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Tea Join Sport Fashion? Put a Sweatshirt in Your Life, Is It More!

There are garments of life ‘ specialized ‘ for a moment or situation, and suddenly … Baboom! Become a must of the season and we wear it at all times. A few days ago I announced my presence of baseball caps, and following sport style, now it is the turn to the cotton hoodies. They are no longer a garment to wear with sweatpants, now the fashion victims combine them with tube skirts, jeans and others. You join this epidemic for the sport? Continue reading

Trends Autumn/Winter 2012 / 2013: Metallic All Colours

If you like a risky fashion, the kind that breaks barriers, the metallic trend It is yours. On the catwalk we have seen many bright looks, Since most formal suits to the more original designs that you can imagine. And best of all, speak of non-metallic is just talking about silver and gold … is a very wide variety of colors would like to see them? Continue reading

Trends Autumn/Winter 2012 / 2013: Fuchsia Is Also for Winter

Ralph Lauren

A priori the Fuchsia It is not a very winter tone but since some years the colours are no longer as seasonal and it shows on the catwalks of fashion. You know that in Jezebel We are doing a comprehensive review of all of the trends autumn/winter 2012 / 2013 so that you don’t lose detail. Fuchsia is a favor and rabid brightens any winter look. Continue reading

Trends Autumn/Winter 2012 / 2013: Retro Is The Future

In this peculiar time machine which are the catwalks, yesterday is worth today, for the future we imagined him years ago, and the present is irrelevant. If the last years ran, why change it? So designers resort to this autumn/winter 2012 / 2013 to the successes of past decades to create their current designs. Mainly inspired by age 50 or 60, mixed with a little 70’s to garnish. Retro is fashion. Continue reading

Trends Autumn/Winter 2012 / 2013: Orange Looks for Your Website (And It Is)

Miu Miu

We are dissecting the trends for this autumn-winter 2012 / 2013 in which in terms of colors have an interesting palette to choose from. Many of them are very complementary. In the case of the Orange It has the approval of the fans of ocher and red, staying half way according to the signatures that let’s us set to lower or raise the intensity of that color. Continue reading

That You Left One Thing Clear: This Season with Sleeve Jackets Are of a Different Color. Te Apuntas?

Is nothing new: the jackets with sleeve bicolor they are fashionable. But this time the trend reaches to all shops and all formats possible, so you can find which best suits you and go better with your style. And I delighted, because it is something that I like, and much. But as happens to me with all that is an ephemeral trend: It scares me that you can only use these items a single season. I will end up be resist? I don’t know, but I guess it & #8230; Continue reading

Dresses with Lace and Embroidery for a Nuclear White Summer

White suite

White lace dresses carry a couple of seasons on the crest of the wave of trends. The little white dress they are a key element for our summer looks. Fashion brand than lace, lace, guipure etc. They are very easy to combine, remain well with any supplement, are very versatile and look perfect for any occasion. Here’s a selection of season white lace dresses. What is your favorite? Continue reading

Shirt and Short, The Winning Combination for This Season

If there is a combination which have to post this summer 2012 It is camisa+short. Yes, those lifelong shirts that are classic and that (personally) the was outdated and only for carcass (rectify is wise, isn’t it?). So that as they pass the days I’m strolling through the bloggesfera and I see as this combination becomes one of the trends I want to put into practice. It has not much special, and it is not risky, with which I will not call attention if I’m wrong. Continue reading

I Lose Myself between My Pants, and You?

Each season a garment there is star in Zara. And this time, according to the international bloggers and fashion of the moment, that is none other than a simple white trousers in XXXL. And is that the so-called ‘ elephant leg ‘ made in polyester will create furor this summer 2012. Even if you visit new pages of fashion always I just finding this garment that sight has nothing, but combined with other parts make it a great outfit. What are you waiting for? Continue reading

How Choose The Wedding Dress For Marriage of Day

If you’ve decided to make your marriage on the day, then I will tell you that you are in the right place. Because in is time I will teach you how to choose the perfect wedding for a couple of day dress. So that you pay attention to the following information that I’m going to give, and if you want you can take note of this.

Continue reading

To Buy a Party Dress When You Can Rent It? The Most Cute Is Your Solution

How many times you get one prom dress what you bought so many eager? At the end you want to go always unique and not like in the previous wedding or special commitment. And then loved dress? In the closet, it is the turn of supplementing it on the other. There is an alternative, try to rent a”fancy dress”as they say in” The most cute. Continue reading