Break Ranks! It’s Time to Wear a Military Jacket, or in Any Case, a Vest. Do You Already Have Yours?

Three years ago I started to look at the military jackets, but it was not until a couple of seasons ago I decided to buy one for my day to day. At first she was reluctant and didn’t know how to combine it, but shortly after that was putting it to me was taking more and more party to the garment. Today not I go home with her and it is giving you a chic touch to my day and night outfits brings a touch different from the set. And doing a review for the blogs of the moment, I see that everywhere they continue to be used. Do you already have yours?

As often happens in these cases, Zara starred in most of the looks, but that doesn’t mean anything because this garment is currently in all signatures. What I like about it is the game that we can give you: personally I love the transgressive touch that gives us to combine it with a romantic look.

Although the ‘ bad girls ‘ also rely on it for their day to day.

Sleeveless, please

If it overwhelms you with the fact of wearing a jacket in the summer, but you don’t want to get rid of this, you can go for the version vest: the same essence, but without sleeves.

An option more fresh and chic for the new season which just premiered today.

Do my favorite? Mireia of My daily style: the combination of yellow, animal print and military touch, make her look one of the best seen today in this area.

What do you think?

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