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Robe and Maternity Sweater Are Options for Childbirth in Winter

The robe is an intimate piece, usually made of soft tissue and tender to provide a lot of comfort to women. The robe models are completely varied, it is possible to find types with long, medium, short lengths; And also in many colours, with tones more soft, vibrant and stamped.

Besides elegant, the robe is also a piece that complements the sweater. So, within this matter, there is still a very important underwear for most women, it is the maternity sweater.

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Fashion Trends Spring Summer Paris

The collections that reveal the next fashion trends spring/summer 2016 arrive at Paris, where alternating on the catwalk are some of the most important and acclaimed names in the world of fashion. In the days dedicated to fashion shows there is great anticipation for lines by Valentino, Elie Saab, Chanel, Giambattista Valli, Louis Vuitton and Yves Saint Laurent and not only for them. The Ville Lumiere is in turmoil, the streets saw vip, editor and passionate style, all ready to assist to the presentation of new collections and to see a preview of the upcoming fashion trends of spring/summer 2016. Are you ready to know them too?

At the Paris Fashion week 2015 there are many maison participating and which reveal the trend for future warm weather. In the first few days of fashion week we have witnessed the sensual and ultra feminine creations of Anthony Vaccarello, who presented a very confident, he knows his body and flaunts with absolute sensuality, while Jacquemus, once again, we propose a series of rather unusual look, from shirts without sleeves, to be included as the capes but strategically placed , clothes shaped white balls. Continue reading

Classic White Shirt Womens Fashion

Although it is a true classic white shirt is often voted the damn dull. But we know very few people have seen great ideas for this garment. Every lady who wants to be stylish must have at least one white shirt in your wardrobe. This garment was not capricious as you think it is suitable for business meetings, formal meeting or for everyday life. In the past, white made reference to the business style, but it turned upside down after the onset of Sharon Stone with white shirt and satin skirt at the Oscars, many stars who love this dress quite often and trust, you have a white shirt means you have a whole wardrobe with the right combinations and accessories will not be at all boring clothes. We should not forget the fashion classics, but to use them and combine in different ways and creates a new fresh look. Classics that will remain modern, but still impressive for any official and formal occasion – the white shirt is a favorite of many women, this garment is synonymous with elegance and refinement. Comfort shirt is indispensable here are some favorite combinations of women.

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Beware of Scams Chinese Dresses on Facebook

How many times on Facebook will appear sponsored links that sell beautiful dresses at affordable prices? And how many times have you been tried, but then you have stops prior to purchase? If you have not bought anything, you did just fine, because often it is beautiful and good scams. In the photo we see beautiful clothes, that fall well on the models body and seem packaged well. But when we receive the package at home, the reality is quite different.

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Will Flare Jeans Come Back

There is no doubt that retro waves which once was stored and retired at the bottom of the trunk, now have returned and in some cases, some retro waves in full force are entitled to a rereading with fashion status, such as good old jeans. Though it never completely left out, its utility has make itself to be remodeled easily and now it is parading on the red carpets and runways with fashion and super cool.

Want to buy overalls!

Jeans is a trend

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How to Wear Short Skirts

The short asymmetrical skirt is a trend from previous years to 2015 that was successful for its versatility. Discrete short length is visible on the back. The front part is made in two layers as transfixed skirts. For waist height on average, in line with the navel, is good with a baby look.

Set the colors when I wore it. The skirt of one color and the shirt of another work out virtually in every combination. Enjoy what is fashionable to mix black with white, with sandal gladiators to show.

The model of M. Officer in salmon is a hit!

The model of Marisa short smooth feminine skirt is beautiful. It is made of polyester and elastane and closing is on the side with button and zipper. It looks good with sneakers, pumps, tennis. Just choose what makes you more comfortable and enjoy.

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Plus Size Maternity Dresses

The maternity dresses are one of the essential garment in your closet pregnant, they are comfortable and very flattering. To go well warm, you can combine the dresses with thick tights or leotards.

Trend are knitted dresses cotton in bright colors, dresses with romantic airs and glitter or bright prints. In addition, many of the models are now on sale they’ll also take in the spring.

Red dress passion

Beautiful passion red dress with a V-neck and twisted knot detail with wide skirt Asos Maternity, for 24.29 euros.

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Winter Clothing for Maternity & Breastfeeding

Autumn and winter means woolen socks and big knit sweaters. If you are pregnant, you will probably want to have something which is both warm and comfortable, but that also makes you look as beautiful as possible. With maternity clothes and nursing wear from Seraphine it becomes a game to dress on, both in pregnancy and the subsequent breastfeeding period. Seraphine make for really delicious quality wait-and nursing, and this handsome shirt will definitely spice up your winter wardrobe up.

The Jersey is in an absolutely stunning sparkly pink color, which can’t be other than to make you in a good mood. In the winter we sometimes need a breath of fresh air, and it is this shirt anyway. The color is such a real cheeky pink that just want to put the icing on an outfit, either with jeans or leggings and nice wait high boots. The Jersey is in knitted quality, with lots of stretch, so the shirt can be used throughout pregnancy. It has long sleeves and is relatively long in the model.

When you then have born and must use it as nursing blouse, have the zipper at each shoulder, as you just gasping up and then there is the access to your chest so you can easily get to breastfeed. It is a single system, which makes it easy and at the same time we did not notice that it is a nursing top. You can usefully have a nursing top underneath, if you do not want naked you too much when you are breastfeeding, for the Jersey does not have an extra layer underneath.

Winter Clothing for Maternity & BreastfeedingWinter Clothing for Maternity & Breastfeeding

Winter Top for Maternity & Breastfeeding

This super fine waiting and nursing top from Seraphine, is a real classic to your winter wardrobe. It is all black and simple and can be used throughout your pregnancy, ranging from a small bump on his stomach to breastfed babies. The shirt also has a really nice nursing function. Sitting two zips at the shoulders as you simply opens when you must breastfeed. When you are gasping up there is free access to the chest. There is no underlying nursing top or extra layer underneath. So it may be a good idea to have a nursing top underneath, if you do not want naked you too much.

The shirt has long sleeves and is relatively long, so you can use it to leggings, or to just a pair of jeans. It is with round neckline and is a real must-have for the winter months here. Knitted quality is very stretchable and therefore follows your curves and can stretch, as the belly grows. Wait and nursing blouse is in the discretion of viscose and cotton quality and is in no way flabby, but fall just really nice.

This wait-and you can even easily use nursing top after completing the pregnancy and after you not breastfeeding any more, because it looks like just a very plain knit and nursing function is so unobtrusive that you in no way thinking about the fact that it is a waiting and nursing top.

Winter Top for Maternity & Breastfeeding  Winter Top for Maternity & Breastfeeding

Plus Size Jerseys for Maternity

Jerseys can quickly lead one to think of winter and how nice it is for maternity to have something warm that can package. But a cardigan or a hoodie can also be really good to have in the summer evenings on the beach or in the garden when the t-shirt will be a little too cold. However, sweater jersey are not only practical, but play an important part of fashion. For example, a knitted model view incredibly nice out with a pair of straight leg jeans and a pair of loafers. Even for high heels and handbags, you can easily use the jerseys. It’s a way to make a shirt fancier, may be to choose one from a fire, you know, and whose style you love. Such as Esprit and Bugatti are some of the brands that make sweaters, as part of their large assortment. However, not all brands are – sometimes you rather go after a in a specific color to match your pants, your bag or new hair color – who knows!

Plus Size Jerseys for MaternityPlus Size Jerseys for Maternity


Chinos Pants for Maternity

If you are pregnant, and not so much for jeans or jeggings, so is clearly something to chinos look on. Chinos are usually made of cotton, and have the same profile as jeans. Chinos have become incredibly popular, and you can use them for most occasions. For everyday use, you can put a pair of New Balance sneakers to a pair of khaki chinos, with a smart sweatshirt and a windbreaker. Must be a trip out with friends, and you have to be a little nicer in your clothes, so you can easily dress them slightly up. For example, a few Take j. Lindeberg in slim fit in navy or black, set a scale shirt for and a checkered blazer jacket. If you must do something extra out of it, one can easily put all kinds of accessories, such as bow ties or tie. Chinos belong in everyone’s wardrobes, and they are incredibly versatile which is why they are so popular.

Chinos Pants for Maternity

Chinos Pants for Maternity


Pants for Pregnancy

No matter if you are into velvet, leather or capri have you need pants in your closet, even when you are pregnant. Furthermore, it is good to have a little to choose from, so there are a few that appropriate for a tunic, some to the everyday life and the other to the weekend and party. A pair of nice pants with a pair of stilettos or boat shoe can really make a difference to an outfit. For example, a pair of casual pants or a pair of jeans, lift your look incredibly much, if you have a sweater from Polo Ralph Lauren. Of course, there are also pants that don’t need to be fancy or fine, and you just can use at home. It is therefore fortunate that there is a pair of pants that can fit any, both in size and style. But before the right is found,  maybe you should look around a bit and see what  is ripe currently.

Pants for PregnancyPants for Pregnancy


Wrap Dress with Silver Dots

Maternity wrap dress in double layers with light chiffon and a slightly heavier undercoat, extremely.

Wrap Dress with Silver Dots

Chiffon is adorned with small groups of asymmetrical silver dots of various sizes-a bit like stars in the sky.

“Chiffon is a little longer than under the dress, and again further back”, said bestaah.
The short sleeves are made of chiffon, while dorsal carry piece and the piece over the shoulders is uniformly black.

The dress is shape made and goes a little into the waist. The neck is with V-neckline.

Pregnancy Dress with Graphic Black and White Pattern

Maternity dress in a delicious easy knitting quality, with a nice graphic black-white pattern.

The dress has short sleeves and a fine round neckline. It is slightly form-fitting and the delicious smooth knit quality falls really nice.

Pregnancy Dress with Graphic Black and White Pattern

The dress is very comfortable to wear. According to Huaiyun, And it can be used both for everyday and special occasions.

The dress is also available in the colors black and terracotta. And in the same delicious knitting quality, we have a nice and very usable kimono jacket

Tips and Guides: How to Choose Maternity Pants

Cargo pants for maternity

If you are an active pregnant woman who move a lot during the day, then a pair of Capri pants is a must have in your wardrobe. The neutral colors and different models, which are always stylish, make them perfect for everyday use and indispensable for every woman. They fit well with a loose sweater or a feminine blouse, and can be used for any event and season with a coat in the winter or a summer top. A pair of Capri pants is very versatile and assures you that you are always fashionable. Remember to have a couple of the sporty model by hand after you have practiced sport. So if you are a fresh woman who likes quality and would like to try something new, these pants will do well with you– they’re perfect to wear.

Maternity Capri Pants Maternity Khaki Pants

Capri pants-super versatile!

The bestaah offer you a beautiful collection of three-quarter pants for both everyday use and for training, as well as other sportswear for women, which fits your active lifestyle, whether you’re at work or enjoying your free time on the weekends. Most women today use these beautiful pants, and they love it. You will be amazing, if you are going on a romantic trip, or just relaxing at home. If you want to spice up yourself a bit before you need to be in the gym, you can match the pants with a smart jacket and shirt, so you achieve a fresher outfit. The pants you can still keep on, because they are flexible and can also be used for training. Discover great selection of three-quarter pants on as well as many other products! We have something for everyone!

Fleece Sweatshirts & Hoodies for Ladies

A fleece hoodie for ladies is a must have for you, who would like to have a practical and soft jersey for activities outdoors. Fleece material has the special property that it can withhold the air in small pockets. This means that it both has an insulating and ventilating effect. This is a huge benefit to you, who always does exercise outdoors. One can quickly get the heat while you are training, since your body may well be affected by the cold air. Therefore, it is important with a protective layer to protect you from being sick. At the same time, it is important to get rid of excess moisture so that the body does not become bathed in sweat. A fleece shirt meets both requirements with its thermal and breathable design. So you can be well dressed for the sporting activities outdoors.

Maternity Hoodie

Form smart sport clothing with collection of fleece sweatshirt for maternity

In the collection of sweatshirts and hoodies, you can both find loose fitting and body nourished designs. Several of the t-shirts can be equipped with a zipper at the neck. If you freeze at the neck, you can choose to close it. If you need extra ventilation, you can take advantage of the zip so that more air can enter Jerseys, which matches the natural style. Some of the models on bestaah can be created with a practical hood and adjustable drawstrings. Some fleece pullovers can also be equipped with a convenient front pocket. You can combine your fleece shirt with a pair of airy training pants and a pair of sneakers. During the Jersey you can both use a t-shirt or a top. Create a smart set for your outdoor experiences with this delicious assortment of fleece pullovers for maternity.

Off White Base Tops for Maternity Women

Nice comfortable top/shirt in off white.

Top is super soft and comfortable to wear, and are perfect for having a blouse, tunic or else.

It is manufactured by bestaah in a really good breathable viscose quality. And it can stretch a bit, because the material also contains elastane.

Tops for Maternity

The top is essential in any wardrobe.
It is light and very spacious. You can see the peak end in rating tables, and find the size that works best for you, depending on whether you want a tight or loose-fitting top.

The base top is also available in black, white and pink.

Tunic Top With Animal Print

Elegant tunic in lightweight, airy polyester a la silk look. The tunic has animal prints in sand-colored, black and golden brown.

In the middle of the front piece and the 20 cm down is made pleats, which means that the tunic over the bust and at the same time, incredibly nice fall hides the tummy a little. The front piece is slightly longer in front and rounded hem. The sleeves are long with elastic at the wrist.

Tunic Top With Animal Print

Round neckline and length to just above the knee. This item is on sale at bestaah.

Lots of Nice Pregnancy Clothes on

Most people know enough already Chinese items from Wallmart stores and it is possible to buy their clothes in most places in the country. But I know not many people are aware that they are in fact also can order their clothes online from Bestaah.

There is really very clothes to choose in between with Bestaah, so I have chosen a little differently from their webshops, which I think is worth checking out.


Gray jeans in recycled cotton

Most of us look always toward jeans, when we have new long pants. But now it must come to an end. Let’s try something else.

Therefore, I believe that you must love yourself to buy a pair of pants in cotton next time. The cool thing about these grey cotton pants is that they’re slim fit, so they’re just as they should.

I have previously written about why you should buy slim fit, so I will not dwell on here.

The pants are made of recycled cotton, so if you want to do a little extra for the environment, are these busker just for you.

They cost $13.49.


Maternity Coats in Cotton

I know many who use Esprit to buy a lot of basic clothing to their coat. Style is not about that you have expensive clothes. It is about the fact that you can figure out how to put together you clothes properly.

So you might as well get started with getting bought a lot of basic clothing that you can have underneath. When you choose to buy something a little cheaper, you can also switch it off more often. Too many walks around the half-worn clothes, because they cannot afford to buy something new.

If this applies to you, you had better choose to buy something cheaper clothes and replace it more often. When you buy expensive designer clothes, you must be able to afford it. You can eg. buy it on sale, or you can choose to buy the most important parts in the animal brand and the rest at the cheaper basic brands.

That is why I have chosen this coat in cotton. The only costs 80 USD, so that can all be with. I will advise you for you to buy a few basic coat, which you can take on to much different clothes.

You can read more about it on their website right here.
Lots of other clothes for pregnancy women

I am sure you can find lots of new clothes elsewhere. I’ve certainly going to keep an eye on it every now and then.

Remember it now: a good wardrobe is a mixed wardrobe, where you have a bit of everything. You do not have good style, just because you have very expensive clothes. Be sure to buy a lot of clothes that fit together.

I promise that I will write if there are no clothes in there, which you should invest in.