Boghossian Jewelry: Magical Colors and Innovative Designs

Boghossian jewelry is a harmonious combination of unusual design with rare gemstones, oriental and western culture, innovations and traditions.

Boghossian Jewelry: Magical Colors and Innovative Designs

Family businesses are rarely durable due to the problem with parent and child successions as well as other internal conflicts. Only 40% of these companies are transferred to the second generation, and only 12% to the third generation.Boghossian was founded in 2007 by jewelry dealer Albert Boghossian. The brand quickly established a stable position in luxury jewelry.

History of the brand:

The Bogossian family is from Armenia and have achieved an enviable position in the jeweler sector due to its long history and use of luxury materials such as high quality diamonds and other precious stones. Only the most experienced teachers can handle so freely minerals that they are worth a fortune according to

“In 2008, we made the final decision to organize our own brand and fulfill orders from other companies. We wanted to create something different and go beyond the limits of the art of jewelry. At the same time, we have also tried to pay homage to the traditions of the past and combine them with different techniques “ – Albert Bogossian

Albert’s grandfather moved from Turkey to Lebanon in the early 20th century, then opened a small workshop in Aleppo and several decades later, two shops in Beirut.The business flourished and its four children took an active part in the development of the company, but when the civil war broke out in Lebanon in the mid-1960s, their grandchildren Jean and Albert decided to move to Antwerp and open a diamond sales office , Then moved to Geneva, where they started making jewelry for European collectors. The decision to create his own brand was only until 2007, when Albert’s nephews, Roberto and Ralph joined the business, convincing the older generation to make themselves known.

Bogh-Art Collection:

Boghossian launched a jewelry line in 2007 called BOGH-ART, where the exquisite design of the jewelry was combined with luxurious gems. According to them, this line of jewelry is “the alchemy of precious objects” which demonstrates the desire for perfection in jewelry.

They mixed ancient techniques with modern materials such as titanium and carbon fiber. This collection has ornaments that can delight the owner and the people around him.

Natural beauty and magical colors have become distinctive features of Boghossian creations.

Innovative designs:

At Boghossian they create striking pieces inspired by India and the Middle East with European designs. This brand combines the past and the future, tradition and innovation.

Customers appreciate innovative designs and rare minerals. For example, in Paris they got the attention of everyone with a classic bracelet with diamonds and sapphires.

Another star product is a set of necklace and earrings with diamonds and large Colombian emeralds. Is it worth continuing to demonstrate your ability to satisfy the desires of the most demanding collectors?


This mark has become famous all over the world, because they have revived the technique of “stone on stone”, known in Egypt in the time of the pharaohs and used actively in the mongol empire. This technique consists of a cut stone that is placed in the groove of another stone, creating the illusion of integrity. The inlay of precious stones requires skills and precision, since each stone must be perfectly processed before being inserted. The manufacture of such pieces can take more than a year, but the end result is perfect.

During the experiments, he lost a dozen diamonds, emeralds and tourmalines, but it was worth it. Nowadays, the art on Boghossian stones is unique.

The concept “kissing diamonds” means using a diamond as a base in the ring and adding another stone on top. The combination of the two stones should be perfect, so that they merge and look like one. It is extremely difficult to achieve this effect, but this process reflects the essence of the brand; Its value in design and innovation. It requires precision, strong hands and great talent.

Les merveilles Collection:

“Designing jewelry is like painting with light. We worked hard to find new ways to put the stones on metal “-Albert Boghossian.

The collection has pieces made with diamonds and rubies in a way that has never been seen.

The new pieces feature rounded diamonds on top of each other. This type of design allows light to penetrate easily and enhance the brilliance of diamonds, rubies and sapphires.

Another spectacular piece is undoubtedly this necklace with an impeccable diamond cut Marquise. The center of the necklace consists of perfectly aligned circles and ovals.

The development of the technique to fix the diamonds in the collection of Les Merveilles lasted more than 4 years. The efforts of the creative minds of Boghossian have given an excellent result.

Oriental Ballet Collection:

This wonderful collection has white diamonds, rubies and pink opals. The lucid and bright color of each gemstone is accompanied by the unusual lines of Boghossian techniques.

These valuable and original pieces are possible thanks to the inherited knowledge and mastery of the techniques.

The necklaces in this collection have rare 10 carat emeralds. They look great in combination diamonds.

L’arabesque Collection:

In search of new creative ideas, the Boghossian jewelers were based on the architecture and its basic forms, decorative elements and adornments. The arabesque is one of the most common patterns

The oriental patterns, curves, architecture, art and ballet have become Boghossian’s favorite elements.

The necklaces and bracelets of this collection have pink opals, Burmese rubies and diamonds. The L’arabesque collection has a special rhythm and balance, through repetition and the careful combination of mosaics.