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Perfect Looks to Go to The Office (Or to The University, or Shopping with Girlfriends, Etc.)

How I animate the summer! And in addition, inspires me. Although I try to live in my moral summer 24/7, the Sun makes it is in a better mood, and therefore I dare to innovate a little more with my wardrobe. While it is true that there are all kinds of jobs and not at all times you can be dressed like, today I show you ideal looks to go according to what law firms, the University or simply shopping with her friends. You choose the occasion and I show you here the options. Continue reading

H & M Again Solidarity in the Fight against AIDS

Fashion Against AIDS It was the title of a campaign that two years ago launched H & M to collaborate in the fight against AIDS. In it were uan series of t-shirts work of artists, musicians and designers whose sale was going to charity. This year we have a new collection inspired by the eighties with its vintage touch that like so much at the moment. When I’m less a fan of that decade Continue reading

Is about the Day of My Graduation

Oh, oh. Every good thing comes to an end and if I have to mention one of the best steps of my life that is the of the University. I remember it so fondly! I would love to go back and do the same things I did but enjoying much more from day to day. And if I remember a time with more affection than normal that is the graduation day. All my mates and I welcoming (with fear) to a new world: the job. But the previous weeks were ‘ hard ‘ and was the only thing that we talked about the girls: What to wear? Maria Castillejo last week asked us about dresses for graduation and here’s our response. Continue reading

Party Outfits to Wear This Christmas of Nekane

In keeping with our proposals for party to show off this Christmas, I have found a firm that has Rory garments, some very elegant dresses and above all, very wearable. It’s the signature Nekane or ÑKN, He began his career in 2002 and that it has grown so much that it now has a total of eight stores in Madrid and Barcelona. Continue reading

Street Style Has Lost Its Essence and Bloggers No Longer Show The Real Fashion… or Yes?

Over time the essence of street style is lost? It is a question that many of the editors of Jezebel We wonder at times, especially after the uproar that was the last time that Scott Schuman was present in Madrid: most of the people said to all the people who had chosen they had not been randomly, but everything was planned in advance. Personally I have no idea, because I was not there to present. Continue reading

Olympus Fashion Week Autumn-Winter

Last Friday, Feb. 3, began the parades in New York where collections are being presented to the next season autumn-winter 2006-2007, and that they will end next Friday. The Olympus Fashion Week is the first of the four major gateways in womenswear at international level, together with Milan, Paris and London, held this year. Since in the parades of Haute Couture in Paris a few days ago, the collections that were were for this spring-summer. Continue reading

CustomMade Spring-Summer with Cristina Tosio

And we continue with more avnces 2013 spring-summer Collections. The shift today is to the Danish firm CustomMade, where can find perfect garments for our daily outfits. A feminine collection where the model Critina Tosio shows us the more casual looks.

You know that from time to time I like to introduce you to firms that are not normal, and the truth is that when I saw the clothes of the new campaign was delighted. Your designer Anne Rasmussen was inspired by the different types of women that can be found in the streets of Copenhagen: from the exuberant business up to the artist, model, stylist and it girls who set the trend, says.

Highlights the billowing blouses semi-transparent, worked tops, male shirts, romantic shirts with flyers and much mixing of tones: grey with blue strong and yellow neon. I am fascinated by the light dresses, very feminine, with touches transparent sleeves and necklines, waist and vaporous fall. Although there are also dresses that can be as tunics over skinny.

A collection which has innovated in the Denim, both skirts as trousers, with beautiful colors as the blue worn out effect, green water and the raspberry. This season not missing the animal print, In addition to prints of polka dots and stripes. We even found some piece of micro-corduroy, perfect to wear in spring.

Also highlight the leather garments: miniskirts, padded jackets and biker pants.

Revenge: between the O.C and Gossip Girl

It seems that the chicos guapos formula, young and rich works at the time of mount a series (although there are always some who succeed more than others as it is the case of Gossip Girl vs 90210 Beverly Hills). And is that we all like to imagine a life where money is not the problem and with a larger than our current floor Cabinet. So much so that in the USA give us that Passport to dream every night. First came The O.C, followed by Gossip Girl and Beverly Hills. I love the series, that’s why I am pleased to discover new frames with these premises. Continue reading

The Tricks of the Celebrities You Can Try This Christmas

Over the years, we learn that more layers of makeup does not amount to a better look; to go with the eye liner is not recommended; things we feel that red lipstick is best; and also what kind of necklines, fabrics and colors favor us. What better time than he chose to throw all meat to the grill with our party looks to make a small review of this world so practical as it is the of the tricks that we favor. Continue reading

What Bags Carried in The Fashion Week According to The Fashionistas

In the care outfits that I’m seeing in the Paris fashion week, bags play a fundamental role. They are capable of transforming a look, making it more casual, more chic or trendy … believe that there is no place where has seen more Chanel Handbags per square meter, especially the mythical 2.55 model, that you will always get to give a special touch to any look. It is one of those classics that is worth investing. Continue reading

More Looks Red Carpet at the World Premiere of Sex

Was not what was in London last year with that wonderful McQueen, but the looks worn by Sarah Jessica Parker and the rest of the protagonists of Sexo en Nueva York 2 they have seemed to me a breath of rejuvenation. Hot and sexy Sarah Jessica with a Valentino disguised as Pucci; wonderful Kristin Davis emulating Audrey Hepburn but more beautiful than ever and acid version Cynthia Nixon. With Samantha I’ve broken pears. Continue reading

SuiteBlanco Christmas Collection: Look Requetemona!

They become the holidays and you have to start thinking about the outfit suitable for every moment: dinner, family meals, new year’s Eve party… in SuiteBlanco the proposals, as well as economic, are Rory. Black is the dominant tone, but there is room for other bets: dusty pink and gold are also part of our party look. Proposed going to love! Continue reading