Ask Manolo – Unfold Trousers with Creases?

Question: Hello, I recently purchased a pair of suede boots for the fall. I almost always pants with creases and I wonder how I’ll wear these with the new shoes, I’ll let his pants fall over the shank of the shoe? It is not always so exciting. Is there a style failed to fold up his pants a couple of laps in the bottom, so that they both look more of the shoe, and also saves on the pants when you are out in the rain and slush in the winter?

Answer: Many would probably advise against unfold pants with creases. Especially when it comes to the more well-dressed wool covers, but it is always difficult to answer, but generally depends on the upholstery in general. I would not recommend folding pants up to a business id, but few casual cotton or flannel pants need it absolutely can not be entirely wrong.

One option that is somewhat easier to succeed is to let sew kind of pants. Select then feel a slightly narrower and shorter byxsilhuett ending at the shoe upper edge, so that the shoes will be somewhat visible and will further from the pavement slush. Additionally, beaten the pants have a better case.