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Keeping Your Jewelry in the Right Place

A high-quality piece of jewelery will instantly evaluate every outfit.

Whether you’re looking for fashionable necklaces, elegant rings or strumming bracelets, the right, glittering accessory will give you every look.

If you want to please your glowing companions for as long as possible, you should observe a few rules in the care and storage of your dearest jewels.

Experience gold, silver, pearls and diamonds as long as possible. With these simple tips and tricks, you will continue to enjoy your high-quality jewelery – guaranteed! Continue reading

6 Glasses That are the Perfect Gift for Any Mother

There’s no better gift to give your mother on this special Mother’s Day than … a pair of sunglasses or graduations(or both!) That are hot this year!

At Opticalia we have more discreet models, others for mothers who like to keep abreast of trends, and others that stand out on any face and are the perfect accessory to face this spring / summer season. Continue reading

Aviator Glasses: A Format with History

Fashion comes and goes, but aviator-type glasses have always been a strong trend in women’s and men’s looks since the 1940s.

What makes these glasses so special? Popular because of its success among aircraft pilots during World War II, shielding its eyes from the sun, the”aviator” format passed from sunglasses to graduates and continues to be associated with the freedom to fly through the skies. Continue reading

Latest Bracelets Design

Are you looking for a gift to make such an important person, but don’t know the latest models of men’s bracelets coolest? This guide is for you. We poked around among the new men’s jewelry collection and found many jewelry that can do for you. Indeed, the various brands like Paciotti, Brosway, Morellato, Breil and comets, have made several male bracelets with completely new and interesting look.

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9 Tips for Those Who Wear Glasses on a Daily Basis

When we rely on our pair of prescription glasses to see everything around us, it is important to be comfortable with them and have some care in their use.

The truth is that wearing glasses all the time can be a real nightmare: we can not have glasses at the same time as the graduates, we always get dirty with them, we do not have peripheral vision and we are constantly losing them-and we have no idea at where! Continue reading

Parisian Chef Comes out Not without Combining the Shoes

There are tastes for everything, how to use say, which invalidates a surprise deal with some quirky tastes. About Spiegel is pastry chef and graphic designer. Loves shoes and of course cakes. Show it to the world in these photographic productions which are their passions.

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The Ideal Pair

Learn to choose the part that is indispensable for your look but also crucial to protect yourself from UV rays(photos)

Buying sunglasses is not an easy task, but it is an inescapable step to face the sunny days(and even the cloudy ones!) With style and above all without endangering the health of your eyes. It is estimated that the effect of ultraviolet rays is the origin of retinal lesions, associated with pathologies such as macular degeneration or cataracts. Continue reading

Fast Fashion: Handbags, Shoes, and Green

You already know that Lu is crazy about shoes, right? My passion is nowhere near hers, but genetics don’t fault and I’m quite happy trying some new pairs. In C & I saw three beautiful models: a low pipe boot all worked in animal print(and also had her with hairs all black) and two beautiful and stylish sneakers, a black varnish and the second most clarinha full of sparkles. Ahh, and these pieces I found at Mall Boulevard, which has a section enoooorme of shoes, different from BH Shopping store, which almost never has very interesting things. Continue reading

Launches Glasses Collection

Former singer of The Black Eyed Peas creates a line inspired by the hip hop movement of the 1980s. Urban and irreverent models are now available in Portugal

Alongside the song, has a passion for fashion and for glasses, which has just materialized on the line ill.i by Made up of sunglasses and frames for men and women, the line features thin, rounded metal frames with spoilers inspired by aviation models and double stem details, square acetate acetate with flat top and metal angled models with Inserts on the rods to mimic the look of the lenses.  Continue reading

Women’s Handbags for Use with the Look of Halloween

Halloween is no longer just a celebration of the English culture to become a date celebrated worldwide. Being better understood as Halloween, the date has become synonymous with costumes, parties and games for all ages. This spread the date turned out to influence other media, entertainment, both as to culture and, of course, also came to the fashion world. Continue reading

Trends in Jewelry Biogenesis, the Origin of Life

By Pineda Damian

In these times of increasing dematerialisation, the search for a better way of living leads us to reconnect with nature and the origins of life. Green is the quintessence of the nature; It is an ideology, a way of life. Environmental consciousness is, love of nature and, at the same time, rejection of a society dominated by technology. The center of fashion information for jewelry of Industrias Peñoles (CIMJ) directed by Mónica Benítez, presented as each year trends in jewelry by 2014.

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