Benetton Coats

Here are the images of the catalog Benetton offers us for the cold season, a collection autumn-winter 2011-2012 which again does not give up those beautiful and vibrant colors that have made the fortune of the brand lines, and proposes, in line with the latest most fashionable trends in the field, a return to a retro style just as much other clothing collections. The line includes a wide range of coats, trench coats, jackets, down jackets, and sparing all designed with bright colors and youth and in many variations to suit all tastes. We look at the new collection.

We have already seen the beautiful proposals by Benetton ideas for the line dedicated to children, line for which they return some of the reasons and the colors that you will find in the adult collection, in the best tradition of the brand.An idea on the winter collection we succeed in part already done, but if you look at the gallery you will find interesting news.

The Advaita images show us a series of models coats and coordinated in warm colors like orange, always enhanced by the models of the line accessories such as belts think this year in subtle forms, but if you enjoy a more sober style, here a nice coordinated in gray from garçon style with pants at the palace, blazer and white shirt with ruffles. not lacking in quirky tones of models poncho but it is especially the romantic cutting and bon ton coats 50s style to get noticed, always proposed in different colors such as duvets, more or less short, depending on your taste. What do you think of the new Benetton collection?