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Heiraten! Jetzt! Sofort!

Granted, getting married so badly I don’t actually, but when I looked at France Amériques me on Sunday within the framework of the Paris fashion week in the beautiful show of kaviar Gauche in the salon with her bridal fashion, I fell short in my small girl schema, if you dream of the perfect wedding, and still more of the perfect wedding dress.
And there it is again: to feel to want wear get married only to a beautiful dress. Only a few labels bring to such a wedding to dream me like kaviar Gauche. But not only the wedding dresses were a dream – even the makeup.
Since I the blond hair fell in I am entirely in this ice princesses look like Catrice has created him for kaviar Gauche. Continue reading

My First Own Jewelery Collection

Maybe you have noticed already there by my social media channels, but I’ve created a small but fine jewelry collection in collaboration with style nest – and I can show you the results at last!

The jewelry collection has the name Luna, which is somewhat ambiguous in this case, because on the one he stands for the Moon, my “good luck symbol” that I wear to the ring finger, but it is also the name of the cat from Sailor Moon, my personal childhood heroine, who was wearing the same symbol on the forehead! Continue reading

The One That Got away

Do you know the feeling something not purchased and then eeeewig to regret it?
I’m pretty good at it to mock at things, then to wait and to determine that they are already sold out–preferably with things which are particularly expensive.
I fall madly in love, but before I can really hit, I’m going to go home and sleep another night about it (or even more) and wonder if I’m really ready to spend so much money on one thing. In itself that’s already not stupid approach, the problem is only: usually I wait too long. From one night a week and sometimes a month, until the anticipation and decision are so anchored is then that there’s no going back – exactly then I walk highly motivated in the store, more than willing to buy the long-awaited part – and then it’s gone. Continue reading

New Labels to Watch

Finally October, finally autumn!
The start of the new season brings abundant inspiration in fashion and styling. While our wardrobe is definitely worthy of a fresh coat of paint. The best that goes with new clothes and chic accessories of young designers and exciting labels.
Overlooking the offer of online stores we marvel not more out from the, so cool, a classic winter coat in olive to the trendy Lurexsweater and leather mini works at once.
For all of you who lack the necessary ideas for BB´s autumn outfit there is therefore now an overview of new must-have label for your wardrobe: Continue reading

Ever Natural Escape

It is quite official winter time.
This shows itself not only in the time of conversion, the temperatures, but also because that lambskin are again high in the course.
No wonder: hardly anything feels so soft like natural Sheepskin – and hardly anything is so handy in the winter.
Since it is surprising not that every winter classic Sheepskin boot prevails so, finally he not only protects from the cold, but prevents unnecessary sweating and is resistant and in addition also still insanely convenient. Grade the winters in Berlin can be very cold, when sweeps the icy wind through the streets and on the other hand, it is then again really stuffy in Metro, shops & co. – Since the appropriate footwear is not only a must, but also a real challenge! Continue reading

Pressdays Recap-S/S 2016 Trends

If the fashion month on its last legs, follows a general summary of current trends in magazines, agencies, editors and buyers.
The question is: What are we wearing this summer and what trend is next year especially?
Questions, which are better to answer during the press days, to wear the trends already first, before they are actually trend.
In so-called re-see of the collection, you can get a better overview of colors, cuts, fabrics and textures. Editors and stylists can usually already directly order their favourite parts and subsequently better planning fashion shootings.
It gave insight into the must-haves for spring/summer 2016 a few days ago in Berlin and Munich, and you should remember you make sure these trends: Continue reading

50 Shades of Red

I remember I was maybe 11 and put some nonsense. Because my mother had one, we say, unusual punishment method a drop: I was allowed to wear for one week only red thing, say red shoes, red pants, Red Sweater (good, because I didn’t have not many of them, came other colors as pink in question).
Is it not brutal?
I still remember that I had at that time really ugly red shoes that looked a bit like red Budapest with laces on the side. Even when I think about it today, it runs down the back me cold. My mom found her fancy I cried about it every time when I had to put it on. Continue reading

In the Middle of the Desert

I just don’t know whether you know it yet, but about a month ago I was Dubai. Actually, I wanted to tell you much more from my trip, but honestly I totally forgot!
So I arrived yesterday on it according to the motto: “oh, there was even what…”

The trip was organized themselves by Pinko, an Italian brand that is internationally totally successful, but in this country only few people know – but that will change hopefully no later than with the opening of the store at the Munich Airport! I was there 3 nights along with great international girls like Sofie, Tamara, Maritsa and Eleonora and pets, it has been fun! Finally I was even at the top of the Burj Khalifa, also we have explored ‘The Palm’ and last but not least made a stop in the desert, where these photos are created. Continue reading

Fake Vs. Original the Differences

Granted, it is on my wish list near the top:
The designer bag.

I sometimes wonder why this accessory exerts a power so strange actually on me.
Presumably, because the perfect bag is more than ‘just’ a bag:
It is a work of art, a statement, and last but not least a status symbol. It is independent of size, age, weight, and usually even trends and not to forget: she’s hiding our most important belongings – some models even a whole lifetime!
Yes, there are quite a few reasons that make desirable a beautiful bag. Continue reading

The New Designers to Watch

Time flies, the year is soon to end and it is high time for a last look at new designers and interesting labels before 2016 we completely restart.
Copenhagen’s minimalist style up to the cool look of the New Yorker, there are even a few absolute Favorites in December. With these styles, certainly a few closets can be wonderfully new equip.
Happy shopping! Continue reading

Shopping: Bikini Berlin

You’re just on the fashion week Berlin en route, looking for but at the last second of the perfect piece to complete your outfit? The Ku’Damm you’re probably already along pilgrimages, but still not found it? What most do not know – on the other side of the church there are an excellent place to shopping:
That Bikini Berlin.

What once was a real dump, stores stylish pop up today is a collection. In huge wooden boxes twenty stores rows here, which return the tenant after a few months. There’s always something new to see and to discover new labels. The special thing about this concept is that it offers a platform for many small indie labels, most of them also from Berlin. The creativity and the passion are really noticeable. But large stores in Berlin label (zBm Mykita) can be found here. More or less a mall, avoids the mainstream, but rather relies on individuality. Continue reading

Checks and Frills

Go shopping they said.
It’s sale, they said.

When I went recently to a date in the Galeries LaFayette, for a coffee and to discuss a future and still-secret project a few French delicacies, sale was there grade. After the interview was finished I had slightly over one hour to the next date. “Go but already up and let a little inspired by the new collection for the project.”
MMH. It is clear – “inspire”.
Of course I’m straight over to the new collection out for signs where 50% to 60% off and worked me through two whole floors – and what can I say?
I was looking for. Continue reading

New Designer to Watch

Creative, new, individually – it lacks the fashion industry with exciting ideas and the potential to create no season of young talent to the top. What are working on the runway, inspiring looks coupled with smart business sense. A classical education in fashion design lays the groundwork to do so often. Currently is the winter semester in many universities in the last round. Concepts have been developed, drawings made, selected materials, it was sewn, laughed, cried. A good collection includes not only talent, but also a large portion of ambition. The own label; A dream. These brands have succeeded and conquered our fashion hearts thanks to much hard work: Continue reading


Valentine’s day – I’m wondering first arrest if there are people that actually celebrate this day. If couples really get gifts on this day and – much more interesting if these pairs still do that in the second year. Anyone knows anyone who is really celebrating that? When I think of this heart pillow, which currently exists, it runs down the back me cold.

I was never much of it to celebrate Valentine’s day, because either one celebrates his love every day or let it remain quite. I give my friend always right then something, and not when it just fits and I see something that suits him because Valentine’s day is and I have. I believe personally it would be too much of a good, if my friend would see it differently. Continue reading


Even if the weather grade would hardly suspect it is, but it will soon warmer. Promised! Spring is upon us because (at least in theory) and thus Berlin blossoms again and the festival season is upon us. Finally the long awaited Sun lets look again and maybe I can hear again in Twitter a few birds in the green trees outside my window.

Dealing with the new feeling of lightness and exactly embodies also the #ImPerfect campaign ESPRIT: it is to look not so perfect or perfectly to dance, but the good feeling. Every human being is individual, just as every day is different, or you can imagine about the perfect day? Let’s imagine that you should face together a perfect day and from then on every day would experience it. Would this be a perfect life? Probably not or? It would be boring! That’s why I am happy about all the diversity in my life, in my clothes over the daily surprises of everyday life. Continue reading

MFW: My Personal Highlights

Recently, I was in Milan, where once again, the fashion week took place. After I’ve skipped already NY and London, did I correctly forward to Milan – and was not disappointed! Also some surprises were not there to consider really amazing collections Partially, there were moments, because had I prefer ripped the clothes off the models and would be away to walk, but unfortunately I have to be patient myself – and you still half a year you -, until the beautiful things are finally also in the trade. And while the wish list is getting longer and longer, for me it is now clear that:
The upcoming autumn/winter will be quite fantastic! Continue reading

New Designers to Watch

The fashion industry is in transition. Great designers hang their job at well-known labels on the nail and instead concentrate on the free, creative work. The reason? The so-called “Lake now, buy now” principle – new collections coming from the runway directly in stores and are immediately available for the consumers – in the last seasons rapidly developed. This makes creating many creative directors. Too fast, little imagination, have the big players in the fashion industry too much commercialism – a problem and that means time. Time, who are now mainly young designers an advantage. Small collections and a high recognition value by an individual style are the key to success. These 5 designers have succeeded and will inspire us in the future with their creations. Continue reading

PFW: Highlights

The Paris fashion week does not without reason as the absolute highlight of the so-called ‘Fashion month’. Here, the biggest brands in international fashion show their trends and excite the audience each season on the new. Despite the accelerating consumption and the General discussion around the topic of “fast fashion”, Paris enchants with individual design, exquisite materials and stunning runway productions as there is hardly anywhere else to see them. Once at Chanel sitting in the front row – a dream of many fashion journalists. For the guests of the presentation of the new autumn/winter 16/17 collection of the French luxury label was now true. One read “Front row only” on the invitation of Mr. Karl. About this and other highlights of Paris fashion week, you read here:

Louis Vuitton
As one of the last shows of fashion week in Paris, Nicolas Ghesquière showed his collection for Louis Vuitton. The setting: A underwater world inspired by Atlantis and designed in collaboration with the French artist Justin Morin. “We had an idea of this trip, of a woman who could be a digital heroine, like Tomb Raider, when she disco vers on archaeological site.” Ghesquière describes the looks of his models. Knit shirts and sheath dresses, leather and sequins formed the nucleus of the collection. The strong color palette provides contrast. Bright red, cobalt blue and sunny yellow were geometric patterns or stripes, combined with classic black and white.
Sonya Rykiel
In close proximity to the Boutique of Sonia Rykiel in the Parisian district of Saint Germain des Prés Designer Julie de Libran, Creative Director of the label, showed their latest creation at the Palais des Beaux-Arts. To the heritage of the family business 16/17 found strips and strongly contrasting colors in the looks for A/W more and more. Dark red, turquoise and yellow led for accents, combined with button blouses, printed ruffle dresses and sparkling sequins. Inspired by the 70s de Libran thus setting a clear statement and looks back on the fashionable highlights of popular labels.

Clare Waight Keller, head of design at Chloe, has discovered the Frenchwoman Anne-France Hauteville and awarded them their inspiration for the new A/W 16/17 collection. Hauteville had traveled to the Middle East in the 70s and then about their discoveries and wanderlust wrote a book. In perfect harmony with the classic Chloé look – modern meets hippie looks urban – the designer showed a series of beautiful caftan dresses, capes in earth tones and ruffled floor-length gowns in delicate pastel shades. Bead applications and colour accents created the ideal look and make already looking forward to this year’s Festival season.
“Front row only” stood on the invitation to the presentation of the Chanel A/W 16/17 collection at the Paris Grand Palais. In the setting of the show for the first time seemed conspicuously restrained. After a staged supermarket, a demonstration of an art gallery u.v.m this season, focused on the essence of Mr. Karl and was a social statement in accordance with the exclusivity of a couture show at the same time (again) as she did in the past, the House of Chanel. “Back to the roots”, it was in terms of inspiration. Coco Chanel’s signature look of Tweed ensemble, long pearl necklaces and hat determine the look for A/W 16/17.

Christian Dior
In the House of Dior, it presents the first collection after Raf Simons left the French luxury label in the last year. Meanwhile, Lucie Meier and Serge Ruffieux are responsible for the Designleitung. Plenty of effort and good approaches were also here not to see, but you missed the innovative nature of a collection à la Simons. There was hardly pretty off-shoulder dresses with flowery, wide coats and knitwear – genuine highlights. We are looking forward to the first collection by Jonathan Saunders. As became known this week, the Scottish Designer will take over the creative direction of the House from next season.

Arbeiten in the Modeindustrie # 1

“Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening”- Coco Chanel

Fashion editor, designer, blogger, Illustrator or buyer, trend expert, stylist or PR Manager – the list of jobs in the fashion industry to continue cause still quite awhile so. But how it actually lands his dream job in the fashion industry and one can actually compare the everyday with scenes from “The Devil Wears Prada”? In our series on the topic of “How to get into Fashion” we give a little insight into the world of fashion, which courses are best suited, personal experiences, as well as tips and tricks for the search after the first internship or job. Continue reading

Mode: Berufe Marketing Writer

Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.
This sentence is taken from a scene from “the Devil Wears Prada”, according to Anna Wintour, the VOGUE of the US and the (good) sound of the fashion industry. Snippy, a little overbearing but always dressed well – often stems from industry as or something similar for outsiders. Who has but once worked in fashion white: it’s different. Following in our series of “How to get into fashion” we give a concrete insight into the everyday workload of editors, designers, PR managers and and and. Who are the faces behind the large companies and what really far away from the runway? We will tell you.

Continue reading


If there is a place in Berlin for me, then it is the Chancellor’s Office in Middle: I can remember yet on my first time there. It was 2007, and I was the first time with friends in Berlin. It was already dark and we were sitting on the stairs opposite and overlooking the river Spree, which snaked along between the buildings. I still remember that moment was as magical.

I however still as accurate would remind me and the day met people with whom I also still years later remained friends, that I did not know yet at the time.
Until today this place is something special for me, a bit like a fortress in the middle of the city. A quiet place in the middle of the hustle and bustle, right on the water and with the most beautiful view of the city. Continue reading