BCBG Max Azria Fashion Show – Spring / Summer 2010

The heavy atmosphere that pervaded last season parades seems to be gone, too serious working girls – then lend themselves to do battle with the gray economic climate – have given way to young girls slew much lighter. In any case the prognosis of Max Azria and his wife Lubov for spring to come …

With their commercial success and their fans parterre from the star system, the torque Azria does not aim to revolutionize fashion, but to stick closer to the expectations of their customers in expensive and very views.

Therefore, one should not expect innovative models threatening the supremacy of the claw on the red carpet. Instead, BCBG by Max Azria riding a recipe has proven Balmain , that offer dresses slim and ultra short conducive to showcase fashionable starlets.

That said, if we find the main themes of the 80 – who apparently decided to still continue a season – the Azria exude a happy lightness, making all desirable and relevant.

On the podium, the bodycon dresses swathe of bright silk interspersed with sexy black veil, combining joyful energy and sexiness of night clubbing. In turn, T-shirts loose turn into monochrome minimalist draped dresses (perfect for a yacht descent into Saint bay Too ‘), while the evening toilets play with fornicators asymmetries, revealing legs while wearing an elegant translucent behind.


The couple also excels in the renewal of their flagship product (micro robe), mingling the rigidity of colorful solids to veil draped with abstract prints. We witness the confrontation between two opposing styles priori: the incisive eighties face summer bucolic accents. The whole is still very successful, infusing a positive twist to the silhouettes, fresh and optimistic.

It also notes that if the beautiful Max Azria want to be more candid than openly falsely sexy, they do not forget however to honor their reputation clubbeuses inveterate night. Passage after passage, they do indeed seem to want to part with their mini metallic pouch, which surely take them to the end of the night …


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