Black Rhodium Jewelry

Black Rhodium jewelry! For you who loves a little black dress, this post is to call your “! In it we tell a little more about how to combine Total looks Black with Black Rhodium jewelry. Do not miss!

Black Rhodium Jewelry

Black rhodium jewelry are the darlings of fashion productions. Enter year and year out and they are still on the rise. The advantages of black rhodium are numerous, but if you like us, you love the dark rhodium, visit our post: “Black Rhodium jewelry: Why use? 5 reasons to not leave your more! ” And discover why we love Black Jewelry!

Source: Pictures of Instagram and Silver Jewelry collection from Uber47.

In the São Paulo Fashion Week parades of the 2016 Winter, many designers have worked with a color chart full of neutral tones, dark colors and shades of accent, but in almost all the shows the little black dress was represented with Looks Total Black and a mix of fabrics with textures and tricots smashing!

Basic of the wildest, the dark rhodium is a good ally, more than match pieces of clothing and jewelry, is to combine different shades of black fabric with metallic tone of black rhodium plating. A good example is to match a leather shortswith a mesh shirt and a leather necklace with black rhodium pendant, or a denim jacket with a hoodie and a straight earring with black rhodium bath, or a silk dress with acardigan of knitting and a powerful current according to

Another interesting tip is to combine shades of silver with rhodium plating or even shower with black rhodium is super fun and goes well with all kinds of clothes!

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