ASU Cast One Smartwatch

A Chinese company called ASU has created the first smartwatch in the world with integrated laser projector

Smart watches are becoming popular and many companies are trying to carry out their own version of these gadgets. A new Chinese startup called ASU, has come to market with a unique view at this time, a smart watch that integrates a laser projector. The other day we saw as Samsung patenting a similar technology, which also made use of a laser projector to extend the interface clock.

In this case we find a projector for viewing videos, photos, documents, although according to its website seems that we can touch and interact with projected into your hand. ASU is using the world’s smallest laser projector and projection size varies from 2 inches to a maximum of 60. It provides a resolution of 1280 x 600 pixels and supports video playback up to 720p. The projection is made through the right side of the device and the best projection distance is between 1.5 cm to 2 cm.

To get inside the Cast One we find a quad-core processor Qualcomm APQ8026 with 768 MB of RAM, 4GB of ROM and Android 5.1 operating system. As with the rest of smartwatch you can connect the phone to receive and answer notifications, but also has WiFi connectivity. The battery is 740mAh, and have not specified the hours of projection to endure without being connected.

The screen is multitouch and has a sapphire crystal that protects it. Including belts are very similar to those of Apple Watch. Although the inclusion of all this technology has two main drawbacks, the thickness of the device, although it is not specified, it is very high, and the price is not cheap talking about a product of a Chinese brand, ASU has put a price of 2,999 yuan, which are $ 459.

This may be the future of smartwatch

After seeing Samsung’s patent and this ASU Cast One, some brands may think that Tucson watch – is the future of the smartwatch. The idea is good, but may have to sacrifice too much, the battery life will drop considerably and the thickness of the device does not help . But this does not mean that if in a few years we achieved these expected more powerful battery solutions see this style in the next smart watches.