron for breakfast with… coffee! Go originality not? It turns out that it was not one coffee either, but a recipe designed and prepared by the professional barista Óscar of Toro. A squid, with cardamom, coffee arabica coffee… and more secrets that only the known so that the result is a coffee that to most of which usually do not take ‘only’ like. A true gourmet delight us!

Visit Handmade Jewelry Workshop

The part that I liked the most was “in situ” visit to the workshop, because the process was what most intrigued me, and what “honest” more unknown. The truth is that I imagined everything “more machining” but saw that the Goldsmith/jewelry remains a craftsman work that entails a lot of work.

It has made me appreciate even more the jewels, and think that many times “for a little bit more” have real jewels and not jewellery that does not last. We will as soon as I can, I want a treat for me. A jewel that lasts me forever and that may even bequeath tomorrow… not so much jewelry! I’ll be making me more or what?