Arena International Swimwear

When are the Olympics sportsmanship comes over all of us and suddenly we run more, to the sea we feel great swimmers in a final unlikely, we dive from makeshift trampolines, in short, there is a sample in each one of us, more or less hidden under layers of fat or tan. If you want the glamor and coloreds that foster your Olympic spirit, check out the delicious proposals Arena capsule collection of “Flags of Arena” decorated with international flags.

Arena International Swimwear

The sea or pool collection “Flags of Arena” for the ‘ summer 2012 is right up your alley, a sporty style and innovative perfect to buy now but that will do for years to come. The collection of Arena includes fashion for women that men and flags proposals by the brand are: l ‘Italy which of course could not miss in full patriotic spirit, Brazil, the United States and the’England this year is really at the center of the world, first with the Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II and now with the highly anticipated London 2012 Olympics have already entered into the heart. For us Italians the first successes have already arrived with the all-Italian podium in the women’s foil (Di Francisca, Arrigo and Vezzali) , but also with the talented Rosalba Forciniti who won an unexpected bronze for judo, category 52 kg.

And Rosalba is also the first Calabrian to win an Olympic medal!

Arena presents the model Seyer, the iconic slip pool with the lanyard to life for those who love the simplicity, the two-piece swimwear with bra little one triangle and thin with the strings, but that nevertheless some stability. Great for swimming, but certainly not for those who want the sea to make the Federica Pellegrini of the situation! Among the most interesting costumes Arena is certainly the model Meyer high, the Olympic classic model with thin crossed straps, shaped and perfect fluid for swimming in the pool but that is fine also for the sea obviously. If you feel concerned by the Olympics this is the costume for you, allowing you to swim well and in complete freedom!

Arena, however, with only costumes but also accessories, have swim cap made ​​of silicone and comfortable reading available with the four flags mentioned above. There are some comfortable sports bag very easy to open and close that are good for all the times we do sports, as well as for the sea and the pool so even to go running or cycling. The collection is completed with the original sandals unisex model in a thong, always inspired by the international flags.