Aviator Glasses: A Format with History

Fashion comes and goes, but aviator-type glasses have always been a strong trend in women’s and men’s looks since the 1940s.

Aviator Glasses A Format with History

What makes these glasses so special? Popular because of its success among aircraft pilots during World War II, shielding its eyes from the sun, the”aviator” format passed from sunglasses to graduates and continues to be associated with the freedom to fly through the skies.

These models are mostly made of metal and double-bridge in the frame. With greater strength and durability, these glasses are more and more colorful and original – without ever losing their aura.

A format of glasses with history and that continues to write it in more modern models:

They are perhaps the most similar to the traditional”aviator” model, with mirrored and dark lenses and a metal construction. These Pepe Jeans recover the classic look of airplane pilot and remain very current according to Relationshipsplus.com.

With a bright pink color, this Custo Barcelona model of graduated glasses is inspired in the”aviator” format with double bridge to increase the size and round the lenses, appearing elongated on the face.

The frame is already sturdier and feminine – and so is the same model in”turtle” pattern , where elegance and comfort meet.

Another Pepe Jeans model that mixes in a very elegant and original way the metal rod with a mass frame around the lenses, in a creative”turtle” pattern in more discreet colors.

It is a good example of how the model”aviator” was the inspiration for all types of looks!

These look are a return to the”aviator” sunglasses with lenses more rounded, long and in the modern fashion. The frame has a curious note on both sides that gives you an even more original look.

For those who prefer lighter colors, there is the same model in brownish lenses and frame , more classic and feminine.

The sturdy frame and”turtle” pattern returns to stand out in this Pepe Jeans model of double bridge and smaller lenses, also it with a more feminine format.

It follows the main trends of the year and is irresistible on any face!

The”aviator” model is one of the formats with more history and seems to want to continue to be part of the fashion in glasses for many more years. What are your favorites?