Brands Top Men’s Fashion: Ermenegildo Zegna

It is common to talk about brands, luxury, or say that a brand is expensive or chic, but to understand the reason for so much pomp and circumstance, it is necessary to know the history and the breeding methods that make it so special. In this post you will know a little more about Ermenegildo Zegna, a designer of men’s fashion dedicated to creating the best suits with the best fabric, all developed within its facilities. Learn how this is possible:

Brands Top Men’s Fashion Ermenegildo Zegna

Brief history

Founded in 1910, in the town of Trivero, Italy by tailor and entrepreneur of the same name, the Ermenegildo Zegna initially only produced great wool fabrics, it was only in 1938, the beginning of the production of suits tailor-made to be sold only in New York, this situation changed in 1968 when the heirs of Ermenegildo Zegna, Aldo and Angelo, to launch the sale of suits ready. Still today the brand has a premium line where the customs are made to order.



Synonymous with men’s fashion, serious, elegant and sophisticated, Ermenegildo Zegna currently has other lines that take the quality of the brand to pieces to more casual and sports, such as Zegna Sport and Z Zegna, this last directed to the young audience. The diversification was not only restricted to cooking, in 2003 the brand launched its first fragrance Essenza di Zegna, in 2004 to shoes in partnership with Salvatore Ferragamo , and in 2005 the collection of sunglasses and prescription with the collaboration of the Italian De Rigo.


Presence in the World

In addition to having factories in Italy, Spain and Switzerland, Ermenegildo Zegnahas the address of the sale in countries such as France, Germany, Turkey, Mexico, the United States, Hong Kong and Australia, totaling more than 500 points. In Brazil, the first store arrived in 2001, at Shopping Iguatemi, in São Paulo, but before that it was possible to find the beautiful suits from the designer, thanks to a partnership started in 1998 with the Daslu store.



The fame of the suits Zegna not only comes from the rich history of the brand, but also the high quality of its 450 types of fabrics whose production is still done in Trivero and supervised since the selection of the wool, the arrival of the product to the hands of the customer. In addition, the perfect that enhances the silhouette men, the cut impeccable and the finish matchless, have already become true icons of the brand – it’s no wonder that his creations are coveted by men all over the world, being used by princes, statesmen, stars of Hollywood and big businesses.


How is it produced, a suit Ermenegildo Zegna?

Until you get to your wardrobe and a custom brand goes for about 500 hands, from the producer of wool that received incentives (and even awards) to produce yarn increasingly thin – and, consequently, a tissue lighter and softer – even the craftsmen who will give the final finishes, how to sew the interlining, a kind of mold the inner, ensuring that it is seated perfectly on your body, unlike other brands that use glue in this process, hardening the tissue and damaging the trim. All of these care with the preparation of the suit Zegna put the costume among the best cooking and quality in the world, and although encarecerem your price, guarantee you the one who acquires the most perfect in terms of clothing-formal male.

In suits under order (the most expensive) the thing is even more elaborate: your measurements are taken and sent to Switzerland where 10 artisans go to work on the 80 cut parts with millimeter precision, the fabric used in it is examined under special lighting to ensure that there are no minimal imperfection on its surface, the interlining that gives support to the coat is made of hair of goat, camel or horse and stitched by hand. Usually a suit passes by the 180 steps in its making, the order can go through 500 steps!It’s no wonder that a custom brand made in this way costs from 16 thousand reais!



  • Michelangelo Zegna, father, Ermenegildo, was a watchmaker, but when he married for the second time received six looms as a dowry.Thus was born a new business in the family!
  • To inherit the business of his father in 1907, Ermenegildo Zegna began work in the choice of raw material first to take out of the hands of the English the title of the best in the world in wool fabrics. In a few years, the company of the talented young man would be a global reference in the segment;
  • Until today the company is family friendly, unlike many of its competitors that have opened the capital or been purchased by conglomerates;
  • The lanifício in Trivero produces more than two and a half million meters of fabric, this material is used for both the Zegna and other brands that use the wool of the brand to make your suits;
  • In Australia, to preserve the wires still in the sheep, the creators of the cover with jackets special for the nine months up to the time of tosa;
  • In 1932 Ermenegildo Zegna has built the Centro Zegna, a complex with a library, cinema, theatre, public swimming pool and up to the hospital. Today, there is also the Panoramic Zegna, a tourist route of 14 KM that goes from Trivero to the alps of Bielmonte, Switzerland;
  • The Foundation Ermenegildo Zegna is responsible for several projects related to ecology and culture throughout the world, the brand also maintains the Oasis Zegna, a forest reserve of 100 KM2, where it is allowed sports such as cycling and rock climbing;
  • Since its foundation the company has created more than 32 different types of fabric;
  • The billing of the designer is of 870 million euros, its estimated profit is 17 million euros;
  • The Zegna has more than 500 stores in 86 countries;
  • For incredible that it seems the designer just opened his first store in Paris in the early 80’s.