Monthly Archives: November 2016

Hammond & Co. by Patrick Grant

The idea was actually last week put an end to the series of affordable fashion that we had for a couple of weeks. However, then I suddenly remembered a very interesting collaboration that I looked at in London last winter. The department store chain Debenhams, which reminds a bit like Åhléns in Sweden, sells a couple of years back the brand Hammond & Co., owned and designed by the style icon Patrick Grant. Continue reading

A Style That Does Not Cost a Fortune – Part II – Suits and Jackets

In a few posts now we tipped you about affordable fashion and highlight options that do not need to crack the annual budget. The theme has been that style does not have to do with money and that you can find great products at a relatively low cost. Today’s text will tie it all together and focus on clothing in the form of suits and jackets. Continue reading

Herno, an Ode to Rain – Part II

Anyone who has ever tried an outer garment from Herno have also experienced manufacturer main hallmark section. If many outerwear perceived as bulky and immobile, this is the exact opposite. The feeling is close-fitting without tightening or compromising mobility. Something that according Hernos CEO Claudio Marenzi is a result of the brand’s 60-year experience. Continue reading

Herno, an Ode to Rain – Part I

Herno is hardly the most famous of Italian outerwear manufacturers. But according to many the best. After almost exclusively produced private label for some of the world’s top fashion houses, the company has now added the focus to concentrate on his own label. In a two-part article series has our site visited the small outer garment manufacturer in the foothills of the Italian Alps, in order to find out the secret behind the amazing cut. Continue reading

Reflection – Was It Really Better in the Past?

Are you also tired of the cliché: “It was better before”? We ask ourselves is whether this is the case? In today’s text here on our site, I want to share with you a personal reflection on the topic completely liberated from things like politics, morality and gender roles with a focus on how far the style and the clothes were really better and look better before? Continue reading

Manolo Måttsyr – Shirts From Emanuel Berg

Shirts are an area that we have written quite a lot about this at our site. We have been in the late period reviewed above all, a number of manufacturers in the dimensions sewn or completely customized. Today’s text will be about Emanuel Berg, a company we have never before written about. This mark is family owned and was founded in Cologne in 1989. Today they have more than 100 dealers around the world. Continue reading

Snoot – Functional Jackets for the Urban Environment

Leisure Wear with the same demands on function and advanced sport garments are the watchwords for the new Swedish fashion venture Snoot. The first collection, which has existed for sales since last fall, will consist of six jacket models all of which combine advanced functional materials with a modern cut for everyday use. Our site has reached the brand’s founder to hear more about the brand. Continue reading

Tailored and Off From William Baxter

In the spring, you could read about when I sewed a pair of pants with Robin Pettersson Tailoring in Gothenburg. As we told you that Robin joined by byxskräddaren William Baxter moved to Gothenburg with his Swedish girlfriend. Since then I have got to know William bit and we have met some. He asked me if we could find something fun project together and now you will see the results of my creative and Williams playing in Robin’s studio. Continue reading

Detail Level: Finamore Napoli

Naples has a special position among sports fans. The uncompromising craftsmanship with a penchant for handmade elements and narrow-cut armholes has become an international seal of quality. Our site has looked at the shirts from the family business Finamore Napoli, which since its inception in 1921 sewed shirts based on authentic Neapolitan black crafts. Continue reading