Badoxa’s Visit to Our Cacém Glass Factory

Because in our Glass Factory of Cacém we are very proud to have visitors of who we are even fans.  This time we received the Badoxa in our optics!

Badoxa’s Visit to Our Cacém Glass Factory

Those who know Badoxa know that glasses are their”brand image”. The singer has been wearing prescription glasses since he was 12 years old, and since his diagnostic appointment had been made about 1 year ago, it was time to update his exams.

The truth is that Badoxa felt that with the glasses he had still seen well, he only felt his eyes more tired. After all the diagnostic exams done with our specialist, it was concluded that the singer should maintain the current degree. A graduation to correct myopia and astigmatism that led him to wear glasses from a very early age.

For people suffering from astigmatism and myopia, contact lenses may be an option to alternate with wearing glasses, but Badoxa is not a fan of contact lenses and is even afraid of falling asleep with them. The truth is that with glasses does not have this problem!

If graduation held up, the style would have to keep up too! We then chose a new frame that would accompany the singer everywhere. With so many concerts and trips, the frames have to be as comfortable and lightweight as possible. That is why the model chosen was Kost, the brand that the Glass Factory of Cacém represents exclusively in Portugal.

And sunglasses? The singer could not have left our optics without choosing his glasses this summer. The choice fell on a model of the classic black Ray-Ban. And since our Sunglasses Factory of Cacém is able to graduate the sunglasses and keep the Ray-Ban symbol on the lenses, Badoxa took advantage and graduated his glasses soon.

As we have a space dedicated entirely to children, the singer took a very special gift: his son’s first sunglasses!

Twenty minutes that passed at such a good ape that was company. The next visit has to be soon, can it be Badoxa?