Can I Wear a Sweater to Work

One of the main trends of autumn-winter year are knitted things. In this article we will talk about knitted sweaters. Probably sweater is in her wardrobe. In season, we encourage you to experiment with this seemingly simple and ordinary thing.

What to Wear a Sweater for Work

Work wardrobe is ideal lightweight solid jumper or cardigan in fine picture (eg graphics, very urgent this season). This jump can easily be put on a shirt.

Things to include business wardrobe simple uncluttered style, the lack of large or shiny decoration. The weight of the kit can compensate for the office, “After playing” with a color palette of the image, but this case is only available for those who have not adopted a strict dress code in a company.

Shirt and vest suitable for early autumn. With the onset of cooler weather wear offer the jacket or coat.

Big sweater can be worn to work, to balance a pencil skirt.

Notice how well this complete emphasized waist thanks to belt.

We recommend that you start experimenting with sweaters gradually, first connecting them with a single cut and simple for skirts and pants, create pro sets. The color of the kit can be (among other things, creating a vertical one color, you can visually increase growth and make slimmer figure). See MustHaveSweater for how to wear sweaters.

Then there is an example of how by means of different shades of the same color may be a bright image.

You can use the front, contrasting colors in a set, as in the example below.

When you learn to create a harmonious and pleasing sets to work, try adding colors, prints and drawings, intricate section (below you’ll find some examples of how to successfully do) and will come out all sorts of interesting sets.

Single-colored cardigan perfectly combined with colorful accessories.

To be sure the right choice knitwear monochromatic color, choose a color that is already in the picture, so there will be “reset” your color image and get the overall color scheme.

Obviously, in this case, the skirt has three colors: white, black and purple, which means that you can select jumper any of these colors, the designer chose purple. The result was not boring image with a simple short jump, but it was on the podium in your life will have a bag and a pair of accessories that complement the image.

Let’s look at examples that use more colors in one set.

Note that in the first case the bag contrasting blue color, making it a bright accent in the image. The picture that is presented in the right color orange bag “mustard” yellow, it complements the image and make it more “warm”.

The kit may seem very bright, but let’s analyze it. Jumper bag and combined with each other, pants and shoes also make an excellent pair with each other; Including color from light to dark (top down), things complete simple forms, there are graphic and decoration. So our way of light, but not overloaded. If pants changed to a darker color, say Bordeaux, the combination will also be good, but the whole set as a whole will look much darker and quieter at the same time.

Want to feminine, gentle image? Use a combination of light fabric and knitted things. Take your skirt or dress and add their anniversary season. You will get a gentle way that gives warmth and comfort. Try it.

Depending on where you will change the transparency of the matter, do not go to the transparent skirt or dress to the office for a business meeting and any other events where it is important to be heard and taken seriously, not endless viewed feet.

And do not forget the massive accessories for you, the greater your bag and shoes, the harder it will look the whole image as a whole. (For comparison, note many left where the girl compact clutch in your hand and exactly where she has chosen to supplement its image bulk bag).

From What to Wear Cardigan Evening

For evening, you can also wear a sweater, and it can be quite simple in cut, monotonous and contains within itself all the elements of decor, only a few of them to choose “complex” skirt (trousers), of course, as to the image of makeup and hair.

Combine different textures highly addictive game. Combine dzhemeper knitted lace, sequins, prints

I want to wear jeans and your favorite sweater,

but still elegant and feminine? Then you have to wear shoes or boots with heels boat. And do not forget the details, it is the accessories set the mood for our apartment as a whole.

Let’s talk more about the accessories that can be combined sweater.

Necklace and Cardigan

Necklace is suitable faster “spice up” his image and added “raisins” in it.

If you do your set of simple “basic” things that can not afford to put a massive necklace, which will consist of many elements of decor, different stones, feathers, chains.

But be careful if you are very active vest color, large bundles or some other decorative elements on its own; If you choose to wear a sweater skirt (trousers) complex cut, drapes, picture, too much detail can make the image of fragmented and will look ridiculous. If you doubt whether you want your necklace image – do not wear it.

Earrings and Jump

Nowadays, large flower earrings can be worn during the day (of course, if the quality of the jewelry rather than jewelry) and encourage you to enjoy!

Earrings can be color sweaters, contrasting color or may be colored and one of its colors includes colored sweater that you have chosen to wear today.

Not only must wear heavy earrings to work, for example, are ideal earrings small or medium size.

Belt and Sweater

Belt cope with the task to select, emphasize the waist. The image becomes necessary emphasis, as you become feminine.

Wear loose sweaters (jumpers) and “do” waist with a belt, it is necessary that looked like a huge stone that has nothing to do with the female figure.

Only space sweaters blended well with long beads in several directions or pendant on a chain, image comes free and informal.

Scarf and Jump

None autumn and winter can not do without this hot accessory. Scarf can help us make vertical. Thus visually enlarge our growth and weight loss. And because it will complement your look out, warm and beautiful. Experiment with scarf material, color, texture and manner of wear.


We encourage you to choose a basic wardrobe sweaters (jumpers) soothing colors: black, gray, white, blue, beige, simple cut without pictures, so you can combine them with many things.

Sweater or vest can be connected (examples for inspiration, you will find below) if you know how to knit. Buy in store this garment is also not difficult. Interesting patterns can look for different wastewater and second hand.