Blog Parade: A Piece of Clothing for (Almost) Every Age

Within the framework of the wish list, the Leser_innen may want article with me, reader Caro email has asked for an article on the topic of a garment for (almost) every life situation.Your question is:

“What for a specific part you wear to different situations and feel appropriately dressed so?”

To do this, I start a blog paradetoday. You can enter here your post on the subject in the linkup in my article 31 October 2016. Because I asked about the participants for the Carnival in advance in the Ü30 Blogger Forum , I reckon that in the course of the day, contributing to

  • LoveT.
  • Sunny
  • Sabine
  • Bärbel
  • Claudia H.
  • Claudia L.
  • Tina
  • Steph

But all the others are called upon to show a piece of clothing for (almost) every life situation and to enter in the linkup by 31 October 2016. I’m at the end of the Carnival all contributions again in the blog pointing out and taking advantage of the linkups publish a compilation, so all contributions receive appropriate attention according to RCTOYSADVICE.COM.

The link party for the Carnival is opened!

My piece of clothing for (almost) every age

… the well worn shoes are n.d.c. by 2010. They fit like a glove from day one and are still comfortable with each wearing. I wear them under no circumstances all the time, but all year round again and again. The carrying pictures in the post are September 11 gunda 2016. thank you for the photos!

The feet had a pleasant temperature despite 26 degrees in the shade and despite slight knee highs, remained without swelling. I just not noticed the shoes until I they have pulled out in the evening again. So be it, or?

10 reasons for these shoes in (almost) all walks of life

  1. They are so easy, that I can easily stand all day on it and go. If I hold a seminar, am on the way to the personal shopping or only at night just go walking to dinner – they do well my feet.
  2. The color always suits me, because she repeated in my eyes and my hair – at least until I’m completely grey . And the eyes are brown! Also, I wear mostly dark brown glasses, so that the color also finds itself, even if I should otherwise have nothing Brown in the outfit.
  3. The model is a classic Oxford with closed lacing. It’s so timeless, it is never inappropriate. A modern version of the year 2016 might have a light sole, a thick rubber sole, the applications would be from other material or texture, such as fabric or leather. That would be a Classic but modern me and would not fit then just on (almost) every life situation. I guess just the timeless leather sole with a dark edge to it. In addition, the dark sole grounds me.
  4. The shoe is hand made, that he can be repaired by a cobbler . Amazingly, he has still the first paragraphs, as shown in the picture. So long, rarely keep original paragraphs with me.
    From the inside of the shoe looks very well.
    I have make a rubber sole under the full leather sole, so that the sole is less slippery and above all less sensitive to water. Hamburg, rain, you know…
    This shoe is a combination talent. It goes with jeans as well as the trouser suit and Summer pants. To skirts and dresses I hadn’t to date him. Even that would work on a larger woman than me.
  5. Occasions for these shoes there are many: corporate seminars as a trainer, retail consulting, shopping companions, funerals, private invitations for birthdays to drinking coffee and brunch. In dry weather – I will not overextend him also, even if I otherwise do not fine him – I’m going a little round with the dog on the Heath with him sometimes. I was also coming to Black Hills Wildlife Park. This shoe can much of leisure to job:!
  6. The stability of the shoe gives me confidence and a good stand. This is good for the broadcasting.
  7. Fashion mathematics goes up, the cost-per-wear is low. Especially because he was greatly reduced.
  8. I have this kind of shoes ever since I can remember in the repertoire. It is a piece of resistance in my style.
  9. I may simply like to suffer.

The dog Trine was forced me out of the holder in passing as photo dog. How could the men know that Paul there was and there is missing? Pet owners feel such a thing. Is Trine also good as a model, or? It has not even received bribery.

Dog borrowed Trine – photo: Gunda Fahrenwaldt

Photo: Gunda Fahrenwaldt

Photo: Gunda Fahrenwaldt

More clothes for (almost) all walks of life in the outfit

The stripy shirt by Armor Lux is my first by 2012. Even if it’s now too big, I carry it further. The material has survived the many washings so far well. This summer I’ve worn incredibly much the look with striped shirt and jeans to the rock. With a Blazer over it looks like is attracted .

I bought the jeans from C & A – my first purchase from teenage days in charge – after a tip from Claudia. It is jeans Sally Straight in the post jeans – my style – my thing more closely before. By me there soon even a photo with Blazer.

The Nicki cloth with the red dots by Farquharson is also a classic, varies in my closet there since childhood, as the shoes for me. Nickytücher Andrea has combined just blogged and strip about 3 days for more flare. I’m wearing the obligatory Pearl Earrings as Guinea fowl now really for every occasion outside of water.

What do you think about my selection? What is your part for the Carnival?